How To Reset Service Light On John Deere D140

In order to reset the service light on your John Deere D140, turn the key to the “Run” position. After two hours, remove the key and the service timer should appear again. If the light is still on, you may need to replace the oil. To do so, follow the steps below. To reset the oil level light on your D140, turn the key to the “Off” position. To do so, press the buttons on the dash.

To reset the service light on a John Deere D140, first, make sure that the engine is cold. If the light remains on, it means the engine is running hot. If the temperature is too warm, you should add oil. However, too much oil can damage the engine, so be careful not to use too much. You can use a suction bulb or a tube to remove the extra oil. If you have a lawnmower that does not have a service reminder, turn it onto its side. This will cause the engine to shut down.

Resetting the service light on a John Deere D140 is easy if you know how. To do so, turn the ignition key to the “Run” position and leave it there for two hours. When the next service interval arrives, the service light will come on again. If you are having difficulty resetting the service light on your John Deere D140, you can try the steps above.

Before you begin, check the engine serial number of your John Deere. This is the only way to reset the service light on a John Deere D140. The serial number of the tractor should be printed on the hood. It will also be helpful to note the time of last service. If the time has passed since the last service, check the hours of operation of the engine.

The service light on your John Deere D140 is a warning for when your machine needs to be serviced. You can reset it by holding the SELECT button for 5 seconds. Then, you can clear the service light by pressing the key to the “run” position. Then, the next time the machine needs to be serviced, you can hit the “start” button to restart it.

Secondly, make sure that you know your serial number. A John Deere D140 has a serial number that begins with 1GXD. This number is printed on the hood. The model number is usually printed on the hood of your tractor. When you’re finished, you should notice that the light is now turned on. The service interval is the time when you’ll need to service the machine.

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