How to Stop Loving Your Ex-Boyfriend or Husband, or 5 Steps to a New Life

How to get rid of love for your exWhat girl has not dreamed of pure love, which will surely meet on the way when she grows up. And this love will certainly be happy even to the very gray hair. Unfortunately, not everyone is spoiled by fate, and the long-awaited prince from childhood dreams comes across the wrong one, not then and not there.

How can you be happy again if your heart is broken? How to start a new life?

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  3. This cannot be done categorically!

5 Easy Steps to Stop Loving Your Ex-Boyfriend, Husband

First of all, one should understand that there is no new life and will not be. There is only one, and it is her that you must make the happiest, longest and most flawless.

And it only depends on you.

It would seem that it is impossible to put together the fragments of a broken heart, but all this is just a metaphor and beautiful words for lyricists, in reality everything is subject to the laws of nature.

One has only to want …

  • Face it. There is no ideal love and ideal people. The happiness in the couples that you see around you is the result of hard work. Happiness is a “castle” that is being built brick by brick, year after year. And if your castle has fallen apart, then you have chosen the wrong partner to build it. Accept and acknowledge the fact that this story is over, and the time has come for a new stage in your life. As long as you indulge yourself with illusions and vain hopes that “maybe everything can still be returned …”, your spiritual wounds will bleed. You yourself must put an end to it. How to understand that love has already passed and the relationship is over?
  • Emotions are normal. Crying into a pillow or a friend’s shoulder, doing small stupid things, breaking the dishes that you bought together are normal. Allow your emotions to escape, do not keep them in yourself. But it’s better to “release the gin” for your own benefit. Getting out of your emotions should help you, but it shouldn’t harm others. Find the most effective way for yourself and painless for others to throw out the accumulated feelings: shooting at targets, a gym (highly recommended), a vocal studio, dancing – but you never know ways to relieve stress. Choose the one that is closer to you, and surrender to it completely.
  • You are a self-sufficient woman. Which does not depend on events and people. Who loves life and knows how to live it beautifully. Which does not ask for anything, does not run after anyone, does not hold anyone. They are running after you, and they are trying to hold you back. Don’t try? So it’s not your destiny. And yours will appear unexpectedly on the doorstep with a bouquet of flowers, but you will not wait obediently at the window, because you need to be happy today. And there is still so much to be done in this life that your destiny itself will catch up with you.
  • We change everything! Love, as a strong feeling, according to medical facts, “lets go” in a month. If you do not feed it and do not throw new firewood into its fire. If you have the courage and wisdom to put an end to the relationship, then all the “drowish” need to be removed. Start general cleaning from the head and home. And then – as needed. Change your lifestyle and image, rearrange your home, take new routes to work, make new acquaintances, etc. Doesn’t it help? Change your place of residence. It only seems that feelings – they live independently of you, but in reality they only depend on you. Remember – it is important to put an end to it. And then just remove from life everything that can turn your point into an ellipsis.
  • And someone is now much worse than you. And maybe this someone really needs your help. Take custody of him. It doesn’t matter who it is – a terminally ill child, an old man left alone by children, a puppy thrown into the cold by someone, or your neighbor who can barely make ends meet to feed her child. When we begin to feel someone else’s pain, our own goes into oblivion. And in order to understand what the soul should really be hurting about, and what is empty and meaningless in life, you need to get out of your shell, in which it is so cozy and pleasant to feel sorry for yourself, and look around.

And treat everything with humor. He not only helps to live, but also often saves in situations when it seems that the “end of the world” has come. Smile. This life was presented to you so that you can enjoy it every day. Despondency – into the stove.

And remember the main thing – a person can experience everything that falls to his lot. Fate sends us only those tests that we can handle – no more and no less.

Consider your situation testing your strength

How to get rid of love for your ex

How to stop loving your ex if he is married, if you see him every day, etc.?

How to stop loving if you have to see him every day at work? Or by chance meet with him every morning, because he lives in the apartment (house) opposite?


