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Corduroy appeared many years ago in Manchester. This material immediately fell in love with English intellectuals. Especially often it was worn by teachers in prestigious educational institutions. Over time, the fabric became fashionable, and they began to create clothes from it for different purposes. Corduroy products were popular with the aristocracy, musicians and hippies. One of the advantages of this fabric was that it looks great even when wrinkled.

Corduroy clothes

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How to find the right model?

Nowadays you can find stylish corduroy dresses and suits for all occasions. It is worth buying at least one fashion item for the winter 2019, because this material is ideal for the cold season!

Velvet pants You can find trousers at Bershka for 1999 rubles

A very simple and stylish look: sweatshirt, sneakers and corduroy trousers.

Sand pants are combined not only with sportswear, but also with classic jackets or shirts.

Many girls are afraid to buy corduroy clothes because they don’t know how to wear them correctly. In fact, this material can be combined with almost anything. For example, they look very cool corduroy skirts along with chunky knit sweaters and oversized sweatshirts

Bright skirt from Zara A bright skirt from Zara for 1999 rubles looks great with a dark oversized sweater

If accessories are not enough for you, you can complement the bow with a decoration on the neck or a belt at the waist.

Corduroy skirt from Bershka Corduroy skirt from Bershka for 1999 rubles

This skirt can be complemented with a voluminous sweater and headwear in the same color scheme.

Sneakers that match the shade of the rest of the image will look spectacular. You can wear tight tights instead of socks. They don’t have to be black.

Use flowing fabrics for a delicate and airy look. For instance, silk dress can be supplemented corduroy jacket

Corduroy jacket Corduroy jacket in khaki from Zara for 2999 rubles

This jacket can be worn with a mid-length dress or skirt.

If you add classic boots or boots with small heels, you get the perfect look for university or work.

In order not to waste time on the selection of clothes for the office, it is worth getting trouser business suit… Models with a loose-fitting jacket and straight pants… They can be complemented with a simple white blouse or turtleneck. For a complete look, add a stylish headpiece and accessories. For example, it will work here cap or beret… Decorations should be simple and voluminous enough. Let them match the color scheme of the jacket and trousers.

Cognac suit from Zara Cognac-colored suit from Zara for 12,399 rubles

A strict suit must be combined with a plain blouse or turtleneck.

You can choose a white model, but blue will look more impressive. Accessories will be superfluous here, but you can pick up small silver earrings.

Suit from Zara Bright suit from Zara for 8999 rubles

Just an incredible costume will help you become a star at any event.

Fuchsia color does not require additional accessories, it is already bright enough by itself.

If you think that such a bow attracts too much attention, you can wear trousers and a jacket with other things. The rest of the image should be of a simple cut, black or white.

The best option for a winter evening is comfortable corduroy dress… It can be as simple or elegant as possible, plain or multi-colored. Pay attention to the models made of bright fabrics, products with original decorative elements.

Corduroy dress Corduroy dress with flowers from Mohito for 1899 rubles

A cozy dress will remind you of spring even on the coldest day.

By the way, it is perfect for celebrating the New Year.

Burgundy model Burgundy model from Mohito for 2499 rubles

This dress can be worn to a holiday party or just to the office.

Corduroy dress brown Corduroy dress (Mango, 2999 rub.)

And this dress can be worn over a shirt or turtleneck. Make sure things match in color.

You can combine such dresses with denim shirt, blazer or an ordinary sweatshirt. Don’t forget about the right accessories and the right footwear. For the winter, it is better to choose low-speed boots or boots with small heels.

Successful combinations

Corduroy jackets – timeless classics. They are more suitable for older women, but may look good on young girls as well. So that the image does not seem too serious and business, dilute it with a flowing skirt or any denim bottom.

Jacket from Mango Jacket from Mango for 7,999 rubles

For example, you can choose matching trousers for this jacket, or you can experiment with jeans and skirts.

But remember that the yellow jacket should be the most striking element of the image. Otherwise, there is a risk of becoming a clown.

You don’t have to buy a solid color corduroy suit to feel comfortable. Try combining two items from different collections to create a unique look. They should match in color or style.

Pants can be matched with asymmetric jackets and baggy sweaters… They also look good with denim shirts and jackets. For winter, you can choose pants in dark or pastel shades.

The following colors are in trend:

  • Burgundy.
  • Cream.
  • Chocolate.
  • Crimson.
  • Beige.
  • Emerald.
  • Blue.
  • Mustard.
  • Coral.

Corduroy pants can be worn both in the office and for a walk or a party.

Blue Corduroy Pants from Zara Blue corduroy pants from Zara for 5,999 rubles

You can choose a top with embroidery or print, as in the photo.

In the first case, they must be combined with shirts and blazers, in the second – with oversized sweaters or sweatshirts

A monochromatic totallook will look boring if you don’t add contrasting accessories or unusual shoes. Add bold accents in every look. It can be a headdress, a brooch, or brightly colored shoes. Corduroy evokes comfort and peace, so it goes well with different jewelry and shoes.

Corduroy baggy trousers Corduroy baggy pants for 2999 rubles from Zara

Baggy trousers look great with a turtleneck and original high-heeled boots.

Pay attention to the combination of prints: striped top, snakeskin print on the shoes and solid color on the trousers. All elements are united by one color scheme, so the image looks solid. Perhaps he lacks accessories.

Corduroy culottes Corduroy culottes (Bershka, 2299 rubles)

And these culottes look harmonious with plaid boots.

You can wear trousers with any monochromatic things or complement them with a jacket of the same color.

Any corduroy product can be combined in one look with metal decorations. If you want to create a daring sporty look, choose massive bracelets with bright accents. To look delicate and graceful, you need to choose delicate and neat jewelry. For example, long earrings or a chain around the neck.

Zara Corduroy Dresses Brown corduroy dress from Zara for 2999 rubles

A very unusual bow, consisting of a corduroy dress, snow-white boots and a headdress with fur trim.

A massive chain around the neck becomes the final accent. By themselves, these things might look strange, but in this way they complement each other.

Corduroy fits perfectly into a winter look… That is why it is so successfully combined with warm accessories. Choose a scarf to match your clothes, put on a vest with fur trim. For going outside, add a warm fluffy hat and mittens. Outerwear can be any, but all kinds of fur coats and sheepskin coats are best suited to corduroy things.

Bright trousers from Pull & Bear Bright trousers from Pull & Bear for 2799 rubles

Bright trousers pair well with a fluffy jacket and platform shoes.

This stylish look can be complemented with glasses that match the color of any of the items. Other accessories will be superfluous here.

If we talk about shoes, it all depends on your convenience. Wide pants should be worn with boots or warm sneakers. For narrower models you can choose shoes or boots with heels. If you prefer to wear corduroy skirts with over the knee boots, choose as narrow a model as possible without a lot of folds. Otherwise, the silhouette will turn out to be too wide and massive.

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