How to wash makeup brushes at home, how often – care basics

How to care for makeup brushesIt is important to choose makeup products, namely cosmetics and brushes, and to use them correctly. However, in addition to this, it is necessary to properly care for them: regularly clean and store so that they do not deteriorate.

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Washing makeup brushes at home

Let’s start with the brushes. What are brushes made of? As a rule, this is a pile – synthetic or natural, a handle, a metal part that connects the pile stuffed into it with the handle.

Brushes should be washed regularly. This is done not only for the best cleanliness of the make-up, but also for hygienic reasons.

Brushes are washed according to the following instructions:

  1. Rinse off a dirty brush with warm water.
  2. Apply a small amount of the cleanser (shampoo or soap) to the palm of your hand.
  3. With a wet bristle, brush the brush with medium pressure over the applied product until the remnants of the makeup begin to come off the brush.
  4. Use your fingers to massage the nap of the brush.
  5. Rinse off under warm water and run between index and thumb until the water is clear and the brush is clear.

My makeup brushes

Despite the fact that the principle of washing all brushes is the same, the cleaning of brushes made of synthetic and natural bristles is slightly different.

Caring for your synthetic makeup brushes

Most often, they are made of a material – taklon. Typically, synthetic bristle brushes are used for liquid products such as foundations, concealers, and makeup bases. Synthetic bristles are the most resistant to liquid products, and they are much easier to wash off than natural bristles.

However, after applying cosmetic products, the brushes are rather dirty. The saddest thing is that these funds do not always dry out to the end, which means they become an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. If you do not wash the brush after use, and after a couple of days use it to apply the tone, there is a risk of bringing bacteria to the skin. Therefore, it is best to wash them after each use.

Wash natural brushes

For synthetic bristle brushes, use as a detergent soap… Compared to shampoo, it is more aggressive, but this nap is more resistant to chemical attack, and liquid products are a priori more difficult to wash.

Can be used like liquid soap and solid

Cleaning natural makeup brushes

Most often, squirrel or goat pile is used for their manufacture. They perfectly tolerate dry products: shadows, blush, powder, they are easily washed from dirt.

In addition, bacteria do not survive for a long time in dry cosmetics, so these brushes can be cleaned as they become dirty. If you, for example, use different brushes for different shades of eyeshadow, then it’s okay if you wash them about once every two to three days.

Wash synthetic brushes

Clean brush urgently from natural bristles before applying cosmetics, you can rub it with a bristle on a clean cotton pad: some of the product will remain on it, and the brush can be used one more time. But do not get carried away with this method on an ongoing basis, because washing your brushes is also necessary.

Typically, these brushes are cleaned using shampoo

In its structure, the pile is similar to human hair, so sometimes you can use and conditioner balm, about every 3-4 washes. This will help keep the tools in working order longer.

Drying your makeup brushes

Before drying the brushes, squeeze them out thoroughly and then smooth the pile.

Drying brushes with a hairdryer is strictly contraindicated.: Heat can damage the glue that holds the metal part with the pile on the handle. As a result, the brush will quickly deteriorate: the handle will constantly fall off. Moreover, the hair dryer will negatively affect the pile itself – it will dry it out and make it brittle.

Do not put the brushes in a glass to dry.… The liquid remaining on them can also get on the glue – and damage it.
Best to dry your brushes horizontally on a flat surface naturally. To do this, get a special towel. Place it on a flat surface and place the washed brushes on top. They usually take 8-9 hours to dry completely.

Dry Makeup Brushes

Let the brushes dry completely before using them, because this way the makeup will fit the face in the best way.

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