How to wear a coat with a long skirt?

Length. She slims, ennobles, but at the same time treacherously fails. In this regard, you need to be careful with her, especially when it comes to coats. Long skirts should be chosen wisely for such outerwear. For advice in this matter, it is better to turn to the great masters of the sewing business – eminent designers.

Long Skirt Coat

Correct the length of the coat and skirt

This year, famous fashion houses filled the catwalk with original styles of coats. In addition, the couturier suggested dozens of ideas for midi-length outerwear. Of course, on rare occasions, daring fashion designers have experimented with maxi models.

Coat with a long skirt1

The result is an amazing picture of ultra-fashionable combinations with classic coats:

  • flush;
  • just above the edge;
  • slightly below the floor.

Important! Beloved by everyone, Dolce and Gabbana surprised fans with bright coat colors: burning red and deep blue. The trapezoidal cut of the products worked great in tandem with the length of the tulle tutu. You can take note of this.

Coat with a long skirt3

Chanel masters have chosen a pleated skirt with a Vichy print 10 cm longer than the outerwear. In the company with a coat (raglan sleeve), she looked restrained, retaining all the romance of the image. The renowned brands Marco de Vincenzo and Marni consider the midi length to be the standard for this fall. It is these skirts and coats that will be appropriate to wear on the same level with each other. In addition, Marnie’s designers allow to wear outfits 5 cm below outerwear, which creates a visual staircase for the bow.

Coat with a long skirt3

Important! A similar philosophy is promoted by Roberto Cavali. The double-breasted coat in one of the looks was just above the pleated skirt.

Enchanting duets of a long skirt with a short or Italian coat

The fashion house Chanel has presented the fashion world with a magnificent combination of a flared skirt and a cropped coat. The outerwear ended at the middle of the mannequin’s thigh. Next came the excellent hemline of the oversized outfit. In one version, the couturier used transparent tulle, which gave lightness to the outfit. On another occasion, it was a shiny, tight, pleated skirt. Yet her hem was decorated with mesh fabric.

Long skirt with short coat1

Important! American fashion designer Michael Kors presented a cropped coat with a trapezoidal skirt in his collection. Her floral print was successfully combined with a graphite shade of gray.

Long skirt with short coat

Virginie Viard (Chanel’s new creative director) surprised everyone with her stylish Italian-length coats. The products were just below the knee. Viard offered fashionistas straight models in a Vichy cage. The neckline of such things was not deep. Nevertheless, the designer decided to use a wide collar with openwork edging as a bow reinforcement.

Skirts were well suited to such coats:

  • flared sun;
  • classic length;
  • with an ornament along the edge of the hem.

Long skirt with short coat2

If we talk about the classics of the genre, then the Bevza brand showed the public luxurious cashmere cut to mid-thigh. These things are best combined with floor-length or midi skirts. In the collection of the Ukrainian couturier Przhonskaya there are original models with a classic length. Asymmetrical long skirts made a wonderful company for oversized styles.

Maxi coat for all occasions

Uruguayan womenswear designer Gabriela Hirst and European brand Bevza prefer floor-length models. They were complemented by skirts of different lengths: from midi to extra maxi.

Maxi coat

Thanks to such luxurious coats, women of fashion can safely play:

  • extravagant styles;
  • variegated colors;
  • enchanting decor.

Maxi coat1

Unusual cut or color palette is the prerogative of this season. As you can see from the collections of famous designers, this fall you can combine everything without worrying about the length. Indeed, in such spectacular bows it will be easier for women of fashion to conquer the “catwalks” of city streets.

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