How to make rice water for hair at home – 3 ways

Many factors affect the condition of our hair, including temperature, chemicals, water and common dirt.

Taking care of your hair to make it healthy, voluminous and shiny is not cheap, but one magic ingredient can be found in every kitchen. And that’s rice water.

Rice water for hair - beauty, health, shine: tips for using at home

Imagine, but the liquid left after soaking the rice speeds up hair growth.

In fact, even such celebrities as Kim Kardashian and Cardi B use it. But if in Europe and the New World it is not so common, then in Asia it is a common practice.

Rice water was used as early as the Heian period (794-1185), when the hair of Japanese women was floor-length. They combed them daily with the help of Yu-Su-Ru, that is, the water left after washing the rice.

The fact is that long strands require special care, and then rice water or rice water is used.

The women dipped their hair into water and, using a wooden comb, distributed this broth along the entire length from roots to ends. Hence the shine, and elasticity, and strength. It also slows down the appearance of gray hair.

The benefits of rice water

According to Medical News Today, rice contains 75-80% starch, which means that the starchy broth makes the hair thicker.

Rice water for hair - beauty, health, shine: tips for using at home
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Research has also shown that inositol, present in rice water, penetrates damaged hair and repairs it from the inside out.

“This simple ingredient has many benefits.Says Dr. Robert Finney, a dermatologist at the New York clinic Entière Dermatology… – It contains antioxidants that reduce scalp inflammation, and inositol enhances growth and strengthens hair. Rice also contains amino acids that help hair look firmer and healthier. “

How to make rice water for hair at home

You have as many as three options to choose from, so decide, try and choose for yourself what suits you best.

1. Soaking

Let the rice sit in the water for at least 24 hours so that the water absorbs all the nutrients from the grain. Then rinse your hair with this solution or make a mask and walk like this for about half an hour, and then rinse.

2. Fermentation

We complicate the procedure. The water that you received after soaking the rice for the first day can be left at room temperature for another two days until the fermentation process begins in it.

The water is said to contain even more antioxidants.

3. Boiling

Finally, you can simply cover the rice with water and then cook it for a while, until the water becomes translucent and thick. This broth contains more starch than the previous two options, and it will add a special shine and thickness to your hair.

Rice water for hair - beauty, health, shine: tips for using at home
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By the way, you can use any of these three types of rice water instead of conditioner after shampoo or as a mask before showering.

Have you used rice water for hair care? Let us know in the comments!

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