How to make eyebrows for a long time: tattooing, microblading, extensions, powdery eyebrows – which is better?

How to make eyebrows for a long time: tattooing, microblading, extensions, powdery eyebrows - which is better?Modern women who prefer to look after their appearance on a daily basis are incredibly lucky. Now they do not need to think about the color, or about the contour or shape of the eyebrows. A little time – and the new image is ready. What is permanent makeup?

What types of tattoo are there? Are there any disadvantages, or only advantages of this serious cosmetic procedure?

This short overview will help you make the right decision.

The content of the article:

  1. Types of eyebrow tattooing, their pros and cons
  2. Powdery eyebrow dusting – an alternative to tattooing
  3. Eyebrow microblading – what is it?
  4. Eyebrow extension – advantages and disadvantages
  5. Micropigmentation of eyebrows

Types of eyebrow tattooing, their pros and cons

What is permanent makeup?

This is, first of all, a new bright image. And then – a kind of a kind of tattoo.

True, unlike a tattoo, permanent makeup lasts from several months to several years.

Eyebrow correction at home: how to make beautiful eyebrows yourself?

The main types of tattoo:

  1. Hair technique (drawing each hair of a certain color of length in a place where there are no natural hairs, according to a certain pattern).
  2. Shadow shading (due to a specially applied line, the effect of eyebrows tinted with shadows or a pencil is created).
  3. Combined technique (when the two previous technologies are used, a shadow is placed between the hairs).

Video: Hair tattoo: what to choose microblading or hardware technique

Having decided to create the perfect image with the help of tattooing, any girl will try to understand if this method has advantages and disadvantages. Indeed, as with any other cosmetic procedure, there are pluses and minuses here.

Pros of eyebrow tattoo

  • Saving energy, nerves and time. You don’t need to sit in front of the mirror for a long time, trying to bring beauty, suffer from pain while removing excess hairs with tweezers and wash off your makeup.
  • Perfection. Your makeup will always be perfect because neither wind, nor wind, nor heat or frost can spoil it.
  • Aesthetics. Due to clear lines, the appearance of bright colors, the face is rejuvenated, and the defects in this area of ​​the face are successfully hidden from prying eyes.
  • Health. If you have a vision problem and find it difficult to put on makeup or are allergic to cosmetics, tattooing will solve these and other problems.

BY THE WAY: Girls with vision problems cannot always make up their eyes the same way. Permanent make-up will deprive this problem too, because the paints used for manipulation are harmless.

Cons of eyebrow tattooing

  1. The inability to change your appearance. Yes, this is one of the most important disadvantages, because after tattooing your eyebrows, you will not be able to give them a different shape and change color for a long time.
  2. Effects on hair and skin growth. This happens due to the suppression of the growth of new hairs and the clogging of the pores of the skin by the substances used during the tattooing. The skin becomes not elastic.
  3. Risk of infection. Since the manipulation is associated with acupuncture, and the instrument may not be sufficiently processed, viral infections can get into the blood.
  4. Human factor. If the tattoo artist is not experienced or did not do his job as ordered by the client, then it is difficult to redo his work.
  5. The need for constant correction of eyebrow tattooing. If you are tired of tattooing, after removing it with a laser, the skin may have an unpleasant tint, traces in the form of scars, etc., may remain on it.

IMPORTANT: Alas, no one canceled any pain (we are still dealing with needles), or allergies, or other points. After all, the procedure is not shown to everyone, but we are talking about pregnant women, with severe forms of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, oncology, etc.

How to make eyebrows to fit your face
How to make eyebrows to fit your face?

Powdery eyebrow dusting as a new alternative to tattooing

The spray technique is one of the new ways to apply eyebrow tattooing. She has become popular since the time when naturalness and naturalness came into fashion.

Suitable for all girls. After all, they are relieved of the procedure for plucking hairs and eyebrow care, since spray tattoo is a shading of a coloring pigment in the upper layer of the skin.

