How to remove a widow’s hump on the back of the head – all methods and means

How to remove a widow's hump on the back of the head - all methods and meansThe accumulation of adipose tissue under the skin in the neck-collar zone is popularly called the “widow’s hump”. The name is explained by the fact that this problem is most often faced by mature women during menopause. The formation of a wen in the area of ​​the seventh cervical vertebra spoils the appearance and can disrupt cerebral circulation.

A set of exercises, massage and lifestyle correction will help to cope with the defect.

The content of the article:

  1. Causes of the hump on the back of the head
  2. Massage, self-massage
  3. Exercise at home
  4. Baths, compresses, showers
  5. Correction of diet and lifestyle

How to remove a widow's hump on the back of the head - all methods and means

Causes of a widow’s hump on the back of the head

From the point of view of medicine, a wen on the back of the head is a lipoma. Such a formation is dense to the touch. Pain and discomfort during palpation usually does not occur.

Doctors name several proven reasons for the appearance of a fat hump on the neck:

  • Hormonal changes. This type of benign tumors often forms against the background of a change in the hormonal status of a woman. During menopause, the amount of estrogen in the blood decreases and the level of androgens rises. This leads to the deposition of fat “masculine” – mainly in the upper body.
  • Excess weight. Overweight patients are much more likely to find lipoma at the withers. This is due to metabolic disorders associated with obesity.
  • Diseases of the cervical spine. With osteoporosis, osteochondrosis and curvature of the spine in the neck, the process of blood supply is disrupted. This can lead to the accumulation of fatty tissue in the back of the head. How can a grown woman correct her posture?
  • Genetic predisposition. If close relatives of the patient had similar problems, the likelihood of a repetition of the situation is high.
  • Itsenko’s disease-Cushing’s. With this disease, an excess amount of adrenal hormones is synthesized in the body. Visually, patients suffering from this syndrome show features of the figure – thin legs and a massive upper body.

Widow’s hump can also form in men if they are obese and hormonal.

However, in 90% of cases, women over 40 face this problem.

Widow's hump massage

The effectiveness of massage and self-massage

It is impossible to ignore the formation of a hump on the back of the head. Over time, this lump can enlarge and constrict the vessels that supply the brain. For patients, this is manifested by headaches, loss of consciousness, sleep and behavioral disturbances.

Doctors remove lipoma by performing surgery. During the intervention, the specialist cuts the skin, inserts a flexible tube into the area of ​​the wen, with the help of which it breaks up the fat deposits and pumps them out. The operation takes only 20-30 minutes.

However, you can get rid of the neoplasm without surgery, using simple remedies for the widow’s hump. Massage is considered one of the most effective techniques.

Massage and self-massage works due to the achievement of the following effects:

  • Mechanical breakdown of the fat seal.
  • Activation of blood circulation in the pathological area.
  • Strengthening the outflow of lymph.
  • Elimination of tissue edema and stagnant processes.

Noticing a hump at the withers, you should regularly carry out self-massage and make an appointment with a professional chiropractor. By combining these directions of influence, it is possible to quickly cope with the problem. The best option is an intensive neck massage at least 3 times a day for 15-20 minutes.

With this mode, you will notice the result within 10-14 days. The seal becomes softer, more pliable and smaller in size.

You can completely get rid of the hump on the back of the head in 2-3 months of regular massage practice.

During self-massage, the following manual techniques should be used:

  • Tingling and kneading the seal hands smeared with fat cream or natural oil. During the procedure, you need to try to move the wen down. The optimal exposure time is about 5 minutes.
  • Circular kneading of the lipoma clockwise… At the same time, both hands are superimposed on the hump, and the chin drops down, tightly pressing against the décolleté area. Circular movements should be intense and pressing. The exposure lasts about 2 minutes.
  • Stretching the fat with two hands… The procedure begins by squeezing the adipose tissue towards the center of the lipoma, followed by stretching it in both directions. In this case, the seal is captured by a pinch motion. The exposure continues for about a minute.
  • Parietal hump correction involves the simultaneous impact on the neoplasm with hands and the surface of the wall. During the procedure, the protruding part of the neck must be pressed tightly against the wall. By sliding down and up alternately along the vertical surface, a kneading effect on the seal is achieved. Then, with one hand, they gently pinch the withers and pull it up, while bending the knees and dropping down with the whole body. This helps to break down fatty deposits and accelerate their natural absorption. The optimal time for parietal correction is about 8-10 minutes.

