How to properly guide a child in choosing a profession.

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How to help a child choose a profession?

How to help a child choose a profession?What can you do, but only a child who has recently learned to walk grows up quickly. And before you can blink an eye how soon he will have to choose his future profession, then he may need the help of his parents. Help can be of different kinds, but your participation in this process is important for the child.

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At what age is it worth considering?

Measure is important in everything. And from a young age, it is also not worthwhile to agitate a child to become a doctor. Yes, maybe this is your dream that has not yet come true, but you should not impose it on the child. Yes, he is a continuation of you, but he is already a completely different person and his preferences can be diametrically opposite.

Let your child try everything at an early age. Children should be sent to various kinds of circles, but if the child did not like the dances and they do not go well with him, do not force him to go there, this can develop a dislike for them for life. Contact your child and be sure to talk to him about his failures, you may well help the baby with practical advice, support him. During the trial and error phase, he really needs you.

How to help a child with the choice of a profession?Trying different kinds of circles, you can find, together with your baby, what arouses the greatest interest in him. An occupation that he will do willingly and with great zeal. Try to continue his endeavors, develop them into a serious occupation. After all the main thing when choosing a profession is the opportunity to do what you enjoy… And you can prepare for your profession already from childhood.

If your child does not know at all and cannot imagine his future, but soon it will be necessary to apply for admission, try with him to consider the advantages of certain professions, but not starting with material gain, but starting with your knowledge and skills. a child, with how he copes with certain activities, with his perseverance, with how he communicates with people. This will help, if not choose a profession, then direct the child in the right direction. You can also consider the most in-demand professions and see if your child has an interest in them.

At an early age, children often want to be their example. It can be a school teacher, or a cartoon character or a favorite book.

What character traits speak about this or that choice?

Any profession, even the most simple one, requires certain skills from a person. You should pay attention to this. For example, concentration of attention is important for a proofreader; an artist must have imaginative thinking. It is important to consider these factors. It is best for a child to choose a profession where he will be able to reveal his abilities as much as possible, where he will be able to realize himself as much as possible and achieve the greatest success. If you help him in this, then in the future he will be grateful to you.

Helping a child in choosing a professionToday, high school students are offered to take a psychological test for vocational guidance. Such tests are compiled by several specialists at once: psychologists, teachers, personnel specialists. Based on the test results, the child is offered a choice of several options for professions at once. This will help him make choices in the right direction. He will be able to choose the profession to which the soul lies more and start preparing for admission. Sign up for the necessary courses or with a tutor.

How can you help your child make the right decision?

First, introduce your child to your own profession. After all, often parents want their child to continue the profession of parents. But whether he wants it or not is another question. And a good way to figure it out is to show him how dad or mom works, to show him his working day, all the charms and disadvantages of the profession.

Mistakes when choosing a profession

How to help a child with the choice of a profession?

When choosing a profession, a child can make typical mistakes. Warn him against them.

  • Treating the choice of a profession as unchanging. This is not entirely correct, now people change their profession in the course of their lives more than once, or even change not exactly their profession, but their qualifications. Your child will also face this in the future.
  • The prevailing opinion about the prestige of the profession. Popular professions tend to become obsolete over time and may even become unclaimed, for various reasons. Including due to an overabundance of specialists in the market. You can always offer your child something related to a popular profession if he wants nothing but this.
  • Passion only for the external or any one side of the profession. It is important that the child gets a complete understanding of the profession. Maybe he likes architects and how their work looks from the outside, but from the inside this profession may not be so attractive.
  • The transfer of the attitude towards a person representing a certain profession to the profession itself. Seeing how the surrounding families treat a friend who works as photographers, for example, a child may want to be the same, but he does not quite realize that a family friend is so popular because of his personal qualities, and not his professionalism, even if he is good as specialist.
  • The inability and unwillingness of the child to understand their personal qualities. It is difficult, but it is worth arousing in the child an interest in himself and in his interests. Observe him from the sidelines and, if possible, point out his abilities, what he does.
  • Ignorance of their physical abilities and existing shortcomings when choosing a profession. To understand himself, a child needs to develop and be busy with some kind of business, where he could test his abilities.

The main thing is to be unobtrusive in these matters and not to put pressure on the child, give him some freedom, but also point out the responsibility of his choice.

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What helped you choose the right profession?

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