How to remove dog smell from apartment – 33 ways to get rid of dog smell

How to remove the dog smell from the apartment?You can’t help but love dogs. These devoted four-legged animals bring so much joy to the house that boredom and despondency leave it on the same day and never return. True, along with the joy, the dogs also bring a specific smell, but now the owners cope with it without difficulty.


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We identify the cause of the smell of a dog in the apartment – why does it smell like a dog?

First of all, you need to find out – where, in fact, smells?

The smell may appear, both from the pet itself and from its bed… And also from furniture, carpets and other corners where you can sleep, bury a chicken leg or lift a paw. The same goes for cat smells in the apartment.

Well, and of course, it is equally important to find the reason for the appearance of this smell.

You will be surprised, but the most common reason is the laziness of the owners.

So, the reasons for the appearance of a “doggy” smell in your home …

  • “The odor of the breed.” Yes, it also happens. Not all dogs, alas, smell like flowers and vanilla shampoos. Actually, such dogs simply do not exist. If only immediately after a shower and only for a few hours. In general, dogs are highly odorous and practically odorless. For example, spaniels and shepherd dogs are the most “odorous” of all breeds, but in Chinese crested nude, the smell appears only if the dog has not been washed for 1-2 months.
  • Hygienic reasons. Again, you will be surprised, but the dog should be washed. Optimally – once a month, if your affectionate and gentle animal is indoor. Less often, if the animal lives on the street. Natural fats accumulated in the wool give off a very unpleasant odor over time. And yeast living on the skin and multiplying aggravate this trouble. Teach your pet to bathe from “infancy”, and the smell problem will be solved by 50%.
  • Wrongly chosen bathing products. Not everyone knows, so take note of the owners: human pet shampoos are not suitable! The acidity of these products is not for the wool and skin of tetrapods. Choose a shampoo for your pet personally. Don’t skimp on shampoo! Cheap products do not remove odors well, dry out the skin too much and spoil the coat. And in addition to the shampoo, buy a special product that allows you to restore the structure of your friend’s coat and eliminate the unpleasant odor. The choice of such funds is quite wide today. Remember that a powerful alkaline bathing agent (and even without balm) disrupts the production of sebum and, as a result, a strong odor.
  • Blockage of the paraanal glands. If you notice that the pet is intensively licking the area around the anus, riding on the priest, trying to bite itself for it, or itching for no reason – it’s time to clean the glands. Otherwise, inflammation may start. The smell with this phenomenon always appears, and, of course, not the most pleasant.
  • An abundance of sulfur in the ears or otitis media. If the dog is not accustomed to cleaning its ears, then the smell from them will haunt you constantly. But even worse, if otitis media begins – this smell is very specific, it is difficult to confuse it with the usual “sulfuric”. If you have any doubts, it is better to consult a veterinarian.
  • Smell from the mouth. Again, the dog should be trained to brush its teeth. In addition, special toys, food and treats can be used to remove plaque. But only a specialist can remove tartar.
  • Seborrhea. It is characteristic of specific breeds and gives a rather intense odor “at the exit”. Seborrhea is noted, as a rule, in all hunting breeds. The reason is simple – intensive work of sweat and sebaceous glands, as well as increased production of sebum (approx. – 30% stronger than in other breeds), as protection from getting wet.
  • Improper digestion. Feed your dog right! From irregular and illiterate feeding, inappropriate feed, human products and “nibbling”, allergies and disturbances in the gastrointestinal tract begin. And, accordingly, skin problems. Everything here is like with people: if you eat all kinds of “nonsense”, then pimples on the face, excess weight and heavy sweating will follow endlessly. Often there is a smell from dogs that are fed fish or “fish” food.
  • Seasonal reasons. The smell of the dog is always stronger in summer. First, the pet is hot. You can put on shorts and a T-shirt, but the dog has nowhere to undress. In addition, in summer, dogs often plunge into all rivers, shallow bodies of water and even puddles near the house to cool off. And when wet, wool always smells sharply sour. And various microorganisms multiply more actively in wet wool, which also does not add aroma.
  • Physiological reasons. For example, hormonal surge, obesity, metabolic disorders and other human “sores”. However, it should be noted that males are initially more odorous than girls. An exception is the period of heat. Therefore, if a bitch has a smell outside of estrus, consult a doctor (this is a symptom of serious problems in the “female line”).
  • Diseases. If you bathe your pet regularly with medicated shampoo, dry it properly, feed it, walk it, and it still smells, see your doctor. A strong foul odor can be a symptom of infection, liver or gastrointestinal tract diseases, ears, allergies, abscesses, and even cancer. Remember that a sweet or “antifreeze” smell from the mouth of a pet is a reason to urgently go to the veterinarian.

As for the reasons for the smell of a dog directly in the house, there are two of them:

  1. The pet has arranged a toilet for himself in the apartment.
  2. The hosts don’t clean the house often or thoroughly enough. By the way, cleaning the house can take only 15 minutes a day with an excellent result!

