How to make towels soft and fluffy after washing – 15 ways to make towels soft

How to make towels soft and fluffy after washing - 15 ways to make towels softNot all housewives can boast of the softness of terry towels. Terry fabrics quickly lose their “fluffiness” under the wrong conditions of washing and even storage, so hard towels are a problem that requires a special approach.

Is it possible to revive the old hard terry towels, and how to care for new ones – we study and remember!

The content of the article:

  1. The main reasons and mistakes of housewives, due to which the towels become hard
  2. How to make towels soft and fluffy when washed?
  3. How to properly wash, dry and store towels to keep them soft?

The main reasons and mistakes of housewives, due to which the towels become hard

There are many reasons for the appearance of rigidity in terry towels, and the very first is the deformation and compaction of the pile in the washing machine during washing.

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In addition, the stiffness of the towels is due to …

  1. Low-quality cheap washing powder, which is poorly rinsed out of the fibers of the fabric. Phosphate-based powders spoil terry towels especially quickly.
  2. Increased water hardness… The more calcium and magnesium in the water, the faster the terry towel deteriorates.
  3. Wrong washing mode… Usually, the softness disappears at an incorrectly set temperature (too high) and a high spin power.
  4. Too dry air… At low humidity (approx. – below 20 percent), towels dry out and lose their fluffiness.
  5. Regular ironing. Alas, it is not recommended to iron terry towels in the classical way.
  6. Poor quality fabric. The lower the quality, the faster the towel loses its attractiveness.

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How to make towels soft and fluffy when machine washable or hand wash – 8 Ways

Among the most popular and effective ways to return fluffiness and softness to your favorite textiles, the following can be noted:

  • Salt… Experts advise to choose “extra” salt, which dissolves faster than others. It also makes sense to use funds that are created specifically for automatic machines – it is enough to add it together with ordinary powder, or dissolve it in water beforehand and pour it directly into the tank.
  • Soda. We use both regular baking soda and soda ash. The method of use is also simple: pour the detergent directly into the drum to soften the water during the washing process.
  • Vinegar… This tool not only restores softness to towels, but also completely removes even stubborn old odors. We use 9% table vinegar, no more than ½ cup.
  • Vinegar and baking soda. You can use these funds at the same time: pour the vinegar into a special compartment for the air conditioner, and pour the soda directly into the drum. Next, add the usual detergent and turn on the desired program.
  • Soak. After machine wash, soak terry towels for 12 hours in cold (!) Water. Then we rinse and hang to dry in the room with high humidity.
  • Homemade rinse aid. We mix vinegar, soda, plain water, and after foaming – water again. To add aroma to the conditioner, add essential oil. Now we pour the product into a regular bottle and use it like a regular rinse aid.
  • Ammonium and salt. Dissolve a teaspoon of ammonia and 1 tbsp / spoon of salt in 1 liter of water. In this solution (cold) we soak a towel for a couple of hours, then rinse and dry in a room with high humidity.
  • Balls / balls. For a perfect wash and keep the lint in its original fluffiness, you can use tennis balls for washing. We throw 2-3 classic yellow balls into the drum of the washing machine – and you don’t have to worry about the stiffness of the towels.

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How to properly wash, dry and store towels, including terry towels, so that they remain soft and fluffy always – 7 secrets of housewives

Terry towels are softer when washed by hand than machine washed. The secret is that textiles are soaked with softer detergents, and not wrung out as hard as it happens in the drum of the machine.

On the other hand, it is much more difficult to properly rinse towels by hand, and the powder remaining in the fibers will certainly affect the softness of the fabric.

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The following rules for washing and drying towels will help keep the fluffiness:

  1. We only use terry towels for washing soft gel products, and be sure to add an emollient – salt, soda or vinegar. Don’t forget about water softeners! We buy a detergent that is phosphate-free and chlorine-free. When choosing a conditioner, look for a silicone-based product to keep the towels fluffy.
  2. We always include an extra rinseso that no detergent remains in the fabric. For hand rinsing, change the water 3-4 times.
  3. Do not dry towels in dry air – this fabric needs increased moisture when drying! It is recommended to hang to dry horizontally.
  4. Washing mode for towels: we set the temperature to no more than 40 degrees.
  5. Spin speed – no more than 400 revolutions. We do not get carried away with manual spinning!
  6. Don’t push towels into the drum – we leave 1/3 of the drum space free of things. And add tennis balls before washing to “fluff up the pile.”

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Iron towels using steam. Simple classic ironing presses the nap and the fabric loses its fluffiness. If your house has a special vertical steamer, use it instead of an iron.

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