How to remove the smell of cat urine from clothes and furniture?

How to get rid of the smell of cat urineWhat could be worse than the smell of cat urine in the house, haunting you day and night. Owners of tailed mustachioed pets are very familiar with this problem. But not everyone is familiar with her decision.

How to remove the “cat” smell, and how to prevent its occurrence in the future? To your attention – the most effective remedies!

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10 Ways to Get Rid of Cat Odor on Floor or Furniture – Smart Cleaning

There are a lot of tools for eliminating this smell today – every store selling goods for pets can offer at least several options to choose from.

But in order for the tool to be effective, you need to use it correctly. First, remember that the source of the smell is uric acid, which can be eliminated only with the help of enzymes. Brushing away a puddle with a rag and removing urochrome with urea, you only masked the smell.

Remove the acid itself, crystallizing upon drying, can only be done with glycerin or alkali.

Is your kisun marked on the floor or on the couch?

Choose one of the most popular means among the people!

  1. Enzymatic cleaner. Wipe the puddle dry and use an enzymatic cleaner. It contains biological enzymes that contribute to the rapid breakdown of proteins in cat urine and instant elimination of odor. We are looking for a cleaner in a pet store. This tool can be used even for clothes and underwear, if the pet suddenly has “revenge” right on the bed or your favorite jeans. Note: If you have previously tried another cleaner in the same area, the product may not work.
  2. White vinegar. Prepare a vinegar solution. To do this, we must mix water with white vinegar and in equal proportions. We remove the puddle with a rag and pour a little solution into the place of “revenge”. Wipe thoroughly, or better rub the solution directly into the stain. With this product, the ammonia odor in the urine is completely neutralized. Remember to wipe the area dry. This tool is recognized as the most effective of all existing ones – it even removes odors from old cat (and dog) puddles and tags.
  3. Bleach. We wash the place of “revenge” with ordinary household cleaning agent (approx. – WITHOUT AMMONIA!), Then – with plain clean water. Then we wipe the area dry, mix in a ratio of 10 to 1 water with bleach and pour the solution into a spray bottle. Spray the product on the area spoiled by the cat and after 30 seconds rinse it off with a damp cloth. Note: products with bleach can damage the color or structure of the material – be careful when choosing this cleaning option.
  4. Apple vinegar. We mix this product with washing powder (60 ml / 60 g), apply to the stain, rub in, then carefully remove with a damp cloth. If after the stain dries, an unpleasant odor is still present, then add an enzymatic cleaner to this proportion.
  5. Soda. Sprinkle the area of ​​”revenge” with classic baking soda. This natural cleaner is also excellent at absorbing all unpleasant odors. If the damaged area is not too noticeable, you can rub this product with a brush or sponge, leave it for 2-3 hours, and then remove it with a vacuum cleaner and treat it with a regular floor or furniture product.
  6. Peroxide + Fairy + Soda. We make this solution in the following proportion: dish detergent – no more than 5 ml (1 tsp is enough), 3% hydrogen peroxide – half a glass. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and spray the product over the already poured (and left for a couple of hours) soda. Thoroughly rub the solution into the baking soda with a brush. After foaming it, dry the stain, vacuum and remove the cleaning residues with a conventional product.
  7. Iodine. We make the tool as follows: add 15 drops of an aqueous iodine solution to 1 liter of water and treat the stain with the resulting solution. Leave for a short time and dry. The tool works well with uric acid crystals.
  8. Lemon juice. This product is simple to prepare: squeeze the juice from half a lemon, apply it on a sponge and process the damaged areas of the upholstery.
  9. Potassium permanganate. Powerful oxidant and excellent deodorant. We treat the stained area with a weak solution and wait for it to dry. We repeat the procedure until the smell disappears completely.
  10. For a fresh stain, use a mouthwash. The scheme is the same: remove the puddle dry, apply the product to the sponge and process the stain. We are waiting for drying. We repeat if necessary.

Cat urine odor remedies for apartment cleaning

Among the effective folk remedies, one can also note vodka and tea, Vanish stain remover and Lenore rinse.

7 ways to get cat urine odor out of carpet or shoes

The husband was not too affectionate with your mustachioed pet in the early morning, but for some reason the offended cat left the “gift” in your shoes. And you still haven’t removed the smell from his yesterday’s puddle on the carpet.

What to do? How do I clean my carpet at home?

