How to wash a fur coat at home? Instruction.

I wear a fur coat. When I put it on, I feel like a happy and luxurious woman. But when it got dirty, I wondered where to wash it: dry cleaning or at home? On the instructions of Bologny’s editors, I researched this issue and am ready to tell you how to properly wash a fur coat at home.

Can the fur coat (fur coat) be washed at home?

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As you know, before summer storage, fur products, including a fur coat, or a fur coat, need to be cleaned. But without knowing this process, you can easily ruin your favorite thing, because fur and products from it require a special, delicate approach. It happens that for some reason it is not possible to clean or wash a fur coat in dry cleaning – then the hostess herself needs to get down to business, having carefully studied this issue beforehand. It is possible to wash a fur coat (fur coat) at home, only with very expensive fur it is still better to contact a special atelier.

First, you need to decide on the object of washing. A fur coat is a coat made of fur, it can be with or without a lining, made of natural fur or artificial, short or long, sheepskin coat. The easiest way for a hostess at home, of course, is to cope with cleaning a fur coat made of faux fur. The instructions for each type of fur coat are slightly different – we will try to figure it out below.

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Tips for washing a fur coat at home

  1. A fur coat made of natural fur should only be washed by hand, and not in a machine, even with a delicate wash cycle.
  2. To wash a fur coat, you will need a very large container – a bath, and a lot of water.
  3. To wash fur coats, you must use only liquid detergents that are intended for wool, delicate wash, mohair products – this is necessary so that the pile on the fur coat does not roll, does not get tangled.
  4. When washing, a fur coat must not be rubbed in the same way as when washing by hand – linen. Water for washing a fur coat should be warm, but not hot (temperature of fresh milk). The fur coat should be put in warm water, trying to get the fur well wet, in a straightened form, and hold the fur coat in water for 10 to 15 minutes.
  5. Particularly soiled places on a fur coat or sheepskin coat (collar, elbows, cuffs, front placket, floors, pocket flaps, lining) should be rubbed with a soft cloth or a very soft brush in one direction over the fur, trying not to entangle it.
  6. It is convenient to place a bench or cross sticks on the bathtub – put a fur coat on them so that the water glass. Rinse the fur coat several times in the same way as when washing – not crushing the fur coat, but gently running along its length in the water with your hands, as if “squeezing out” the dirty water.
  7. The fur coat should be rinsed with warm water in order to better remove the detergent from the fur. The last rinse should be in cold water so that the fur hairs “cover” the scales, and the fur coat shines after drying.
  8. The fur coat should first be placed on a bench or sticks above the bathtub so that the water is completely drained. Then the fur coat (sheepskin coat) must be hung on hangers (they must be very strong, with wide “shoulders”, because the weight of a wet fur coat will be considerable. rays).
  9. The fur coat will gradually dry out – its fur should be combed repeatedly in all directions to shape it, shake the coat.
  10. A synthetic fur coat can be washed in an automatic washing machine. To do this, roll it up, place it in an ordinary spacious pillowcase or bag, tie it up and wash it in the “delicate wash” mode, with powder for woolen products and mohair. An antistatic conditioner for synthetics can be added to the rinse. Rinsing must be set to no more than 500 rpm.
  11. A small children’s natural fur coat can be machine washed by selecting the washing mode as described above for a synthetic fur coat.

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How to properly clean a fur coat yourself?

If the hostess still does not dare to wash her favorite fur coat, and the thing does not have a lot of dirt, then the fur coat can be cleaned at home without resorting to dry cleaning services.

  • A white, light coat can be perfectly cleaned with refined gasoline. Before the procedure, it is necessary to shake out the fur well in the air, then apply gasoline to the pile with a soft brush, stroking it along the growth of the fur. Places where stains remain on the fur coat can be wiped with a soft cloth according to the growth of the fur. Place the fur coat in a well-ventilated place so that the smell of gasoline will soon disappear.
  • A coat made of white, light fur, which has turned yellow with age, can be cleaned with a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide. Dilute the peroxide with water (for 1 glass of warm water – 1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide). Soak a foam or natural sponge in this liquid, clean the fur of the fur coat with it, stroking it along the growth of the fur, then dry the fur coat. To make the fur shine, you can add 5-6 drops of ammonia to the liquid.
  • It must be remembered that very short fur on a fur coat or sheepskin coat must be cleaned against fur growth. A sheared mink coat is also cleaned.
  • You can clean the fur of a fur coat with a hair shampoo (neutral, no balm, no color) diluted with water at the rate of 1 teaspoon per one glass of water. Wash the fur with a foam sponge according to the growth of hairs. After cleaning, wipe the fur with a soft cloth dampened in cold clean water. After the procedure, the fur coat must be dried.
  • A fur coat spread out on a wide table can be cleaned with ordinary starch. Starch should be generously sprinkled on the fur, trying to get it between the fibers. Then carefully comb the fur on the fur coat with a soft brush, combing out the starch. In the same way, a fur coat can be cleaned with semolina, small bran, corn flour, and ground oatmeal.
  • A coat with long fur (fox, arctic fox, silver fox, etc.) can be cleaned with hot oatmeal. Fry the oatmeal in a hot skillet, stirring well, so that it warms up evenly. Then the flakes, still warm, sprinkle fur coats over the fur. It is necessary to comb out the flakes from the fur with a soft brush with natural bristles. Finally, the fur coat must be gently shaken out in the open air.
  • After cleaning and drying, to shine the fur of a fur coat, it can be wiped in the direction of growth with a soft cloth dipped in glycerin. After this procedure, the fur coat must be combed with a soft brush and then dried again in the shade.
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What mistakes to avoid

  1. Do not wash and clean your fur coat with very hot water, as it can strongly “shrink”.
  2. It is impossible to dry a fur coat in the open rays of the sun, near heating and heating appliances.
  3. A fur coat should never be ironed, even from the side of the lining! When drying, the washed fur coat must be straightened on the hangers, giving its original appearance. Wet flesh perfectly takes the given shape, so the fur coat does not need to be ironed and steamed.
  4. To dry a fur coat after washing, cleaning, as well as when wearing after rain and snow, it is necessary only on strong hangers, and not on the ropes – it can deform.
  5. If the fur coat is already quite old, its cleaning and washing must be entrusted to a dry cleaner after all, because the flesh can suffer from water and detergents.

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