How to receive a spiritual message in a dream from a guardian angel

Dreams have become an area of ​​study for psychologists who can extract information and reproduce messages sent by the unconscious. However, no one can better understand what your dreams mean than yourself. You yourself know how, if you wish, to understand your inner world. Let’s try to take the first steps in the realization of our own dreams.

Did you know that dreams harbor encoded messages from your higher self? Do you want to learn how to decipher them without resorting to banal reading of dream books?

Revision Colady presents you with instructions on how to receive and decipher spiritual messages in dreams from an expert.

Dreams as Messages from Your Spirit Guides

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Dreams are part of our psyche, but still they sometimes go beyond its boundaries. Therefore, when the mind sees dreams, they can be associated with a more universal reality (that is, a universal consciousness or universal mind, which is beyond our understanding).

Dreams are the ideal way or channel to communicate with our inner self We are so immersed in the world of the material and physical, so focused on small things, details and any stressful situations that we do not give our mind the opportunity to relax and be present in the current moment. Therefore, dreams are our guide, hint and guide.

We need to listen to what intuition or higher powers say, since we very poorly perceive their messages.

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How to decipher your dreams?

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There is no universal formula for analyzing dreams. Interpreting them is making sense of what you saw and felt. Dreams are an individual experience, so they need to be understood only in the context of your personality, life scenario and the path to self-knowledge.

What do you need to do?

1. Record dreams

And this is the main step in the analysis and interpretation of night dreams. Dreams are messages from your unconscious, therefore they must be clothed in a more concrete form, that is, written down Create your own dream diary and place it next to your bed so that you can quickly document everything you see and remember. After some time, the memory will begin to give out more and more details of what he saw.

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2. Analyze your condition after waking up

Writing a dream in a diary does not reflect all of your emotions. Therefore, after writing down what you remember from the dream, ask yourself: “How did I feel in a dream? How did I feel when I woke up? “

By answering these questions, you will understand whether you were angry, upset, or, on the contrary, happy and contented. Be sure to record your feelings upon awakening.

How to receive a spiritual message in a dream from your guardian angel?  Expert instruction
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3. Put all dream books aside

Do not try to interpret dreams based only on dream books. They need to be understood as you saw them. There are some universal symbols and meanings in dreams, but they have little effect on your introspection and growth.

Each of us has personal stories, each of which is the result of only our situation and experience.

Listen to yourself and your intuition!

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4. Work through your dreams

Only you can be an expert in analyzing your own sleep. Trust your inner guide (call him a spirit guide or guardian angel), which will lead you into the world of the unconscious.

You have a huge unique world inside – explore it! In connection with this or that dream, analyze your ambitions, problems, weaknesses and shortcomings with which you need to work.

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If you constantly keep a “dream diary”, analyze what you saw and work through it, then after a while you will begin to see patterns in your night dreams, which will lead you to a better understanding of yourself and, possibly, to receive spiritual lessons.

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