How to plump lips at home

How to enlarge lips with folk remediesJolie’s lips were not always the canon of beauty. But in our time, the fashion for plump lips has reached a peak: girls increase them in all possible ways, without worrying about the consequences.

Whether or not the game of candles is worth it – this is a personal matter for every woman, and we will tell you about ways to enlarge women’s lips without going to a plastic surgeon.

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Makeup options for visual lip augmentation – how to paint yourself plump lips?

The main magicians who know this secret for sure are, of course, make-up artists. To correct all the “unnecessary”, hide the flaws, emphasize the existing advantages – this is a task for them on the shoulder.

And some miracles are quite within the reach of an ordinary woman.

So, we increase the sponges with the help of our personal arsenal of cosmetics:

  • Red lipstick. This color visually enhances the lips against the general background of the face. One of the makeup artist’s secrets: paint over the lips completely with dark scarlet for depth of color, in the center on both lips – classic red, and then – transparent gloss. Combination of light and dark + wet highlight = lip volume.
  • 3D effect. For this trick, we need a highlighter powder and lipstick with a pearlescent finish. Instead of 1 tool, you can use a blush with glitter. We apply lipstick in the usual way, and the powder on top with a light pat – at the junction of the lips, on top and, of course, in the center.
  • We play with light. If you don’t like lipsticks and gloss, then use a liquid highlighter. We select a contour / pencil to the color of the lips, outline the lips, and then put accents with a highlighter under the lower lip and on the “cupid arch”. We fade the borders of the pencil and highlighter, and then pointwise apply the second one on the lips. Lip Enlargement Makeup
  • Complex “naturalness”. We massage the lips with a regular toothbrush, apply a balm to soften them, remove the shine with a napkin. Next – a highlighter along the contour of the lips with shading, after – the contour of the pencil to match the lips and shading the lips with it. And, of course, lipstick in the color of the lips. And on the edges of the lips – a shade of lipstick slightly darker than natural, without coloring over the center. In the center – a shade lighter than natural. Shade all borders of shades with mat / napkin. Lip augmentation with makeup
  • Drawing a new shape! We start with the rule of “4 points”: we arrange them with a pencil – under the lower lip and above the upper one, then we connect and outline the contour. Paint over the new lips with your favorite lipstick and add a little gloss in the center.
  • Light always makes you fat! We use this moment, again, with a highlighter. We lighten the area of ​​the middle above the upper / lip and under the lower (approx. – contour), after which we paint the lips with lipstick. Highlights automatically enhance lips.
  • Using a gradient. We create visual “plasticity” using a soft nude / white pencil. You can also use a light “foundation” or concealer. We shade the lips in the center and shade, and along the edges we use a pencil of a natural shade. And, of course, on top – shine.

The choice of cosmetics for lip augmentation – what does the beauty industry offer today?

To add splendor to the lips, plastic surgery is not necessary at all. Fortunately, there are many ways to increase today without it.

For instance…

  • Lip tattoo. A very popular way to visually enlarge the lips and correct their shape. The point of the procedure is to sketch the contour according to the “tattoo” principle. It will last about 3 years. The price of the issue is from 3000 rubles.
  • Electroporation. Injections and “plastics” are not required. The method is considered physiotherapeutic, painless and safe. Cons: It takes about 10 sessions; the effect is short-lived. The essence of the method: after peeling the lips, a “mix” of vitamins and hyaluronic acid is applied to them, after which a special apparatus acts on the lips for half an hour so that the mixture penetrates the skin. The price of the issue is about 2000 rubles.
  • Lip Ventus. You may laugh, but there is such a method. True, it is highly questionable and has side effects. This wonderful pump is used for “super-volume”, stretching the lips with a “duck”. The consequences are bruises, cracks and even more serious injuries.

How to make plump lips at home

Using professional cosmetics:

  • Lip gel (for example, LIP FILL) with the effect of deep hydration and slight lip augmentation due to certain components in the composition. The price of the issue is about 600 rubles.
  • Lip care / plumping agent (for example, Lip Booster) with capsicum and hyaluronic acid. The price of the issue is about 2000 rubles.
  • Lip cream (like Love Lips). With constant use, there is no reason to look for lip augmentation products. Provides a neat swelling and well-groomed lips. The price of the issue is about 1000 rubles.
  • Special moisturizing lip balm (for example, CREATIVE NATUR COSMETIC) with peptides in the composition. They stimulate collagen synthesis and naturally plump lips, providing a natural brilliance. Issue price: about 1300 r.
  • Lip Enlargement Gel with Cinnamon and Amino Acid (e.g. Perfect Pout). Its principle of action is to expand the capillaries. The price of the issue is from 1300 rubles.

Lip augmentation without surgery = - cosmetics

On a note:

All lip plumping gels, balms and creams are based on ingredients that irritate the skin. They give only a short-term effect, but the consequences can be very “long-term”. For example, irritation turns into inflammation and further into edema.

Therefore, before using the funds, think – do you need it?

Or use folk remedies – so at least you will be sure of their composition.

12 best home remedies to help plump lips

There are actually a lot of folk lip augmentation methods.

We will list the most popular ones:

  • Mix petroleum jelly 1 tsp, a couple of drops of cinnamon oil, t / l of lemon juice and honey. Apply this mixture to the lips for 15 minutes.
  • We melt our hygienic lipstick in a water bath, after which we add 2-3 drops of ylang-ylang oil, cool in a mini-dish and use it constantly as a balm.
  • Gymnastics. Method 1: stick out your tongue as far as possible, count to 10, close your mouth. We repeat 5-6 times. Method 2: inflate the cheeks and move our lips to the right and to the left for 2 minutes. Method 3: we draw air into our mouth and inflate our cheeks, and then slowly exhale it through a tiny crack between the lips. 4th method: whistle regularly for 2-3 minutes.
  • Lip massage with a toothbrush. This can be done in the morning and in the evening after brushing your teeth, and then apply a nourishing cream. How to make your lips plump?
  • Ground red pepper. Mix red pepper with water, freeze in ice cube trays and wipe lips with these ice cubes.
  • Mix a regular face cream with 1 drop of menthol oil, we use it as a balm every day.
  • Red hot pepper. Grind 1 whole pod, steam with 1 glass of boiling water, insist. Next, we moisten the napkin / disc and apply it to our lips for 30-60 seconds. It is effective but extremely hot. For a more gentle option, use ground pepper in combination with petroleum jelly. But this balm also cannot be kept on the lips for a long time – it is fraught with burns.
  • Ginger. We take a fresh root (piece), chew and use the tongue to apply the gruel directly to the lips, after which we squeeze / unclench them. Then remove with a napkin and on top – a good lip balm.
  • Peppermint. Finely chop fresh leaves until sap is formed and with the help of a cotton pad put a “compress” with gruel on the lips for 5 minutes. Remove the product with a napkin soaked in petroleum jelly.
  • Cinnamon with honey. Mix the ingredients in half until a thick scrub with olive oil, apply to lips and massage with a tooth / brush.
  • Lemon. We massage the lips with zest for 5-7 minutes, until their slight tingling begins. Lubricate with balm.
  • Lemon mask. Mix lemon juice, fatty sour cream and olive oil. Apply on lips for half an hour.

And, of course, kisses! They quickly, effectively and safely provide that very sexy lip swelling without any means!

We will be very pleased if you share your experience or the results of your favorite beauty recipes!

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