How to put on a diaper correctly – instructions for parents

How to put a diaper on a baby correctlyOne of the inventions that has changed our lives for the better is disposable diapers. Subject to the rules, diapers become indispensable and safe helpers for parents in taking care of their babies. Not all parents know how to properly use this achievement of humanity. See the rating of disposable diapers.

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How to put on a diaper for a baby? detailed instructions

How to put a diaper on a baby correctly

  • Lay the baby belly up on the changing table.
  • Make sure the bottom is clean and dry.
  • Remove the diaper from the package. Opening, straighten the elastic bands and Velcro.
  • Grasp the baby with one hand on both feet and carefully lift his legs together with the booty.
  • Place the unfolded diaper under the butt, and then lower it onto the diaper.
  • Spread the upper half on the baby’s belly. If there is an unhealed umbilical wound, the edge of the diaper should be folded back so that it does not rub against the wound.
  • After straightening the upper part of the diaper, fix it on both sides with Velcro.
  • Check the tightness of the diaper to the baby’s body. He should not hang out and put too much pressure on his stomach.

When do you need to change the diaper?

How to put on a diaper for a baby

  • After every bowel movement baby.
  • After a long walk.
  • Before and after sleep.
  • With skin moisture under the diaper.
  • With the severity of the diapereven if the baby’s skin remains dry.

Baby skin care after removing the diaper

How to put a diaper on a baby correctly

  • Wash away warm running water (in the absence of feces, you can wash it off without soap). As for the girls, you can only wash them in the direction from the abdomen to the priest.
  • If it is impossible to wash the baby with water (for example, on the road), you can use gauze, wet wipes etc.
  • After washing the skin, you need powder (if the skin is wet) or cream (with dry skin).
  • The presence of redness may indicate that the diapers are not suitable for the baby.

How to choose the right diapers for your baby? Important criteria

How to put on a diaper on a baby correctly

  • Weight Compliance child.
  • Best before date… It usually lasts about two years.
  • Separation by gender (for boys and girls).
  • Availability additional amenities (belts, elastic bands, anti-inflammatory components in the composition, indicators of filling, etc.).

Important rules for using diapers for a baby

How to put a diaper on a baby correctly

  • Redness of the skin under the diaper can be caused by overheating. In this case, you should more often arrange air baths for the baby and ventilate the room. Also, do not wrap the child too much in a warm room.
  • When the baby is sick and its elevated temperature, it is better to do without a diaper – it prevents the effective transfer of heat from the child’s body. If you cannot do without a diaper, then you should turn off the heaters and ventilate the room, creating a room temperature of no more than 18 degrees.
  • Diapers do not provoke the appearance diaper dermatitis… It usually forms from the joining of urine and stool. Timely change of diapers eliminates such troubles.

Photo instruction for parents: how to put on a diaper correctly

How to put a diaper on a baby correctly
Putting a diaper on your child correctly
Putting a diaper on a child correctly

Video instruction: how to put on a diaper correctly

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