How to put on and take off lenses correctly – photo instruction

More and more people today are choosing lenses instead of classic glasses. But lenses are much more demanding – both for the correct choice of lenses, their quality and care, and for the process of putting on and taking off.

How to put on and take off lenses correctly – tell the ophthalmologist.

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How to remove and put on lenses – basic rules

The eye, as you know, is a highly sensitive organ, and when using lenses one should strictly follow the rules and instructionsto avoid the risk of infection. Damaged or dirty lenses and unwashed hands are a direct route to corneal infections. The rules for the care of contact lenses must be followed strictly!

How to put on contact lenses correctly – video

  1. Wearing lenses for manicures such as sharp or extended nails is not worth even trying. Firstly, it will be very difficult to put them on, and, secondly, you risk damaging the lenses (even a minor lens defect requires replacement).
  2. Before the procedure, hands should be washed with soap and then dried with a towel, after which there will be no lint left on the hands.
  3. The process of putting on the lenses always begins with the right eye, above a flat surface and only with the help of the fingertips.
  4. Do not confuse the right lens with the left one, even with the same diopters.
  5. Do not use fat-based cosmetics (creams, oils, etc.) before putting on the lenses.
  6. Do not wear your lenses immediately after sleep or if you have not slept well. In this state, eye strain is already increased, and you will aggravate it with lenses.
  7. After opening the container, make sure the liquid is clear. A cloudy solution means that the lenses should not be used.
  8. Make sure the lens is not inverted before putting on the lens. Some manufacturers mark the sides of the lenses with special markings.
  9. Only apply makeup after putting on your lenses.

How to care for contact lenses – 10 rules from an ophthalmologist Julia Nam

How to remove and put on lenses correctly - photo and video instructions

  1. Before any manipulation with a soft contact lens (MCL), you should wash both hands with an antibacterial soap. Next, dry your hands. It is better to use a towel that leaves fewer lint on the skin.
  2. Cosmetics and contact lens wear. Contact lenses should be worn before makeup is applied. This will prevent particles of cosmetics, oily creams, hairsprays and other products from getting onto the lens surface during donning. The process of removing MCL occurs in the reverse order – first, you should remove MCL, trying to prevent particles of cosmetics from getting on the lens, and then wash off the cosmetics.
  3. Each time, put on and take off the MKL from the same eye, preferably from the right. This way you will not confuse lenses with different diopters.
  4. Rules for putting on MKL. Estimate the position of the MCL. Make sure the lens is not turned inside out before putting it on. If the edges of the lens look up and resemble a cup, you can start putting on the MCL. It is necessary to place the lens on the index finger of one hand, with the other hand pull down the lower eyelid of the right eye. While instinctively closing the eyes, hold the upper eyelid as well. Place the MCL on the eyeball and gently release the eyelid. Next, make a few blinking movements so that the lens is on the cornea.
  5. Rules for removing the MCL: use a mirror to see where the MCL is located. While holding the upper eyelid, look up, then slide the lower eyelid down. Using the index finger and thumb of your other hand, carefully remove the lens. In this case, the movement of the fingers will be similar to a slight pinch.
  6. Cleaning the lens (multi-day use). Before each use, fill the container with fresh MCL disinfectant solution, then apply a few drops of solution to the MCL surface and gently rub the lens with one finger. Rinse
    the lens with a few more drops of solution. Flip the lens over and repeat the procedure on the other side. Then put it in a clean container. The lenses are placed in the wells of the container so that they are completely covered with the disinfectant solution.
  7. Never rinse your lenses with plain tap water as it may contain contaminants. Empty the used solution from the container after putting on the lenses and do not reuse the solution. Multifunctional solutions are suitable only for MCL, including colored lenses. With the help of peroxide solutions, you can take care of all types of lenses (soft, hard). It is important to remember that the peroxide solution should not be used to rinse the lenses before donning, as the hydrogen peroxide it contains can irritate the eyes. Therefore, such solutions are usually sold with a special container and a catalyst disc that neutralizes hydrogen peroxide, converting it into a preservative-free saline solution that does not irritate the surface of the eye.
  8. Do not wear the MCL if you are planning to visit the sauna, swimming pool, open water, remove the MCL in the shower. If drops and splashes of water get on the surface of the lens, try to rinse out your eyes as soon as possible and replace the MCL with a new set.
  9. In case of redness of the eyeball, with the appearance of burning, pain, discharge from the eyes, in the presence of a runny nose, fever and / or other signs of acute respiratory viral infections, it is better to refrain from wearing MCL until consulting an ophthalmologist.
  10. If you have never worn lenses, consult an ophthalmologist for the correct selection of MCL in terms of the adequacy of diopter power, lens fit on the cornea. Be sure to use preservative-free moisturizing eye drops. An ophthalmologist will also help you find the right drops.