For carpet:

  • Glycerol. This remedy is ideal for breaking down urinary stones. It can be applied to both carpets and other surfaces.
  • Laundry soap (note – it also contains glycerin). Thoroughly lather the stained area of ​​the carpet with a sponge, wait until it dries, and rinse well with clean water.
  • Vinegar + soda. Noticing a fresh puddle, quickly and dryly absorb it with napkins (you can use toilet paper), fill the stain with vinegar solution (1 to 3) and after drying, fill it with soda. The next day, just clean with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Peroxide + soap. In a spray bottle, mix hydrogen peroxide (100 ml), 1 tsp of regular liquid soap and half a glass of water. We fill the area of ​​”revenge” with soda for a couple of hours, after which we spray the prepared product directly on top of the soda and rub it into the surface with a brush until foam appears. After complete drying, remove everything with a vacuum cleaner.

How to get rid of the smell of cat urine

For shoes:

It is extremely problematic to remove the smell from these products. If high-quality sneakers or fabric sneakers can still be washed 2-3 times, then leather shoes are almost impossible to process – upon contact with the feet, it will still “bestow” the owner and those around them with feline amber.

Therefore, there are not so many options …

  • Potassium permanganate. Thoroughly rinse the shoes in cold water, then rinse them with a solution of potassium permanganate and wash them in a washing machine. We dry exclusively outdoors.
  • Vinegar. We wash the shoes, separately wash the insoles, and then thoroughly rinse the inside with a vinegar solution. Dry, again, in the air.
  • Liquid glycerin. The product is suitable for leatherette or smooth leather shoes. We carefully process it from the inside with glycerin and leave it in the room until the product is completely absorbed.

Cat Smell Shoe Products

What shouldn’t you do when removing odor?

  • Use a variety of products containing ammonia… In particular, glass or plate cleaners. Why? Funds with ammonia will only provoke the pet to repeated “acts of revenge.” As long as the cat smells this smell, he will tag it over and over again.
  • Use perfumes and deodorants. They won’t even mask the smell. On the contrary, mixing with a feline scent will become simply unbearable.

How to get rid of the unpleasant smell of sweat in your shoes?

Special “store” means

There are actually few high-quality products among the offered “odor liquidators”. But effective ones still come across.

Just in case, study the composition… And remember that the best remedies are those that, in addition to oxidants and alkalis, also contain special enzymes for the rapid breakdown of uric acid.

What does the market offer?

  1. OdorGone. The product is in the form of an aerosol. The composition is natural, safe for people and animals. Consumers approve almost unanimously. Effective!
  2. Zoosan. Also not bad, according to consumer reviews, the option is not the most expensive, effective, practically odorless (not vigorous, in comparison with analogues).
  3. Urine Off. Biological and, according to the manufacturer’s statement, safe. As for the opinion of consumers, they are equally divided. Some are delighted, others are completely disappointed.
  4. DezoSan. Very high quality and easy to use product. Destroys any odors. Cat and dog owners approve.
  5. Bio-GM. There are not many reviews about this tool, but the manufacturer promises high efficiency and complete elimination of the cause of the smell, and not masking it. The composition is not chemical, but very natural – 100% biological.

How to get rid of the cat smell in the apartment forever – preventive measures

First of all – useful advice on how to find the source of the smell, if the “act of revenge” was carried out by the pet on the sly. For this you will need wood lamp… Under its light, all damaged areas on surfaces, including splashes, clearly appear (fluoresce).

And now – a few recommendations on the topic of prevention:

  • Place the litter box where your pet will use it. The striped mustaches do not like publicity – they prefer to do their dark deeds on the sly. Give your pet such a secluded spot for the toilet.
  • Treat all areas of potential “acts of revenge” special means-sprays.
  • Put orange peels or pine cones in flower potsto discourage your pet from tagging plants.
  • Change the litter in the tray regularly. Cats are too clean to walk twice or three times in already used litter.
  • Never punish your kisuns. Cats are touchy animals, they will take revenge.
  • Neutered cats (note – as well as neutered cats) do not mark territory. But the decision is up to you.
  • Check with your veterinarian. You may have kidney problems or a urinary tract infection.

Get ready for anything. But – remember that we are responsible for those who …

We will also show you how to remove the unpleasant smell of cigarettes from the apartment and premises.

How do you solve this delicate problem for your pets? Share your effective recipes in the comments below!

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