How to understand that a man likes you?

How to understand that a man likes you?The age-old question, the answer to which interests all girls and women, regardless of age and social status. Who among us has not encountered this situation when you sympathize with a man, but it is very difficult to understand whether he sympathizes with you. In this article, we will try to provide an extensive answer to this important question.

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Pay attention to gestures!

As you know, our body cannot lie. Man is an adapting creature, we have long learned to control speech and with its help we can easily hide the truth or lie. When it comes to feelings, this rule does not change, with the help of body language you can β€œread” a man’s attitude towards you or another person. So let’s get started with body language.

Non-verbal expressions of sympathy:

  • How to understand that a man likes you?The first and most obvious sign that a person is disposed towards you is an open smile… When people get to know each other, no matter what environment surrounds them, the first thing they will do before making verbal contact is to smile at each other. If you notice that a handsome man is smiling at you, then feel free to make a decision: either smile back at him and continue your acquaintance, or ignore this gesture;
  • During a meeting or meeting (if you are, for example, employees), he suddenly starts fiddling with his tie or shirt collar; touches the neck or hair; the toe of the shoe pointed in your direction – all this signals of sympathy;
  • Pay attention to his hand gestures. If a man in your presence spreads both his hands to the sides at the same time, as if to say β€œI want to hug you“;
  • Ordinary nod head is a sure sign of the sympathy of your interlocutor. In turn, thereby you can make it clear that you are interested in this person;
  • Also, pay attention to his eyes, or rather sight… A person in love (sympathetic) cannot take their eyes off the object of adoration. Usually it is a gentle gaze, sometimes even patronizing;
  • Of course, each person has their own intimate area, and we rarely let anyone into it, only close people. So one leg on our territory is a sure sign that we sympathize with a person, and when a person tries to “invade” our zone of intimacy, he thereby tries to say that he likes us, that he lets us into his territory.

Attention to touch!

When a connection exists between a man and a woman, it is easy to determine it simply by observing them for a while. When it comes to ourselves, we cannot be objective and it is easier for us to hear someone else’s opinion. However, the following verbal manifestations are a sign of a man’s disposition towards you:

  • Ever since school times, we made it clear to another person, and to everyone around us, that we are a couple, just taking beloved hand… So in “adult” life, this rule does not lose its relevance. If a man in any case tries to touch your hand, be sure that he likes you, and he wants to let you know, you and the men around him;
  • How to understand that a man likes you?If during a walk he tries all the time support you by the elbow or holds a hand at your back, as if hugging you – these are signals that the man wants to keep and protect you;
  • Of course, indicative gallantry or easy gestures, like letting you forward, opening the door in front of you, giving your hand, clothes, etc. can speak about his attitude towards you in two ways. If earlier you did not notice this about him, it means that his gestures are connected with you, and are not a sign of a man’s upbringing;
  • Any body contact, even casual, even imperceptible (serving of outerwear, glasses, etc.) is a signal of incipient sympathy.

Attention to attitude!

How much do not guess and look out, and actions speak louder than words! Here are some sign actions that are clear reflections of a man’s attitude towards you:

  • How to understand that a man likes you?The first and clear sign that a man sympathizes with you when he is in your presence either begins to raise his voice abruptly, or on the contrary, it cuts off a sentence in the middle and falls silent… Thus, it stands out from the crowd for you. Observe further behavior, if he looks at you, then be 100% sure of this;
  • Alone with you, a man usually starts conversations on a variety of topics, while awkward pauses are replaced by a wide smile. If most questions during conversation about you and your life, congratulations, this person is ready to move on to the stage of relationship;
  • Some men attract attention with rudeness. Remember how at school, when a boy strongly pulled your braid, you felt painful and unpleasant, and the boy, for some reason, smiled in response to your tears. So in adulthood, “adult boys” can hurt with a caustic remark, and sometimes outright rudeness. Here, the choice is, of course, yours, but each manifests itself individually;
  • When sympathy for a woman appears in a man’s heart, he tries by any means with her meet, as if by accident. If you begin to notice that in places where you have not met before, he suddenly appears, by chance, of course, then be sure he came for you;
  • And also remember one simple truth – a man is never friends with a woman just like that! Sometimes a man-friend stays with you only in the hope that over time you will understand what he really feels for you! Yes, and there are such men, they are close by for years and save us from various troubles, but as long as you are sure that he is just your friend, he, in turn, is sure that since you will not let him go, it means that he has chance.

Feedback from forums:


I am 20 years old and I am in love with a man 10 years older than myself. And I always fall in love with those who give me hope, my heart feels it on a subconscious level. But doubts began to creep in. Perhaps he is just so sweet and courteous in life, and I thought of myself God knows what. How to understand?


To be honest, I’m confused … Can my director show signs of attention? He is a man, but I perceived his attentions as friendly gestures. We are very similar. And from the very beginning they found out that I was not the girl of his dreams. Then I got confused, and what should I do in this situation?


To understand whether he likes you or not, do not write or call him for several days. If he needs you, he will show up himself. Then you will not doubt. And so to live, in my opinion, is easier! Hit or miss!

Try to be simple about the relationship, do not take his views as hope. Be yourself and all men will be at your feet. Behave with him naturally, do not perceive him as a man created just for you. Never check men, they really do not like it, and every one of them. Treat men easier, because they are the same as children, only there are more worries with them !!! πŸ™‚


I have a very funny situation: I was once at a dentist’s appointment and … I realized that he is the one with whom I want children and everything in the world! I always adhere to the position that if you like me, then let the first one call, but here for the first time I decided to take the first step myself … It is not yet clear what will come of this, and will it come out at all ?! We correspond very nicely by SMS, he writes first! πŸ™‚ So, you need to think about the situation – if there is at least some hope for reciprocity, you have to take a chance, find out for sure, otherwise you will suffer all your life, did he like you or not !?

If you are in a similar situation or you have something to tell us – by all means write! We need to know your opinion!

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