How to propose by your zodiac sign

A wedding is a crucial step that requires a serious approach. It would seem a simple matter – to propose to your girlfriend. But there are many nuances here – the reaction can be unpredictable and the excitement of the groom should not be ruled out. Astrology also has answers to these questions. Knowing the date of birth of your chosen one, you can correctly make a marriage proposal – which will leave a memory for a long time.

How to make a marriage proposal by your zodiac sign


For a girl born under this constellation, along with the offer of a hand, it is necessary to give an exhaustive answer to all subsequent questions that she may not ask, but they are available – how and where the joint life will take place in detail. Getting off with a gift in the form of a ring and fiery speech will not work – although this is a weighty argument for her. It is necessary to prepare thoroughly (and it is better to write it down in advance on a piece of paper) in order to withstand the upcoming test with dignity.


Women of this zodiac sign marry only the prince of their dreams – they can wait all their lives, but they will achieve their goal. All other offers can be rejected without regret. If you want to build a family with Taurus, you should be patient and prepare for a long siege. Hoping for pity or compassion is zero chance. It doesn’t mean anything to her. But perseverance and loyalty will be rewarded with dignity. Luxury and splendor are not for Taurus – a practical approach is needed here.


This is a real riot of the elements, where calm is not meant at all. Waiting for the right moment is a failure at the beginning of the journey. They need an extraordinary approach to their lifestyle – quickly and unexpectedly, without forgetting about the original presentation. You cannot give the Gemini girl time to think – she will easily reach a nervous breakdown. Therefore, it is better to take the bull himself by the horns and act. This will be the key to future success and constant novelty in the relationship.

A marriage proposal for a Gemini woman


And here you have to show yourself in the spirit of the famous romanticism – a well-hidden ring, touching recognition in a bowed position and dinner by candlelight. Duty phrases about love and shared happiness will not work. You will have to give your best in full – go through all the stages of a romantic quest on the way to the registry office. The Cancer girl should shed a tear in the eyes of the amazed and admired audience, which she will remember for all the years to come. The final chord in the proposal should be a joint choice of dress and wedding paraphernalia.

a lion

A marriage proposal from a chosen one is accepted easily and simply. It is not necessary to come up with something extraordinary and pretentious – she will then think of it all herself and present it to the admiring audience in the right perspective. The main thing here for the Lioness is to get the obvious from her partner – a trip to the registry office and documentary evidence. She will not appreciate large sacrifices and long preparations, so you should not waste your and other people’s time.


A marriage proposal must be made sincerely and openly – you will have to fight against an innate distrust of everything. Rational thinking and a practical outlook on life prevents Virgos from believing in declarations of love and ardent assurances of loyalty. Each word is carefully checked and long thought for the subject of pitfalls. The Virgo girl needs to be convinced of her sincerity and reliability, which will be the key to success for the heart of her beloved.

A marriage proposal for a Virgo woman


If the chosen one was born under this constellation, then you should not worry about the offer of a hand and heart. The girl will agree immediately and will be grateful for any words. But after a few minutes, doubts and attempts to refuse will appear, so you need to prepare for such a turn. Here you need a talent for eloquence and patience – Libra will find a lot of reasons and arguments to disrupt a significant event. Only the persistence of a partner with whom he will prove the correctness of her earlier decision will be able to convince her.


A mysterious and attractive lady, born under this zodiac sign, experiences real pleasure from sophisticated torture in relation to her beloved. It is considered a weakness for her to give consent right away. The future partner must go through fire, water and copper pipes – this will be a proof of love and reliability. The Scorpio woman usually makes a positive decision long before the most significant event, but the answer comes only after the beloved has passed all the tests.


It is necessary to offer the chosen one born under this constellation responsibly and seriously. These are gentle and loving girls, for whom the happiness of a loved one comes first. There will be no stormy joy or a stream of tears – the proposal will be accepted calmly and restrainedly. But in the soul under the mask of indifference at this moment real passions will burn. It is unacceptable for a Sagittarius woman to show her joy and relief from a long wait, so there is no need to demand the impossible from her.

A marriage proposal for a Sagittarius woman


A girl who is under the power of this zodiac sign mentally gives a positive answer to the marriage proposal at the moment of the first meeting, when the partner is not aware of it yet. For her, everything becomes clear and understandable at once, what is inherent in nature. The partner will not be able to convince or try to get off the intended path. The Capricorn woman will gently and confidently lead her lover to the decision to make an official offer, where she will try to naturally play surprise and joy. A happy lover can only pretend that he sincerely believes her.


An extraordinary and bright personality requires an appropriate approach, so you have to show your imagination. Of course, there will be no refusal, but this moment will become a truly pleasant memory in the future. It is better to refuse a banal ring and fiery speech – this is more suitable for a romantic Cancer or Rybka. Here you need to come up with something that goes beyond the reasonable – this will become a true proof of care and love. The Aquarius woman will appreciate this act and will repay the same in the future.


In the heads of women born under this zodiac sign, the moment of declaration of love and marriage proposal is played several times and in different versions. Everything here should be ideal and romantic, so that there is no reason to say about insincerity or a superficial attitude to such a significant event in the life of two loving hearts. A man has a difficult task that will still have to be solved – any wrong movement or look can disrupt the idyll and bring romantic Rybka to tears.

Marriage proposal for a Pisces woman

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