How to make money for the New Year – 10 New Year’s business ideas for the enterprising

The long-awaited New Year is getting closer, the mood is getting higher, there is less space on the shelves of the wardrobes full of gifts. But while some are scribbling long lists of the New Year’s menu, others are pondering how to make some money on a tangerine-candy holiday and spend New Year’s Eve and the following holidays with the benefit of the family budget.

How to make money in the New Year
And given the New Year’s Eve shopping fever and traditional Russian squandering these days, you can earn very good money.

How exactly?

How to make hand made your own business?

Letter from the main grandfather of the country

Well, what parent does not please the child a letter from a real Santa Claus with his snow seal and a personal appeal to the child? And adults already friends or relatives will not be able to restrain smiles from such a surprise.
How to make money in the New Year
What is needed for this?

  • Several sketches of letterheads from Santa Claus, envelopes and, at the same time, calendars.
  • A printing house nearby.
  • Competent advertising: the Internet (personal website, social networks, forums), message boards, kindergartens and schools, children’s stores, etc.
  • If you have a printer at home and Photoshop skills, you can do without the services of a designer and typography.

Sale of New Year’s souvenirs

The demand for colorful symbolic trinkets on New Year’s holidays increases hundreds of times. Why not take advantage of this

The main thing is not to spoil your reputation (and people’s mood) by selling low-quality products. That is, buy souvenirs only certified (if there is no way to make them yourself).
How to make money in the New Year
What is needed for this?

  • Lease of a retail outlet (on average, for 14-20 days) in a convenient location.
  • Salary to the seller (if necessary).
  • The souvenirs themselves (+ packaging, tinsel, etc.). We sell with a 100% mark-up.

Home Business Super Ideas!

Did you call Santa Claus and Snow Maiden?

The most popular way to weigh down your wallet during the New Year holidays. In addition to the visit of Santa Claus directly home to the baby, there is also option with children’s matinees (here you will not be able to do without the Snow Maiden and the festive program) and “photo with Santa Claus“.
How to make money in the New Year
What is needed for this?

  • Advertising (see methods above).
  • A minimum of acting skills and love for children.
  • Costumes (can be rented or purchased)
  • Private car. It will be difficult to get to small addressees by public transport, and you may simply not be in time for everyone who is waiting for Santa Claus.

Earnings on New Year’s taxi

A very profitable type of New Year’s earnings. More than half of the townspeople immediately after the chiming clock and gobbling up goodies go to their friends, to visit, to the city center for celebrations, etc.

You can earn like by private driverand taxi driver, whose salary on New Year’s Eve is much 2-3 times higher than usual.
How to make money in the New Year
There will be no difficulties with finding a client, the only negative is meeting the new year in the car, and not at home with loved ones.

We rent an apartment or house during the New Year holidays

This option is relevant for those who live in large cities, or have a nice country house that can be hand over for a decent amount for the holidays

The price of renting an apartment these days almost doubles, and the house can be rented out by the day or for the entire vacation period
How to make money in the New Year
If there are no fears and worries that tenants in the New Year’s “frenzy” burn their homes, flood neighbors or ruin a new furniture set, then why not?

We sell Christmas trees and make money on New Year’s Eve

The working week is from mid-December to almost the chimes. You can work by yourself or hire a responsible seller… Standing in the cold all day is not the most pleasant experience, but for a fairly decent profit, you can walk around in felt boots and a sheepskin coat for a couple of weeks.
How to make money in the New Year
What is needed for this?

  • Buy wholesale Christmas trees in forestry.
  • Obtain permission to trade.
  • Rent a retail outlet in a walk-through area.

To such a side job should prepare well in advance… Because not only will time go for registration of an individual entrepreneur, but also for knocking out the most “fishy” placeas well as on handling all formalities with a trade permit (dignity / conclusion from the forestry enterprise, fencing, inventory, signboard, fire extinguisher, etc.), for the transportation of trees, etc.

Earnings on the packaging of New Year’s gifts

Even the simplest gift will bring a lot of positive emotions if it is creatively and brightly packaged. Everyone who sneaks on the eve of the holiday through the shopping arcade with huge bags filled with toys, sweets and souvenirs knows about this.

Wrap the purchased gift right at the exit from the store much easier than at home, where you may not have enough time, talent and materials.
How to make money in the New Year
What is needed for this?

  • Rent of a trading place (counter) in a large store or shopping center.
  • Packaging materials (tapes, paper, bags, boxes, etc.).
  • The talent is to quickly and beautifully pack gifts (you can watch master classes on the Internet).

Production of personal New Year calendars to order

If you know the basics of Photoshop and have a taste, then this option is for you. Few people will refuse a personal calendar with images of children, favorite pets, or just memorable frames.

Such calendars – a very fashionable gift from modern children and grandchildren to mothers and grandmothers… Or from a young man to a girlfriend
How to make money in the New Year
What is needed for this?

  • Designer / web artist talent.
  • Several original templates (all you have to do is “insert” photos into the already prepared windows).
  • Advertising.
  • Calendars can be loose leaf or in the form of a colorful poster, and you can take over the printing of the calendar yourself (printer, printing house), or simply send the file ready for printing to the client immediately after payment.

Sale of Christmas tree decorations

What is in third place in the ranking of New Year’s purchases after the Christmas tree and gifts? That’s right – Christmas tree decorations! Namely, balls. Glass and plastic, bright and unusual, adjusted for the eastern horoscope and just with mischievous pictures, shiny and eye-catching.

Selling out Christmas balls on the eve of the holidays is practically like hot cakes at a train station
How to make money in the New Year
What is needed for this?

  • Purchase a batch of balloons in bulk from the factory or online.
  • Make an original print, paint (if you have the ability) or purchase with a ready-made design.
  • Additional purchase – small souvenirs, tinsel, packaging, confetti / crackers, sparklers, etc.
  • Rent a retail space.

Nanny for pets in the new year holidays

For many who go to visit on holidays (or even to warmer regions), the most important question becomes – with whom to leave the four-legged favorite pet? Hotels for pets are an expensive pleasure, relatives on holidays will not have time to walk the dog, and it is impossible to take a pet with you.

This is where you come in handy. If, of course, you have a place for several four-legged “adoptees”, and your family will not mind such a zoo.
How to make money in the New Year
What is needed for this?

  • Free area.
  • Love to the animals.
  • Advertising.
  • Stern.
  • Minimum knowledge of animal care.

There are a lot of options – to make money on New Year’s Eve. It all depends on your desire and, in half the cases, the minimum capital.

Knit snowflakes for sale, make hand-made cards, bake gingerbread houses, rent handmade costumes, work as a New Year’s decorator, etc. – in general, turn on your imagination and prepare bigger bags for New Year’s earnings.

Did you manage to make money on the New Year’s holidays? Share your ideas with us!

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