How to wear bright women’s socks

What to wear with socksThe socks so beloved by everyone burst into the fashion world again. They have become an indispensable accessory that complements the stylish image of a fashionista. But as practice shows, many are negligent in the choice of this wardrobe item. Such girls simply do not know that with the help of the right socks, you can create a trendy bow. To stay always on top, it is worth remembering a few tricks of such a difficult choice.

Styling basics or what to wear with bright socks?

First of all, you need to pay tribute to the bright monochromatic socks. Fashion catwalks are simply replete with extraordinary looks in this style. You will have to start your fashion experiment with a basic wardrobe. 6 rules of stylistics will help the girl in this.

Bright socks

Socks are recommended to be selected:

  • Match with shoes or shirt… This combination will add severity and restraint to the image. However, the color of the socks should play with other outfits. This synchronization will be a win-win for any event.

Blue socks

  • To closed-toe sandals… If the shoes are with a T-shaped fastener or an ankle strap, then the result will be a boot effect. This clever trick will make petite girls look slimmer. High-waisted shorts, a flowy dress or a jumpsuit are suitable for this tandem. You can complicate the look with a shirt or denim jacket.

Multicolored socks

  • For a dress of any length… Shoes in such bows are selected to match the outfit. In the resulting monochrome style, only one accent is made, which will be the socks.

Red socks

For every day, image makers offer more comfortable, but very stylish options. With a knitted dress, sneakers and socks, the outfit will play in a completely new way. The attention of passers-by will already be riveted to the legs of the fashionista. In addition, a daily bow is hard to imagine without denim. Denim items can be easily combined with plain bright socks. In one case, they can become a continuation of the image, and in the other, a leading element.

Office style with socks – how to make the right accent?

Monotonous suits and restrained tones evoke longing for all office workers. But how to breathe life into gray everyday life? For this, stylists recommend wearing bright socks. Nevertheless, it is important to wear a blouse, skirt or trousers for them in neutral shades.

Gray socks

You can add originality to a restrained image with expressive prints on socks:

  • stripes;
  • peas;
  • rhombuses;
  • drawings;
  • ornaments.

Stylists suggest choosing bright socks to match earrings, lipstick, brooches, shawls, collars or dresses. If you wear a business suit with stripes or with a different print, then the socks should be in harmony with one of the leading shades of the outfit.

Patterned socks

For creative and daring girls, there is no better way to stand out than wearing white socks. To smooth out the contrast a little, you can choose models with laconic patterns or lace ruffles.

Evening look with socks – a chance to embrace the immensity

Many did not expect such a turn of events, because it is difficult to combine casual and classic style. For such an experiment, it is better to take a black dress. Since this shade is a real canvas for the artist, it is easier to match other tones to it.

Evening look with socks

There may be several options for an unusual combination:

  • in tone with the outfit;
  • contrasting shades: red or white;
  • with inscriptions.

Sports socks

At the same time, the dress can be of different lengths or styles. Mini or midi models make an excellent company with short socks. Still, it is better to choose a free style for the cut of things in order to smooth out the contrast. The final chord in this fashion symphony is a handbag to match the socks.

Polka dot socks

Black nylon socks with polka dots can successfully complement a red dress or a floor-length skirt. At the same time, the louboutins will harmoniously fit into the created evening bow. Lowered socks made of flowing material will be another original option. In this role, the girl will breathe innocence and even naivety.

Whatever style the fashionista chooses, she must remember that there should be only one accent in any outfit. In this case, it will be socks.

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