Dog Bad Smell – 14 Ways to Eliminate Dog Hair Smell

For a dog’s coat to smell – if not flowers, then at least just cleanliness – you need …

  • Wash the dog with special “dog” products every 10-30 days, according to the breed. Wash out the shampoo thoroughly and be sure to use a conditioner.
  • Dry your dog after washing or bathing in ponds with a hairdryer or a special microfiber towel that absorbs water as much as possible.
  • Brush your pet’s ears and teeth regularly. Preferably, using a special paste.
  • Wipe your pet’s hair with a vinegar solutiona (approx. – 1 tbsp / l per 1 liter of water). Hairless dogs can be wiped with chlorhexidine (at the same time treat all skin inflammations).
  • Brush your dog regularly, remove undercoat that accumulates moisture and spreads an unpleasant odor.
  • After the walk it is imperative to wash the paws, muzzle, belly and area around the tail.
  • Trim under the tailso that fecal particles do not adhere to the wool in this area. Don’t forget that even the smartest pet can’t use toilet paper.
  • Feed your dog right, taking into account the balance of all nutrients. Remember that the lack of certain substances with food leads to metabolic disorders and, as a result, disruption of the work of the sweat glands. Change your dog’s diet completely – for a correct and balanced one, give up allergic foods, and, perhaps, this step alone will significantly reduce the size of the odor problem. Do not feed your pet raw meat / fish – cook without salt and steamed. This will save your dog from worms and the following problems with them, including smell.
  • Timely examine the dog at the veterinarian and take tests. Remember: a healthy dog ​​smells but doesn’t stink. The unbearable smell of “dog” is a signal of the body about ill health.
  • Be a caring host. That is, treat the dog carefully, paying attention to her mood changes. The smell can also be a protective reaction to stress or fear, in which the sebaceous glands begin to actively produce an unpleasant “odor”. Eliminate the causes of stress and fear. Do not scold your pet, much less use force.
  • Use additional products when bathing your pet. For example, Doctor shampoo (by the way, it perfectly heals inflammation on the skin).
  • You can also pay attention to dog “deodorants”: OdorGone, Smart Spray, Loyal Friend, Essential 6 spot on dermoscent drops.
  • Wash your pet’s clothes and mattress cover / bedding frequently. At least once a week! And also wash his toys and clean up the “stash” in the corners.
  • Walk your dog more often and longerso that she does her natural needs not on the carpet in the apartment, but under a bush on the street.

The dog smells bad - how to get rid of the dog smell?

How to remove doggy smell from carpet and furniture – 10 effective ways and means

It should be noted that the smell appears on carpets and furniture in 2 cases:

  1. The dog lifts its paw more often in the apartment than on the street.
  2. The dog is rarely washed, and the smell from it “eats” into furniture and carpets.

Follow the steps above before removing odors from your apartment. Otherwise, any cleaning will be meaningless.

  • Remove puddles as soon as they appear. Smells of urine stuck in the upholstery or carpet only get worse over time. Do not smear the puddle – soak it up with paper towels as much as possible, and then treat with special / means and after half an hour remove the remnants of the product with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Spread a thin layer of baking soda on the carpet (piece of furniture), after 4-5 hours, remove with a vacuum cleaner.
  • For non-woven surfaces you can use a mixture of baking soda (2 tbsp / l), peroxide (20 ml) and regular dishwashing detergent (1 tbsp / l). This mixture should be applied to the “odorous” area, rub in and rinse off after a couple of hours.
  • Rinse the stain with a solution (approx. – weak and without grains!) Of potassium permanganate. It helps to neutralize ammonia.
  • Use household products to remove odors. For example, whiteness, Domestos or Vanish, as well as Mr. Muscle and Mr. Proper. You can drop a couple of drops of citrus essential oil into chlorine products.
  • Dilute vinegar 1 to 1, process the desired area, after drying, repeat.
  • We dilute 15 drops of iodine in 1 liter of water, we process the wooden surface, wipe it with a dry cloth.
  • Rubbing alcohol can also be used… We spray it from a spray bottle to the desired area, rub it in, soak it in with napkins until the alcohol is completely eliminated.
  • For fabric surfaces, you can use household / soap… We rub it on a grater, mix it with water until it becomes “gruel”, apply it to the fragrant area and wash it off after 10 minutes.
  • Lemon juice or peel from fresh lemon. We just wipe the furniture with juice or a crust, and after 15 minutes – with an ordinary damp cloth.

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How to remove doggy smell from carpet and furniture

How to Get Rid of Dog Smell in an Apartment – 9 Methods to Get Rid of Dog Smell in Rooms

To remove the smell of “dog” from the rooms, you need …

  • Regularly do wet cleaning with the addition of disinfectants.
  • Vacuum all areas of the apartment where wool accumulates (one of the sources of odor).
  • Wipe the floor after washing with a vinegar solution.
  • Wipe furniture with ammonia or vinegar solution.

You can also use the following tools:

  1. Apples. The recipe is simple: cut an apple in half and put it on an area where there is an unpleasant odor. The absorption of aromas by fruit lasts up to 6 hours.
  2. Sprinkle cornstarch on the floor, vacuum after 3-4 hours. It absorbs odors as effectively as baking soda.
  3. Add 4-5 drops of essential oil to a spray bottle with warm water (scent – according to your “taste”), spray in the room – on curtains, carpets and floor. The advantages of the product are a pleasant aroma, as well as an antiseptic and antifungal effect.
  4. Use furniture covers. They are easier to wash than upholstery.
  5. Use special products from vet / pharmacies that remove organic odors. These products do not mask, but completely remove microorganisms that are sources of odors. For example, Vaportek and Le Artic, BIO-Zh and Zoosan, Bio-GM, UF2000, Ultrasan, Nature’s Miracle Pet Stain & Odor Remover or ORANGE-OXY. These products are safe for both your pets and your household.

We will be very pleased if you share your experience or the results of recipes for removing dog odors in an apartment!

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