How to teach your child to brush their teeth – 12 great ways

As every mother knows, cleaning tiny teeth should be started as soon as they appear. The first two to four teeth – using a piece of sterile gauze or a silicone thimble brush. Then – with a toothbrush and toothpaste, in an adult way. And here the most “interesting” begins. Because to teach your beloved preschooler to regularly brush your teeth is not an easy task. What to do if your baby does not want to brush his teeth – we reveal the secrets of experienced mothers.
Ways to get your child to brush their teeth

  • We brush our teeth together with the baby. Personal example is always more effective than persuasion. In the morning we do not lock ourselves in the bathroom to guide the marathon, but take the baby with us. We hand him the brush and, at the same time starting the procedure, we look at each other – we play in the “mirror”. The crumb must repeat your every move. Over time, the child will get used to this game, and he will not have to be dragged into the bathroom forcibly.
  • Getting the kid’s most fantastic toothbrush and quality pasta with a pleasant taste. We will definitely introduce you to the process of buying a child. Let him choose the taste of the pasta and the design of the brush.
  • Many mothers remember the trip to dentistry during school years as a whole class. Before the examination, there was certainly a lecture on the correct brushing of teeth. The stages of cleaning were demonstrated with the help of a visual aid – a huge plastic jaw or a hippo with large human teeth. Today, finding such a toy is not a problem – it is on it that you can show your baby how to brush his teeth correctly, and after playing, check in the bathroom to see if the material has been learned well.
  • We hang a sheet (cardboard, board) of “achievements” on the bathroom door. For every brushing of your teeth – one beautiful sticker on this sheet. Collected 5 (7, 10 … – individually) stickers – it means it’s time for a chocolate bar. We kill two birds with one stone – and we limit the sweets, and we clean the teeth.
  • Looking for motivation… It is much easier to captivate any kid through the game than to force it. Look for the method that will most surely lead you to your goal. For example, a fairy tale. Write it yourself for your child. Let it be the Tale of the ugly caries that turned white teeth into black in all the kids who refused to brush their teeth. Do not forget about the happy ending – the child must defeat all caries with the help of a magic brush.

Ways to get your child to brush their teeth

  • Choice. She always inspires. Let your baby have not one brush and one tube of paste in your bathroom, but 3-4 brushes with different designs and several pastes with different tastes. For example, today he cleans his teeth with strawberry paste using a smesharik brush, and tomorrow – with a banana paste, using a ghost brush.
  • Cartoons and films for children. They can also play their role according to the principle of the above-described fairy tale. Of course, the content of films and cartoons are stories about babies who did not want to brush their teeth.
  • Become a tooth fairy for your child. Only not the one that brings coins to the kids of America for lost teeth, but our fairy – who flies in at night, checks if the teeth are cleaned and hides, for example, an apple under a pillow. By the way, films about tooth fairies are also suitable for the previous point, but do not forget to make a remark while watching – “a fairy brings coins only for those teeth that have fallen out that have been regularly cleaned.”
  • Arrange competitions. For example, who is the best to clean their teeth (we clean with the whole family, compare the whiteness). Or who will have more foam in their mouth while brushing (kids love that).
  • Buy an hourglass from the store… Small – for 2 minutes. While the colored sand is running, we diligently clean each tooth. 2 minutes is the optimal time for the protective components of the paste to create protection on the teeth. Beforehand, do not forget to show the kid a mini-play with paper characters (draw in advance) – teeth, a terrible pest of Caries and two girlfriends – a brush and paste, who build a strong, reliable wall from Caries with the help of an hourglass in 2 minutes.
  • In the morning and in the evening we clean the “teeth” of toys (it is better to use plastic ones, it’s not a pity to wet them): let the baby plant them in the bathroom on the washing machine and for a start demonstrates the scheme of brushing teeth with a personal example. After the “master class” you can do the toys themselves – so that none of them “go to bed” with unclean teeth.
  • We are starting a good family tradition – brushing teeth. Let brushing your teeth end with some warm ritual. For example, photograph his white smile. And then write a fairy tale about teeth together (buy a hardcover album or notebook). In a month or two you will have a whole book of fairy tales. After each fairy tale, be sure to paste a photo of a smile and draw a picture on the topic with your child.

In general, turn on your imagination, and you will succeed!
Ways to get your child to brush their teeth

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