How to make your voice more pleasant for men in 15 minutes a day

Just 15 minutes a day, and you can achieve incredible success – set a person in a positive way, attract a man and get what you want. All of this can be achieved with an attractive voice.

Everyone can learn to control their voice and control its timbre. The more confident you speak, the more confident you will feel.

Seduce with one word

How to change your voice in just 15 minutes a day, making it attractive to the male ear
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The attractiveness of the female voice is adjustable and customizable. Like a violin or piano. There are two ways to adjust the timbre of your voice:

  • Self-control. Before uttering a word, you need to think over and control this process. We ourselves regulate the speed, timbre and quality of our speech.
  • Workout. This is an integrated approach.

There are several types of exercises that can help make your voice calmer, deeper, and more attractive:

  • Breathing practices. Too much air in the lungs also interferes with speaking. With uneven breathing, it is impossible to pronounce the phrase to the end.

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Make sure that there is enough air, distribute it evenly between two breaths. There are three main points in the breathing process: inhale, exhale, and pause.

  • Vocals. You can study with a teacher, you can sing yourself. It is important not to overdo it and not to lose your voice. Sing well with your mouth closed. This is how the diaphragm develops more.
  • Pronunciation of the words “from the belly.” The hand is placed on the stomach, inhale slowly through the nose, then exhale slowly, but through a small opening between the lips. The hand should clearly feel the movement of the abdomen, the exercise is repeated 5-6 times. During execution, you need to sing various vowel sounds. After 5 minutes of training, you will notice a difference in timbre.
  • Acting skills. Read any text with different intonation and emotional coloring. It helps a lot to speak near the mirror.

This practice will help to overcome internal blocks and constraints. After a week of these exercises, you will notice positive changes.

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  • Articulation gymnastics – the basis of quality pronunciation. Exercises begin with a warm-up of the tongue:

    Stick out the tongue as far as possible, then return it back, also trying to bring it as deeply as possible.
    – Tongue to touch each cheek in turn.
    – With the tongue, make circular movements along the inner surface of the teeth (while the mouth is closed). You need to make at least 20 rotations in each direction.
    – Stick out your tongue, rotate it first clockwise (10 circles), then counterclockwise also 10 circles.
    – Pull the lips into a tube, hold in this position for a few seconds. Then stretch your lips in a wide smile, also fix the position for a few seconds.
    – Inflate the cheeks as much as possible, roll the air inside the mouth in a circle.
    – Warm up the facial muscles: for this you can make faces, bulge your eyes, puff out your cheeks – do any movements that will make the facial muscles work.

  • Tongue Twisters. The main thing in this exercise is not speed, but quality.
    1. From the trampling of hooves, dust flies across the field.
    2. The bull was dull-lipped, the bull was dull-lipped, the bull had a dull white lip.
    3. Verzila Vavila cheerfully turned the pitchfork.
    4. Near the stake of the bell, near the gate of the bell.

It is advisable to use these exercises in combination, as this will allow you to achieve results much faster.

A woman’s voice is a magnet for men

The highest aerobatics of female skill is to control the voice depending on the situation. A real woman knows when to speak softly and when languidly and passionately.

As the voice design and speech coach Seda Kasparova advises, a low, voluminous, chesty timbre is best perceived.

How to change your voice in just 15 minutes a day, making it attractive to the male ear
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Often, people unconsciously choose partners with voices that surrounded them in childhood, most often similar to the voice of their mother. But there are also ideals that were formed thanks to public opinion. A chesty, velvety voice with a seductive aspiration – recognized as a leader among male preferences.

A deep, slow, “floating”, gentle voice fascinates a man more than looks. Kasparova advises women who want to learn how to control men with their voice – do not rush, do not go to shouting and do not use too “squeaky” voice.

Some men like gentle girlish voices: thin and sonorous, a little childish. Next to the owner of such a voice, a man feels like a hero and protector.

Your voice will be pleasant to a man if you:

  • We learned to speak “belly”. This is truly a feminine technique. With this method of sound presentation, your vocal cords are not tense, which means that they get tired less and “give out” a deep timbre.
  • We gave up bad habits. They negatively affect the ligaments, and subsequently the voice becomes rough and hoarse. The same goes for shouting.
  • Control the tempo and quality of words. Too fast speech quickly bothers the interlocutor and overloads the ligaments.
  • You sing.
  • Maintain your posture. An open diaphragm is a guarantee of a deep timbre of the voice.
  • Relax Yoga, massage, Pilates – any practice will help relieve internal stress, psychological blocks, and soon you will not recognize your voice.

You can control your voice, make it better and more attractive. It is enough to follow simple recommendations and not give up. With regular training, in a couple of weeks you will speak no worse than a TV announcer.

The main thing is not to stop at the first successes. After all, even the presenters and announcers devote time every day to warm up the voice and the quality of pronunciation.

Do you control your voice when dealing with men? Let us know in the comments!

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