What difference does it make if you’ve already finished? No!

This is how to quit smoking: until you want to quit yourself, you will be constantly drawn to a cigarette, and neither plasters, nor smart books, nor seeds will help. You can only quit if you really want to – right away and forever. Without leaving even a tiny hope that “then, one day, well, if only a little, well, you never know, but anything can happen …”.

Or be like children. When a child is scared to pull out a milk tooth, he asks his dad (or mom) to do it quickly, so as not to be afraid for a long time, and so that the pain rushes through instantly, as if it never existed, “out of the blue” – and you’re done. Just tie a tooth by a string to the door and pull the door abruptly. Everyone did this in childhood. The child is always fenced off from pain. And quickly forgets about sorrows. And he puts his “I” above everything else. Not because he is an egoist, but because the child lives in today, and not in yesterday or tomorrow. And he just enjoys life, the wind, the sun, a new toy, mom and dad, a delicious dinner. He has no time to be sad, sob over photographs, remember, torment his heart with all sorts of nonsense.

Learn to be a kid. Work on yourself!

How to get rid of unrequited love and start living – a practical guide

How to stop loving an ex-boyfriend, husband?

This cannot be done categorically!

In search of a way to free themselves from the shackles of their unhappy love, girls do a lot of stupid things – both small ones that complicate their problem, and more serious ones that complicate life itself.

It is important to remember what absolutely should not be done:

  • To take revenge. A wise, self-sufficient, self-confident woman will never stoop to such vulgarity as revenge. She is above that. She will step over a problem that she could not solve and move on with her head held high. If we are not able to change the problem, we change our attitude towards it – to spit, grind and forget. And they ran to live on.
  • Think about the most radical methods of solving the problem – for example, about suicide. Leaving this life is, of course, an easy decision, but it will not change anything. If he did not love you, then he will not come to suffer on your grave. And if you loved, then you will not know, because it will be too late. Think better of your parents, for whom there could be nothing worse than the death of a child. And that most often suicide attempts end in disability. Do you need it? And who will you make it worse? If you want to take revenge on him – become happy in spite of everything. This will be the most powerful and wonderful revenge you can think of.
  • Hope for a sequel. Make a point, turn the page, leave this boring session, and don’t forget to turn off the lights in the hall. A new movie awaits you. And always with a happy ending!
  • Close in yourself. No, for a day or two, of course, you can cry, watch tearful melodramas, overeating on cakes, feel sorry for yourself, cry to your girlfriends – what a bastard he is. But no more! Further – we smile broadly and forward, to new victories, achievements, joys!
  • Trying to forget him with new romances. Throwing into a new bed to forget the old one is senseless, stupid and vulgar. Such connections usually do not lead to anything good. At the very least, you yourself will then feel ashamed of yourself and your actions. We will not even talk about “as a maximum”.
  • Go all over the place: arrange drunken fights, chase him or his new girlfriend, make trouble with loved ones who are trying to help you, and so on. The ability to think soberly will certainly come a little later. If only it was not too late to realize what stupidity you have done.
  • Meet with him when he suddenly wants to. Some men like to suddenly visit their ex-girlfriends with an overnight stay, being confident that this is normal – these are such intimate meetings of “old friends.” Remember, this is not normal. There is a saying from an old anecdote – “she died so she died.” Meetings like this will never end with a reunion, he will just use you from time to time. A woman who respects herself will never allow this.
  • Follow him on social / networks (remove him from everywhere and leave everywhere yourself), call him and be silent on the phone (“kindergarten – pants with shoulder straps”), guard him on the street, beg him to return (respect yourself!).

Also write him a letter. Throw out all emotions, thoughts, resentments, anger in this letter. Express everything that you think about him, about your relationship, about the breakup, etc. In detail, without forgetting anything.

And then tear or burn it along with your feelings.

You will be surprised how quickly it gets better!

How to get rid of painful love addiction?

Have there been similar situations in your personal life? And how did you get out of them? Share your stories in the comments below!

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