How to walk in high heels without pain and fatigue – tips

We women have a very strange attitude to heels – we both love and hate. We love them because they instantly turn us into elegant and sexy girls, as if from the catwalk. For a certain sense of celebration and superiority, for the enthusiastic looks of men. And we hate for all the discomfort associated with them: fatigue and pain in the legs, and in the prognosis – problems with bones and veins.

Oh, how exquisite they look in the shop window, and how pleasant it is to look at your reflection in the fitting room, trying on high-heeled shoes! On the street, however, a war breaks out between beauty and comfort.

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Of course, high heels will never be as comfortable as ballerinas or sneakers. But with the help of the following tips, you can get rid of the pain when walking in heels, learn to walk in heels without feeling tired.

  • Take a closer look at the model.
    When buying, pay attention to strength and stability. Strong, reliable shoes will be more comfortable to wear.
  • Use orthopedic insoles, soft pads, or silicone pads.
    Always place something soft under your heel. This will make you feel much more comfortable.
  • Be careful not to rest your fingers on the sock.
    Toes always slide down while wearing shoes. It is important to consider this and select such a size so that the sock does not squeeze your fingers.
  • Choose “platform”.
    A recent trend in the fashion world – platform shoes are ideal for those looking to visually overstate their height. They are much more comfortable than “hairpins” and are more comfortable when walking on uneven roads.
  • Consider the correct size of your foot.
    Never buy shoes that are small or too large, even half a size. Do not comfort yourself with fraying or insoles, such shoes in the future can pass for you simply by torture and an unjustified waste of money.
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  • Better lower than higher.
    Yes, it’s hard to resist the graceful 10-centimeter heels on the shoes. But in the future, your feet will thank you for this by the absence of pain from the heels. Also, if you find it difficult to walk in heels, it is better to start with a medium heel, gradually developing endurance. Hyper-high heels can be left for special occasions, where most of the time you can sit admiring your adorable legs.
  • Correctly walk in heels.
    Yes, many girls just don’t know how to walk in high heels. Experts advise not to forget about posture and the correct step. Land your foot on the entire foot, and lift – from the heel. The step should be small, and the legs should be fully extended. Hands should not be tucked into pockets as they help maintain balance. When walking, focus not on your legs, but on your abs.
  • Frequent rest.
    Carry lightweight, removable, flat shoes with you. At any opportunity (on the way in transport or at the table), rest your legs. This will be an excellent prevention of leg diseases.
  • Do some simple gymnastics.
    I had a free minute – stretch your legs. Pull the toe towards you, then away from you, rotate your leg or rise on your tiptoes. Such movements will improve blood circulation in the legs and relieve fatigue.
  • Get a relaxing foot massage.
    After a warm bath, massage your feet and hold them in an elevated position.

For your information:
Many are afraid of the risk of getting any diseases after high heels, but scientists from the UK have already stated that high heels and leg diseases are not always interrelated. They tested 111 women over 40 for osteoarthritis of the knee, a popular female condition. As a result, women who regularly wore high-heeled shoes were less likely to suffer from this disease. But the problem of excess weight, bad habits and knee injuries can really trigger the development of osteoarthritis.

Women's secrets: how to walk in high heels and not feel pain
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Now you know how to walk in high heels. Follow the above rules and amaze the eyes of the shocked men with a light sexy gait!

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