How to stop being a failure – 9 tips from a psychologist

Remember the words of the popular song: “Whatever they do, things don’t go. Apparently their mother gave birth on Monday“? Developing a loser complex is easy. It is much more difficult to get rid of it. I’m a failure – people say that to themselves so often. Today COLADY will tell you how to stop being a failure and experience the joy of life.

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Why do people feel like failures

  • If, before you get down to business, you already know that you will not complete it …
  • If only you were splashed by a passing car …
  • If it is in front of you that the coveted product runs out …
  • If you are late for work, for the bus, for a date …

And, if you yourself consider yourself a loser, it means that it is so. This means that you like it when you feel sorry for you, sympathize with you, justify your mistakes.

Agree – a comfortable position: no responsibility, no demand. You are a loser, a loser, what can you take from you?

Low self-esteem, like an unwillingness to fight failure, is the main reason people feel like failures.

When a person is too lazy to move towards the intended goal, he simply immediately justifies himself: I will not succeed… He will not, like an ant, carry a heavy load on him. What for? After all, there is always an excuse at the ready: I ​​am a “loser”, so you shouldn’t even try.

There are 2 types of losers:

  • Losers are whiners. As a rule, these do not go, but wander through life, in every possible way cultivating a complex in themselves, even with their dull appearance demonstrating resignation to fate. As a rule, they do not have permanent friends. Well, who, tell me, is able to endure this constant whining for a long time?
  • Losers are wrestlers. In addition to the whining, there are also losers – wrestlers. These lion’s share of efforts are spent on convincing both themselves and those around them that, despite all their efforts, they are failing. They patiently listen to the advice of friends, but I do everything in my own way. They revel in their failures. Realizing this, friends simply stop paying attention to their whining.

9 tips to stop being a failure

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  1. It’s trite, but man is himself the blacksmith of his own happiness. And weren’t lucky colleagues, neighbors, friends late for work? Didn’t they get caught in the rain, having forgotten their umbrella at home? Didn’t they “take a dirty shower” from a passing car?
  2. The only difference is in the assessment of the situation. In the psychology of a loser – obedience to fate, successful people even look at temporary failures with optimism.
  3. Didn’t it work the first time? No problem! The lucky guy will try again and again until he gets the desired result.
  4. So how do you stop being? Maybe you should try to be more relaxed about failure? Prepare in advance for important appointments? Leave them at home a little earlier to have some time?
  5. Change your attitude towards the world …… and the world will change its attitude towards you. Think about it: people who are losers are in a state of constant sluggish stress, they are sure that they are caught in a vicious circle of big and small problems. And where is it written that this circle cannot be opened?
  6. Change! Change your courage! See also: How to confidently and easily change your profession after 40 years – instructions.
  7. Change your hairstyle, wardrobe, hair color!
  8. Smile! Smile often!
  9. Look for the positive in everything. Late for your transport? Not the end of the world. The next bus is about to arrive. Forgot your umbrella at home? So you can build a flirty garrison cap from a plastic bag. Splattered by a passing car? Look with what sympathy that nice guy looks at you. It’s about time – turn the situation to your advantage.

It is just important for you to remember that there are no hopeless situations!

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And also, more often remember the eastern wisdom: the road will be mastered by the one walking.

Have you ever felt like a failure? Share with us in the comments!

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