Video: Tattoo Lessons – Powdery Eyebrows

NEED TO KNOW: Girls with sparse or light eyebrows, and with dark and thick ones are happy with the effect of natural eyebrows drawn with a pencil. In this technique, there is no clear outline of the eyebrows.

To whom eyebrows – 12 effective recipes for growing plucked eyebrows at home

Eyebrow microblading – what is it?

Need to correct the color and shape of your eyebrows? Do you have asymmetry of eyebrows, deficiency, excess or lack of natural hairs? Want to hide scars and scars?

Then microblading is for you.

Eyebrow microblading is not a permanent makeup. We are talking about applying pigment under the skin, due to which the eyebrows remain bright for a long time.

With this type of tattoo, you do not need a pencil, shadows, or other means of coloring the eyebrows.

Video: Microblading eyebrows: process and result

MAIN: Traces of the intervention of the master of the beauty salon will practically not be noticeable.

Eyebrow extension – advantages and disadvantages of the technique

You will forget about boring everyday makeup. Because your featureless or irregular eyebrows with scars over the eyes and other imperfections will quickly and pleasantly transform.

By gluing artificial hairs to real eyebrow hairs, or by drawing them, the master will add brightness to your look and emphasize your beauty.

KNOW: You can use artificial eyebrows yourself, and more than once – just carefully peel them off and attach them.

Video: Eyebrow Extension. Modern ways of eyebrow extension

Benefits of eyebrow extension

  • Speed. Everything will happen quickly and the result will be visible immediately.
  • Naturalness. The extended eyebrows look natural.
  • Painlessness. With this manipulation, there will be no unpleasant sensations.
  • No contraindications. In addition to exceptional situations, say, with individual intolerance to the components of the adhesive.
  • No side effects.

Disadvantages of eyebrow extensions

  1. The fragility of the procedure is 2-4 weeks, and then the hairs will begin to crumble.
  2. Since the eyebrows are not worn for long, you have to resort to the procedure more often, which means more money is spent.
  3. The duration of the building process, because painstaking work will be required here.
  4. Artificial eyebrows need special care.
  5. There are a number of limitations for extended eyebrows.

Micropigmentation of eyebrows – how is the procedure performed and how long does the makeup last?

What is this fashionable cosmetic manipulation?

It is clear that in the change of facial features.

The beautician creates a natural, pronounced pattern with the desired curves – that is, gives the eyebrows the desired shape.

And they become:

  • Bright.
  • Expressive.
  • Harmonious.
  • Well-groomed.
  • Thick.
  • Textured.

How is the procedure performed?

Micropigmentation of eyebrows is performed manually using a pen, with which pigments of different colors are introduced into the upper layers of the skin.

Video: Micropigmentation of eyebrows

The process takes an hour or less, and healing takes up to 10 days.

  1. First, the appropriate shape of the eyebrows, their color and structure are selected.
  2. Then the artist creates a contour with a pencil and, having received the client’s approval, removes the makeup.
  3. Putting disposable needles on the handpiece, he adjusts his eyebrows.
  4. Drawing each hair with strokes, the beautician injects the paint to the desired depth (about 0.5 mm).
  5. At the end, he removes the remaining paint.

BY THE WAY: The feeling when creating this most natural type of tattoo is not very pleasant and even painful. Therefore, you will be offered a local anesthetic in the form of an anesthetic cream application.

How long does makeup last?

It is difficult to answer this question exactly. Indeed, the effect is also influenced by:

  • Depth of introduction and quality of paint.
  • Water and skin care products (alcohol, harsh peels quickly reduce the effect).
  • Sun rays.
  • Season.
  • Individual characteristics of the organism.
  • Skin type (on dry, they say, make-up holds better), etc.

At the same time, reviews indicate that the results last from two months to two to seven years!

KNOW: It is advisable to prepare for the session, namely, not to drink drugs that affect the density of blood for 2 weeks, and not to drink alcohol the day before.

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