How to remove lenses correctly – video instruction

Removing daily (disposable) lenses does not require the same extreme care as long-term wear lenses, but carefulness does not hurt. Read: How to choose the right contact lenses? Also remember that take off cosmetics after removing the lenses… Find the location of the lenses before removing them. As a rule – opposite the cornea. If the lens is not observed in that place, carefully look at the eye in the mirror and determine the position of the lens by pulling both eyelids.

How to put on contact lenses with one hand – step by step instructions

  1. Wash your hands with soap and dry.
  2. Remove the lens from the container (peel off the protective film the first time you put it on) and place it on the pad of your index finger.
  3. Make sure the lens is not inverted.
  4. Bring your finger to your eye and pull your lower eyelid down with your middle finger on the same hand.
  5. When putting on the lens, look up.
  6. Gently place the lens against the eye, below the pupil, on the white part of the eyeball.
  7. Remove your finger and look down – while the lens should be in the center of the eye.
  8. Blink 2-3 times to firmly press the lens against the cornea.
  9. If installed correctly, there should be no discomfort and you can move on to the other eye.

Ophthalmologist recommendations

How to remove and put on lenses correctly - photo and video instructions
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To put on the lens with both hands, pull the upper right eyelid on the eye with your middle finger (left). At this time, the middle finger of the right hand should gently pull the lower eyelid down. The right index finger puts a lens on the white of the eyeball. Then everything happens, as in the method of putting on the lens with one hand. If the lens has shifted, you can close the eye and gently massage the eyelid, or adjust the lens with your finger.

Removing contact lenses correctly – recommendations of ophthalmologists

  1. Determine the location of the lens in the eye.
  2. Open the desired section of the container and change the solution.
  3. Wash your hands and dry.
  4. Look up, pull the right lower eyelid with the middle finger of the same hand.
  5. Place the pad of your index finger gently on the bottom of the lens.
  6. Move the lens to the side with your finger.
  7. Pinch it with your index finger and thumb and gently pull it out.
  8. After cleaning the lens, put it in a container filled with solution.
  9. A lens that has stuck together after removal should not be stretched or straightened. Just put it in a container, it will straighten itself. If self-straightening does not happen, then moisten it with a solution and rub it between clean fingers.
  10. Remember to close the container tightly.

The second way to remove lenses

  • Preparation is similar to the first method.
  • Tilt your head over a clean napkin.
  • Press the index finger of your right hand against your upper right eyelid (in the middle of the ciliary edge).
  • Press your left index finger against your lower right eyelid.
  • Make a counter motion of your fingers under the lens. In this case, air gets under it, as a result of which the lens falls out by itself without problems.
  • Also remove the lens from the other eye.

The eye, as you know, is a highly sensitive organ, and when using lenses, rules and instructions should be strictly followed to avoid the risk of infection. Damaged or dirty lenses and unwashed hands are a direct route to corneal infections. The rules for the care of contact lenses must be followed strictly!

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