How to pack a suitcase compact – tips and video instructions for packing a suitcase

How to pack your suitcase on vacation?They don’t go on vacation with one wallet (well, except that this wallet is bursting at the seams from the excess of platinum cards). At the very least, we take a suitcase with us for each family member. And even in this suitcase, everything necessary and important usually does not fit.

How to cram in the “unstoppable”, and even so that things remain whole, unwrinkled and in their original form?

Let’s study together!

Video: How to put things in a suitcase correctly?

To begin with, we send back to the closet those things that you can do without on a trip:

  • Towels that are available in hotels.
  • An extra pair of shoes.
  • Cosmetics (and shower products) in large containers.
  • Clothes for every occasion.
  • Umbrellas, irons, fins and other things that can easily be bought (rented) if necessary at the resort or right at the hotel.

We take only what we cannot do without!

After going through the pile of things “with you” poured onto the bed, we filter out the excess and divide the rest into thematic “piles” – T-shirts, socks, swimwear, cosmetics, shoes, etc.

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And now we start packing them into our chic new suitcase correctly and compactly!

  • All shampoos and creams are poured into specially purchased mini-containers (you can find them in any travel or beauty store). Or we simply purchase cosmetics in transparent 100 ml mini-bottles. Before putting the bottles in a cosmetic bag, we pack the “bottles” in bags. Or we hide the cosmetic bags themselves in the bags, so that later we do not pull out the dresses stained with shampoo and hair balm from the suitcase.
  • To the bottom in the center of the suitcase – all the weights. That is, weighty cosmetic bags, razors and chargers, your favorite frying pan, etc.
  • We roll socks and T-shirts into tight rolls and carefully shove them over the shoes and sneakers to save useful space and protect the shoes from losing their shape. You can also fill your shoes with small souvenirs (so as not to be beaten) or other “small things”. Next, we hide the shoes in fabric / plastic bags and lay them along the sides at the bottom of the suitcase. Not in pairs (!), But on different walls.
  • Pull belts / belts / ties along the side around the perimeter of the suitcase.
  • We spread the most wrinkled shirts and sweaters at the bottom of the suitcase, leaving the sleeves and bottom behind the sides. In the middle we compactly place “rollers” (no stacks!) Of T-shirts, shorts, tightly twisted jeans, swimsuits and underwear. There (above) – a laptop packed in a cover. We close all this wealth with sleeves, then lower the bottoms of jackets and shirts from above, smooth out the folds. So our things will not be remembered and will arrive safe and sound. The trousers can be laid out in the same way: we throw the trousers over the side of the suitcase, put “rollers” of clothes on the lower part of the trousers, then close them on top with the trousers.
  • We don’t throw the hat into the suitcase according to the principle “anyhow”, and we also fill it with small things so that it does not lose its shape.
  • On top we put everything that may be required for the trip. For example, hygiene products, medicines or documents. It is also recommended to place items on top that may be of interest to customs officials.

And advice “for the road.” In order not to confuse your suitcase with someone else’s, take care of the decals in advance. Attach a tag with your “contacts” to the handle, put on a big bright sticker or come up with another noticeable feature of your luggage.

Video: How to put T-shirts in a suitcase correctly?

And what secrets of packing a suitcase do you know? Share your tips in the comments below!

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