How to wear long dresses correctly

Ever wondered why celebrities wear red dresses on the red carpet? There is only one answer. In this way, a woman feels like the ruler of the whole world. But if there is still a high heel in the image, then the lady’s gait acquires special grace and grandeur. Yet few can afford such a luxury. As Coco Chanel said, the whole secret is in proportions or in height. In this regard, you need to figure out who and how you can wear long dresses.

How to wear long dresses

Tall or petite?

This age-old question has always been controversial. Floor-length dress is ideal for tall women. The outfit perfectly slims women of fashion, emphasizing their superiority over others. This privilege allows them to choose from a wide variety of models. Nevertheless, girls with model height sometimes have to go for a trick. With maxi clothes, ladies gain height just in the blink of an eye.

How to wear long dresses1

Therefore, lady titans should be careful with dresses:

  • with a low or high waist;
  • straight silhouette;
  • with smell;
  • with a basque;
  • asymmetric cut.

How to wear long dresses

Important! To balance the look, you need to choose the right shoes. A low heel or flat sole will be the best companions in such a bow.

But there is another category of women who are eager to wear long outfits, these are modern inches. Their case is perhaps more critical. Some believe that petite girls need to give up such a wardrobe item altogether. But this is not quite the right decision. Celebrity image makers demonstrate how you can combine short stature and floor length. The secret of the ages lies in the style.

So, for their fragile wards, star stylists choose dresses:

  • straight silhouette;
  • with a train;
  • trumpet or mermaid;
  • with deep slits in the front;
  • balcony;
  • form-fitting plan;
  • with a high waist;
  • pleated.

How to wear long dresses

The mermaid cut highlights the beauty’s curvy hips. The outfit narrowed down (in the area of ​​the knees) makes the figure almost slim. The impressive neckline gives even greater slenderness. The deeper the better.

But for modest little inches, image makers offer balconette models or in the shape of a petal, triangles. The main role, for which the Oscar is awarded, is assigned to the depth of the cut of the dress. Often, a bare leg visually stretches the silhouette, and a petite lady turns into a top model. Interestingly, what is your height and, accordingly, what models of dresses do you choose?
How to wear long dresses

Important! In everyday life, long dresses are worn only by women of medium or tall stature. It is better for miniature women of fashion to choose mini, midi or classic samples. It is better to play with such a dangerous weapon only in an evening or cocktail setting.

Casual bow with a long dress

At this stage of creating an outfit, the girl should already decide on the style of the maxi dress that suits her. Further, the fashionista will comprehend the science of combining an outfit with other items of women’s wardrobe. To begin with, it will be appropriate to choose outerwear for him.

How to wear long dresses

Stylists offer a wide range of similar products:

  • a leather jacket (you can use a leather jacket);
  • jeans jacket;
  • fur coats, vests or fluffy sheepskin coats;
  • fitted coats and cardigans;
  • strict jackets.

How to wear long dresses

Important! A voluminous scarf will perfectly fit into a spectacular outfit. Stylists recommend making a few turns from the accessory to add fashionable ballast to the image. This trick is applicable to summer bows as well.

How to wear long dresses

A feature of the listed options will be a shortened cut, which creates the effect of a high waist. Given the geometry of proportionality, such combinations will be relevant for miniature fashionistas.

Women in height should give preference to long coats, trench coats or cardigans. In this case, Atlantean fashionistas can safely experiment with contrasts or create monochrome ensembles. Now you need to find the right shoes for the maxi style.

Low-speed models will become a casual option for tall ladies:

  • ballet shoes;
  • sneakers;
  • sandals (even gladiators);
  • sandals with a small heel.

How to wear long dresses

Important! The hat with wide brim remains the faithful “companion” of the maxi dress. Fashionistas should not forget that this season the models of Fedor and Trilby are at the forefront of fashion.

How to wear long dresses
In winter, the length of the maxi will not be entirely correct, so it is better to choose midi styles. The image will play in a new way with lace-up boots (ankle boots) or with a wide freebie (monks), as well as ankle boots. An elegant handbag with a long strap or a glamorous clutch will add harmony to the bow. In addition, professional women of fashion love to complement maxi outfits with oversized bags.

However, in my opinion, it overloads the image too much. Don’t you think so? Write your opinion.

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