How to remove belly after childbirth with exercise and when to start exercising

When a woman becomes a mother, she experiences endless happiness and joy. But at the same time, a young mother has some problems with a figure that cause concern – for example, a sagging belly after childbirth.

Today we will talk about how effectively remove the belly after childbirth at home. The best exercises from Bologny.

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When to do abdominal exercises after childbirth – doctor’s advice

Based on the severity of the course of childbirth, a recovery period is determined, after which a woman can start training and exercises.

This period can be delayed:

  • Up to a month, in the case of normal childbirth.
  • Not earlier than after a medical examination and permission from a gynecologist – for difficult childbirth.

The problem of postpartum belly reduction requires special endurance and patience. It is necessary to gain courage and not demand the impossible from your body. It will take more than one month to return to prenatal form.

One of the key reasons why the female tummy cannot return to its original state immediately after childbirth is that the usually closed, paired abdominal muscles diverge to the sides during pregnancy. The scientific name for this phenomenon is diastasis. Exercises of the standard type, which strengthen the abdominal muscles, can only be started after getting rid of the diastasis.

How to determine diastasis after childbirth – an accurate test

Exercise is undoubtedly the best way to lose weight quickly without dieting and remove the postpartum belly. At home, having carried out the above test, you can determine the degree of diastasis:

  1. On a firm, flat surface, you need to lie on your back and bend your knees, put your hands on your stomach in the navel area.
  2. Raise your shoulders and head so that you lift them off the floor.
  3. Feel the abdominal area in the indicated position. Diastasis is present if you feel the gap between the muscles.

By performing this test every day, a woman may find that the muscles have come together and begin full-fledged exercises when they are fully recovered.

Immediately after giving birth, a woman can start doing the simplest exercises.

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  1. Increase vitality and improve the condition of the body, which will have a beneficial effect on caring for the child.
  2. To protect a woman from pain, in case of fatigue – to fill with energy.
  3. Help to lose extra pounds and gain a prenatal figure.
  4. Assist in improving mood, as the level of chemicals in the brain that are responsible for well-being increases during exercise.

There is evidence that regular exercise after childbirth can reduce the symptoms of depression after childbirth.

Can abdominal exercises be done after a cesarean section?

A woman who has undergone surgery (caesarean section) can do simple exercises for the abdominal muscles, thanks to which these muscles will recover more quickly after surgery. Of course, the expediency of classes and a set of exercises should be discussed with a doctor in advance

Women after surgery during exercise may experience slight inconveniences:

  • Can pull the seam, but there is no pain;
  • After a cesarean, a feeling of rapid fatigue appears, which is a natural process in the postoperative period.

Exercises for the abdomen that should not be done in the first six weeks after childbirth

  • You shouldn’t do aquatic exercise (by swimming) earlier than seven days after vaginal bleeding and other discharge have stopped.
  • After a cesarean or internal stitches classes should be postponed until a visit to the gynecologist (six weeks after delivery).
  • In the first six weeks, it is forbidden to perform exercises in the “knee-elbow” position (there is a slight risk of air embolism).
  • Exercises in the gym can be done after receiving specialist advicedealing with women who have recently given birth.

Every woman should listen to her body when starting exercises after the birth of her baby. Do not overdo it, it will harm the body. Simple exercises should be alternated with good rest.

How to improve the effectiveness of exercises in order to get rid of the belly after childbirth?

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Seven steps to tighten abdominal sagging skin after childbirth:

  1. Balanced dietFirst of all, after giving birth, you need to consider your diet. If you are breastfeeding, the diet is excluded. However, if you exclude high-calorie foods from the diet, the extra pounds will easily go away. See also: Nutrition rules for a nursing mother after childbirth.
  2. Wearing a postpartum brace, which will keep the abdominal muscles in the correct position.
  3. Everyday massage with special creams will remove postpartum abdominal flabbiness. Physical activity will help increase the result.
  4. Water procedures. At home, you can take a contrast shower, which has a beneficial effect on the female body.
  5. Diaphragmatic breathing will help a woman get rid of extra centimeters at the waist and tighten her belly. It is best to breathe in your belly as often as possible. Moreover, you can do this exercise at any time that is acceptable for everyone.
  6. Set aside ten minutes a day for torsion of the hoop, or perform at least one hundred revolutions a day on the “Grace” disc.
  7. By doing special exercises, you can return a firm and flat stomach. Complex physical exercises are the best way to tighten a flabby and saggy abdomen.

Exercises – photos and videos: how to remove the belly after childbirth?

Remember that only with the help of physical exercise, and without torturing yourself with exhausting diets, a woman can achieve the desired result.

Among the most useful are the following exercises:

  • To train the oblique muscles of the abdomen… During this exercise, the legs and torso work.
  • For training the lower press. In the process of training, only the legs or only the torso work.
  • For training the upper press. In this case, the legs are stationary.
  • To train the core muscles… Lying on your back or sitting on a chair, you need to simultaneously raise your torso and legs.

How did you solve the problem of belly fat after childbirth? What exercises did you do? Share with us in the comments!

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