How to Set and Achieve Your Fitness Goals

As of 2022, all 50 states in the US have an obesity rate of over 20%, and 17 states have a rate of over 35%. While being overweight or obese is a serious problem, you can also be “skinny fat,” which can be just as unhealthy.

The fact is, many Americans aren’t in the best shape, and this can put a strain on not only their personal well-being, but also the nation’s resources. So there’s no better time than the present to get healthy!

Read on to see how you can set and then achieve your fitness goals.

Use the SMART Method

If you have no clue where to start, then the SMART method is excellent. This stands for:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Timely

Basically, you’ll set realistic goals you can work on regularly, within a set period of time. For example, you can set out to work three days a week, measuring the total distance you run every week. Give yourself a few months to keep this up and raise your endurance as your overall goal.

It’s important to start low, think in the long run, and understand what’s driving your fitness goals. This will make it easier to incorporate into your everyday life and make it a lifestyle change instead of a short-term diet or fitness bootcamp.

Incorporate Micro Goals

If your overall goal will take a while to reach, then incorporate micro goals. These can help push you along the way, especially if you feel like you’re losing steam.

These┬ásmaller accomplishments can be little steps to eventually build up to your ultimate goal. For instance, if you want to run a marathon, then you can start out with a 30-minute run, then add 5 minutes each day. You’ll feel good every day you increase your running time, and it won’t be as hard to run for hours.

Get a Pro’s Assistance

If you need to hit the gym, then it’s beneficial to find a personal trainer here. Not only can they help you set fitness goals, but they can also ensure you’re doing your exercises correctly.

More importantly, they can hold you accountable. If you need to see them every week, then you’re more likely to keep up with the workouts they’ve given you. And while you’re training at the gym, your personal trainer can give you those words of encouragement, so you push through those challenging exercises!

You don’t have to keep up with this forever either. If you’re short on cash, you can learn the exercises from your trainer in a few sessions, stop them for a bit, then see them again later to see if you’re on the right track.

Hit Those Fitness Goals in No Time

By knowing how to set fitness goals, you’ll know exactly what to focus on to get there. It might not be easy at first, but once you get into the rhythm of things, then it’ll feel more natural to do.

Before you know it, you’ll achieve fitness goals you thought were previously unattainable. And as a result, you’ll look and feel healthier!

Want to continue your fitness journey? Then find more on healthy living by browsing our blog page.

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