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Most often, there are two opinions about blue-eyed women. According to the first, they are cute, but empty-headed “dolls”, naive, dreamy and of little use for real life. Something like the blue-eyed and blonde Reese Witherspoon, who played in the famous film Legally Blonde.

Proponents of a different point of view argue that blue-eyed women are cold and insensitive. In fact, everything is not so simple at all.

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Blue eyed ladies are very dreamy

This character trait has been characteristic of them since childhood. They dream of a prince on a white horse and sincerely believe that life will certainly give them the best gifts.

Together with daydreaming and a penchant for fantasy, young blue-eyed girls tend to be impulsive. However, acting with an open heart, they sometimes achieve results that other people can only dream of.

Moreover, it cannot be said that blind luck is characteristic of blue-eyed women. They even say that they are much less lucky in lotteries and gambling than women with dark eyes. No, the luck of blue-eyed women is different. It is like a reward from “above” for their pure soul and thoughts devoid of malice.

It would be a mistake to consider blue-eyed women naive – this is the quality that cinema and anecdotes attribute to them. In fact, these are quite smart people, capable of showing restraint, pragmatism and sober calculation in an appropriate situation.

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In love, blue-eyed girls are often characterized by inconstancy of emotions, prone to flirting and prefer to be in the center of attention. However, if such a girl falls in love with someone seriously, she will surround the chosen one with affection and kindness. But playing with her feelings is not worth it – she will not forgive treason.

What to give a blue-eyed woman

The best gift is the one that will delight the soul, and then protect its owner, bringing her success and good luck, don’t you agree? Such a talisman can be a stone that matches the color of the eyes of its owner. The traditional blue-eyed stones are aquamarine, sapphire and blue topaz.

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Even ancient healers, aquamarine was valued for its unique healing properties. It was believed that it protects against diseases of the joints, respiratory organs, colds, blurred vision and insomnia. They say that instead of “counting the sheep,” one can contemplate aquamarine for a quarter of an hour. Then a calm and sound sleep will come by itself.

Sapphire, protecting from heart disease and banishing headaches, protects from negative magical influences. At the same time, the stone makes its owner better, enhancing her talents.

Blue topaz enhances female charms, helps in love affairs. The vibrations of the stone help expose liars. So, the owner of blue topaz and the same clean, attentive eyes need not be afraid of being deceived.

Air or Water?

Women with blue eyes, what element do they belong to – Air or Water? Bioenergy specialists disagree on this score. Some believe that this is Water, because, like her, blue-eyed women combine strong will with gentleness and complaisance. They can be serene, like the waves of a river driven by the wind, and then, under the gentle sun, they will give the desired rest and peace.

Others insist on air, arguing that “blue-eyed” are changeable and even windy.

However, both those and others recognize that these women have very strong energy and a kind, clean beginning. Even in the event of conflict, blue-eyed women have a goal of defending the truth.

What will bring good luck to blue-eyed women

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First, you can bring happiness into life with objects that have blue or green shades. Secondly, activate the selected amulet according to your element. Not everyone can afford beautiful sapphire, mysterious topaz and radiant aquamarine. However, the talisman can be made with your own hands, the main thing is to trust him with all your heart.

To activate with water, it is best to wash the talisman in a clean spring source. You cannot wipe it off, you must leave it to dry completely. In the process, you should mentally ask the water to wash off all the negative.

To activate with air, you need to put the talisman on your palm and blow on it, trying to ensure that the inhales and exhales coincide with the heart rate.

According to scientists, does eye color affect a person’s character?

Oleg Dmitrievich Dolgitsky. Medical psychologist, forensic psychologist. Social philosopher

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In my commentary on this article, I rely on the peer-reviewed research of associate professors, candidates of biological sciences Grechishkina S.S., Kuzmin A.A., Chelyshkova T.V. “Features of the nature of the relationship between indicators of strength and performance of the nervous system, depending on the color of the iris.”

These scientists found that genetically determined biochemical differences in the metabolism of the central nervous system (CNS) create a prerequisite for the formation of certain stable individual neurophysiological characteristics of the nervous system, depending on the color of the iris.

In other words, yes, there is indeed a connection between character and eye color.

People with light eyes have a stronger nervous system, they can withstand a longer load against a background of fatigue. They have a predominantly sympathetic tone of the nervous system, which may indicate a more pronounced ability to mobilize, be active and start all systems of the body.

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