The more often the patient performs this self-massage complex, the faster the hump at the withers disappears. Speed ​​up the process will help visiting a professional masseur 3-4 times a week. The specialist works through the deep layers of tissues with his hands, using the techniques of classical massage.

Another way to achieve more intense workout is to use home massagers

The most effective will be massage effects with such devices:

  • Roller-type wooden massagers with many spikes and attachments.
  • Kuznetsov’s applicator or Lyapko’s applicator are elastic rubber plates with many needles.
  • Vibration type electric massagers.


Any massage practice should be discontinued if severe pain or discomfort in the neck appears!

Exercises from the widow's hump

A set of physical exercises

To speed up the process of resorption of the widow’s hump, you need to regularly perform a set of physical exercises. The purpose of physical therapy is to strengthen the structures of the shoulder girdle and increase blood circulation in the area of ​​fatty neoplasm.

Exercise should be done regularly. It is advisable to do this immediately before the massage session.

The exercise therapy complex includes such simple exercises:

  • Circular movements of the hands in both directions – 20 times for each hand.
  • Smooth neck tilts and head rotation – about 20 times each exercise.
  • Reduction of the shoulder blades lying on the back on a flat surface – at least 10 information.
  • Reducing the shoulder blades lying on the stomach with an emphasis on the hands – also 10 reps.
  • Turning the body in both directions by twisting the body. It is advisable to hold a long stick or mop on your shoulders. The exercise is repeated 10-20 times in each direction.
  • The classic mill exercise is 20 reps. Starting position – legs are slightly wider than shoulders, arms are spread apart. You need to touch the toes of the opposite foot with your fingers.
  • Exercise “cat”. Standing on all fours, alternately arch and arch your back 20 times, imitating the position of a cat.
  • Standing straight, place your hands on your belt. Raising your chin high, try to write words or letters with the tip of your chin in the air.

Regular swimming, equestrian sports, and stretching can be a good addition.

Baths, compresses and showers

Superficial methods of influencing the hump at the withers are used only as additional measures. A mixture of honey and salt can be used as a warm compress. The heated mixture is wrapped in a cloth and applied to the neck until it cools.

You can also apply an ointment, prepared by mixing 100 g of melted butter, 1 teaspoon of vinegar, 2 tablespoons of honey and 0.5 tablespoons of alcohol. The resulting composition should be applied to the skin of the withers 2 times a day. The ointment should warm up the tissue without causing severe pain or burning.

To enhance the effect of massage and exercise, it is recommended to take bath with soda or chamomile… This will help soften the seal and make the tissue more sensitive to mechanical work.

How to remove a widow's hump

Prevention of lipoma through lifestyle adjustments

Since it is not easy to remove a widow’s hump without surgery, it is better to prevent its appearance.

To do this, it is enough to make a lifestyle correction and follow these recommendations:

  • Adhere to the rules of a healthy diet – give up fatty, fried, sugary foods, carbonated drinks, fast food. Balance your diet by saturating it with fresh fruits, vegetables, cereals and animal protein. Monitor the daily calorie intake.
  • Controlling weight – Maintaining a normal body mass index.
  • Perform a set of physical exercises with a moderate level of stress every day.
  • Sleep on an orthopedic mattress, observing the daily regimen.
  • Monitor your posture.
  • Conduct a course of preventive massage.
  • Do not take hormones without a doctor’s prescription.

Observing the listed rules, it will be possible to avoid the formation of a wen in the neck and maintain the health of the spine. If a cosmetic defect does appear, regular massage and physical activity will help to cope with it.

You should not endure pain and aesthetic discomfort. It is enough just to show perseverance and get rid of the widow’s hump on the back of the head once and for all.

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