How to start your kitchen renovation – 10 tips from experts

Traditionally, apartment renovation is done independently, which often leads to a disastrous result. Bathroom, living room, bedroom, kitchen – each of the premises has a number of features during renovation. What are the most common mistakes? And how can you avoid them?

COLADY will tell you how to start renovating the kitchen and how to do it correctly.

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A perfect renovation is impossible without trial and error. But do not hang your nose, because colady specialists come to your aid, who tell you how to do it right. The most important success factor is repair sequence

Kitchen renovation – 10 tips from experienced owners

  • Electricity errors
    Most beginners, and even experienced owners, have not learned how to determine the number of electrical outlets needed for a room. The kitchen belongs to those rooms where there should be a lot of outlets. This is a socket for a kettle, food processor, refrigerator, stove, microwave oven, dishwasher. Total: 6 outlets. It is worth doing two more sockets as a reserve.
  • Plumbing
    The valves should remain in the public domain – it is highly undesirable to brick them into the wall. Imagine a situation of the slightest leak – then you have to break the wall.
  • The stove and refrigerator are in different places!
    Many sin by putting them side by side. This should not be allowed. The refrigerator should be in one place and the stove in another.
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  • General cleanliness during renovation
    All kinds of dust, small pebbles falling under linoleum or wallpaper seriously affect the finishing surface – this must always be considered.
  • Laminate is not for the kitchen!
    The surface of the floor must be done as a whole, and not in sections. In addition, it is not worth putting laminate flooring, since it is short-lived and scratches remain on it due to the specifics of the kitchen area. The best choice for technical characteristics is tile or linoleum. See also: What type of flooring to choose for a children’s room?
  • New tiles are never laid on top of old ones.
    Dismantling the old tile – we process the surface – put a new one. There is no other way!
  • Fungus development
    The kitchen belongs to rooms with high humidity. Two or three days after the renovation, it is worth letting the room air out, and only then placing the furniture.
  • Hood
    Lack of such may lead to the next repair. All soot, steam grows to surfaces, and the smell goes to all rooms. There are three types of hoods: dome, suspended and recessed. Air outlet – into the ventilation shaft.
  • Work zone
    A kitchen set, household appliances must clearly fit into the design project of the kitchen. This should be taken care of at the initial stage. The doors of the cabinets and the refrigerator should open quietly, without interfering with anyone or anything.
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  • Ventilation system
    It is extremely important that you can feel fresh air in the kitchen, therefore it is necessary to install windows with a vent.

What tips for kitchen renovation can you give? Share your experience with us!

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