How to wash a newborn girl correctly – intimate hygiene and care

A newborn baby requires increased attention. And the little girl also needs special intimate hygiene. Young mothers need to remember that the vagina of a newborn in the first days of life is sterile, and therefore it is so important to protect the perineum from contamination and potential viral and bacterial threats. Gradually, the mucous membrane will be populated with useful microflora and will no longer require such careful maintenance.

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Intimate hygiene of a newborn girl

Intimate hygiene of a newborn girl in the first days after birth

Most parents are frightened by an incomprehensible discharge from a newborn baby. But many indicators are not so terrible, but on the contrary, they are quite normal for a newly born baby.

  • Due to an excess of hormones in a newborn’s body, the labia may swell. This is normal and usually disappears after two weeks.
  • Also due to hormonal levels and hypersecretion of mucus, fusion of the labia minora is possible. Therefore, they need to be pushed apart and wiped periodically. The problem is aggravated in premature girls, because their small lips stick out and this only intensifies the adhesion.
  • Girls normally have white mucus.… It should be remembered that this secret serves to protect the internal environment from foreign infection. Therefore, it should not be cleaned too often. But in intimate folds, excess powder and cream often accumulate, which must be removed with a cotton swab dipped in sterile oil, at least twice a day.
  • A little girl may have bleeding from the vagina in the first days of life. There is nothing wrong with them – this is the result of the restructuring of the body from an intrauterine state to an infant one.
  • Parents should be alerted by purulent discharge. or redness in a newborn. If you notice any of the above, contact your pediatric gynecologist immediately!

Intimate hygiene of a newborn girl

How to properly wash a newborn girl

Every mother should know and remember that:

  • Before water treatments wash your hands thoroughly.
  • You only need to wash the child from the pubis to the priest, so that feces do not enter the vagina.
  • Babies need to be bathed after each bowel movement.
  • Washing is considered mandatory twice a day. – morning and evening.
  • It is recommended to carry out hygiene of babiesand without detergent, plain water or chamomile decoction. Baby soap can only be used when it is heavily soiled.
  • The child should have his own clean towel, which first wipe the genital crevice and groin folds, and then the anus.
  • You only need to wash the baby with your hand without the use of washcloths and other devices. This can injure delicate skin.
  • After water procedures, you can treat folds with baby cream, and the labia minora – with sterile oil.

Intimate hygiene of a newborn girl

The rules of intimate hygiene of a newborn girl – important events and the best means

  • It is advisable to wash the child every time you change the diaper. And after each rinsing, you should arrange air baths. That is, the baby should lie in a warm room without clothes and diapers. Since the baby’s skin is in a warm diaper for most of the day, it can be sore and irritated from contact with the fabric, and therefore air baths are so important for the baby.
  • In the first days of life for washing it is advisable to use boiled water, and after two weeks – already ordinary running water.
  • It is imperative to adjust the water temperature in advance. It shouldn’t be too hot and cold. If the stool is dry, then you need to moisten a cotton pad in water and lay it on the skin for a few seconds, then remove the dirt.
  • Doctors do not prohibit the use of creams and powders, but they warn that you need to know when to stop in everything. A healthy child does not need oils or creams. They are useful only when problems arise: for example, when dry, oil is suitable, with redness and diaper rash – powder or diaper cream.
  • Try to use wet wipes as little as possible… Although they are impregnated with very delicate lotions, they still contain fragrances and other chemicals that can cause allergies, dermatitis and diaper rash.
  • Protect your child from contact with synthetic detergents. Rinse diapers and other baby clothes thoroughly. Use only baby powders and soaps.

Intimate hygiene of a newborn girl

Rules for the care of the mammary glands of newborn girls

  • Baby’s personal hygiene also includes taking care of the mammary glands. In the first days of life, the breasts may swell, colostrum may be secreted, or bleeding may appear. This is the result of an increase in estrogen in the mother’s body.
  • There is no need to try to squeeze out and knead the chest in any way. The swelling will subside after the prescribed two to three weeks, and to speed up the process, you can apply a compress with camphor oil. In addition, you need to wipe the nipples twice a day with a solution of furacilin. It disinfects but does not injure delicate skin.

All the personal hygiene of a newborn baby fits into these simple tips. Obey these rules strictly, after all, neglecting them can lead to the emergence of numerous diseases and problems in the future.

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