How to make voluminous curls at home yourself?

Voluminous curlsVoluminous curls are a festive hairstyle that suits every girl with any hair length, from shoulder-length. You can learn how to make such curls on your own so that at any time you can get together for a solemn event.

It is possible that doing this hairstyle for the first time will take quite a long time, a little over two hours. However, with experience, you can learn how to do it quickly, and at the same time not get tired at all.

Tools and materials

To perform voluminous curls at home, you must:

  • Flat comb with fine teeth and sharp handle.
  • Small clips for curls.
  • Large strand clips.
  • Curling iron with a diameter of 25 mm.
  • Small curling iron-corrugation.
  • Powder for hair volume.
  • Polish for hair.

If you don’t find a comb with a sharp handle, then it doesn’t matter, use a regular flat comb.

Step one: zoning the head

Comb your hair thoroughly and use a comb to separate it into three sections:

  • Bangs area… Schematically, it can be designated as facial hair: use a comb to make a horizontal parting from the left ear to the right. Secure the bangs with a clip.
  • Central zone… It begins immediately behind the bangs and is approximately 10 cm wide. It is necessary to make a vertical parting in it, dividing it into two side parts, not necessarily symmetrical. Secure these two pieces with large clamps.
  • Occipital area… Finally, the remaining hair at the back of the head. You do not need to fasten them with clamps for now, as they will start the next step.

Head zoning1

Step two: wrapping and securing curls

Curls are wrapped as follows:

  • Use clips to separate the lowest layer of hair in the back of the head, leave it free.
  • Divide into small strands about 3 cm wide. Comb through the strands well, start wrapping.
  • It is best to bend the curling iron lever and manually wrap the strand tightly around the hot rod. Then pinch the strand with the lever. Hold for at least 10 seconds.
  • Fold back the lever and carefully remove the strand from the curling iron. Place the resulting hair ring on your palm, lightly sprinkle it with varnish.
  • Without stretching the ring into a curl, secure it with a clip to your head.
  • Do the same manipulations for all the strands on the back of the head, going up row by row.We wind the curls on the curling iron
  • After working out the occipital zone, begin to wind up the left or right zone of the central part of the head. The winding mechanism is similar, the only thing is that before creating a curl, adding root volume to all strands is added. Take a curling iron to a corrugation, clamp a strand at the roots for 10 seconds, release. Work in this way all the strands in the area, except for the strands near the parting. Then twist the curls on each side and pin them to the head. It is best to twist them from the face, so that from each side they “look” in one direction.

If desired to the roots, you can pour a small amount of hair powder and thoroughly “beat” the hair with your fingers.

  • Moving on to the bangs area. Here it is also better to make a parting, so that it matches the parting in the central zone. I do not recommend doing strong root volume in the bangs with corrugation. Apply a small amount of hair powder to the roots of your bangs and comb it “away from your face” with your hands. Twist the curls, starting with the strands that are closer to the temples, at an angle of 45 degrees, always “from the face.” Secure them in the same way with the clamps.

We wind the curls on the bangs

Step three: shaping voluminous curls

Why did we fasten the curls with clips? So that they cool evenly in a ring shape. Thus, the structure of the curls will be more durable – accordingly, the hairstyle will last longer.

After all the hair has cooled down, we begin to dissolve them – and give them the appropriate shape:

  • We start from the occipital zone. Remove the clip from the curl, release the strand. Pinch the strand between two fingers closer to the tip.
  • With two fingers of your other hand, gently pull the lock on the curl, located as close to the root of the hair as possible. In this case, the tip should remain in your hand. You will see that the curl has become more voluminous.
  • So, pull out a curl for a few curls – and sprinkle the resulting voluminous strand with varnish.
  • Repeat for all the curls on the head, sprinkle the resulting hairstyle with varnish.

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