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Tulip skirts and dresses regularly come back into fashion. In a way, these things can be considered classic. They are suitable for girls with absolutely any type of figure, you just need to choose the right length and style.

The best models of tulip skirts

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Colors, decor and texture of fabric

Initially, the tulip skirt appeared in the collection of Christian Dior. Many years have passed since then, but this style has not undergone dramatic changes. Externally, it resembles an inverted flower thanks to the gathering at the waist and tapered hem. Often there are items with a scent or cuts, which makes them look even more like tulip buds.

Dark skirt Tulip skirt from Levall for 1922 rubles

For example, this skirt looks a lot like a tulip. Its length and color make it ideal for going to the office.

In 2019, unusual models of dresses and skirts are coming into fashion. For example things asymmetrical hem, unusual decor or prints… They can be decorated with belts, pockets or chains.

Shiny skirt Shiny tulip skirt ONLY WAY for 1900 rubles

This skirt with shiny decorative elements looks very interesting.

The model with a high waist and a wide belt will suit girls with any type of figure.

The color range of “tulips” is very diverse, as are the varieties of the flower of the same name. You can choose a dress in black or blue for everyday wear. You can go to a festive event in a pink or red outfit. For the office, a product in pastel shades is ideal.

It should be combined with classic pumps and a contrasting jacket.

Red skirt Red tulip skirt Lus’en for 2430 rubles

This bright red skirt will be a favorite of girls who are not afraid to attract attention.

With it, you can create an image in almost any style.

Products from thin and flying fabrics look best. In the collections of different designers, there are models from silk, satin and chiffon… To wear them in winter, it is enough to buy warm tights or leggings of a suitable shade.

You can also find a product made of thick knitwear or wool.

How to wear a tulip skirt?

A tulip skirt is perfect for work. There are many strict models in dark colors in stores. They can be combined with shirts, blouses and turtlenecks. It is better to tuck the top into a skirt, but you can also wear it out.

Skirt from Oodji Dark tulip skirt from Oodji for 579 rubles

This Oodji skirt for 579 rubles looks great with a bright top.

And for work, you can pick up a white blouse or shirt.

If you prefer classic solid colors without decor, try pairing them with denim tops and bold accessories. This street style look is guaranteed to get everyone’s attention. It is suitable both for a regular walk with friends and for attending an important event. You can complement the bow with sneakers or low-heeled boots.

Iridescent skirt Luxurious skirt made of iridescent BAON fabric for 599 rubles

This model is more suitable for parties than for the office.

If you complement it with a light top, the image will turn out to be very gentle and romantic. Choose a black top or a sequin sweater for a daring holiday outfit.

Gradually, “tulips” of midi and maxi lengths come into fashion. They are well suited for the cold season. It is very easy to choose the top for a long skirt. Follow the rule: the more complex the cut of the bottom, the simpler the cut of the blouse or top should be.… To visually increase your height, try wearing this with a cardigan or long sweater.

Natural linen skirt BAON tulip skirt for 599 rubles

This natural linen skirt is perfect for any season.

Thanks to its shade, it can be combined with clothes of different styles.

You can choose a black and white or colored top, experiment with the texture of fabrics. Choose shoes that are simple, without high heels and stilettos.

Stylists recommend combining this style with tight-fitting jumpers, tops and cropped jackets. But oversized sweaters are best worn with other models, otherwise the silhouette will turn out to be too massive.

If you really want to wear a bulky sweatshirt or sweater, just don’t button the buttons.

Dress selection rules

The tulip dress looks very impressive on its own. If you intend to impress someone, complement them with stylish accessories and a jacket. For a regular publication, it is better to create an image with a minimum of embellishments.

Yellow dress Ramina yellow tulip dress for 2200 rubles

This colorful dress will help you sparkle in any situation.

Accessories for it should be very elegant, you can do without jewelry at all.

If you don’t want to draw too much attention to your figure, avoid rich prints on the dress. You can also “dilute” the picture with accessories: a necklace, clutch or strap. By the way, even the most ordinary black dress will look completely different if you wear a belt in a contrasting color.

Tulip dress from Mohito Black tulip dress from Mohito for 2699 rubles

For example, this tulip dress can be worn to work and to a party.

You just need to change the color of the belt and accessories.

Pastel dress Pastel tulip dress with long sleeves GRAY CAT for 3143 rubles

A very delicate long-sleeved dress that can be worn anywhere.

Do not burden the image with a lot of accessories, it is better to create a total look in one color.

Models with V-neck ideal for girls with small breasts. You can complement such an outfit with a scarf or a thin chain. Also pay attention to strapless dresses… They look very delicate and elegant. If you don’t want to focus on your shoulders and arms, you can cover them with a bolero or jacket.

V-neck dress Graceful tulip dress from LO for 3000 rubles

Dress with a V-neck from LO (3000 rubles) looks great on a thin model.

It can be paired with high-heeled shoes or boots.

Lilac dress A`Kate iridescent lilac tulip dress for 2565 rubles

This dress looks very elegant and delicate. It can be paired with silver jewelry and elegant shoes.

Products with side pockets visually add volume in the hips. They will look great on the owners broad shoulders… This style balances the silhouette. But the girls with narrow shoulders it is worth taking a closer look at dresses with a voluminous top. There may be flounces on the sleeves, drapery in the neckline and other decorative elements.

Strapless design with wide sleeves MARRUSHKA strapless tulip dress for 4974 rubles

This model with wide sleeves will suit all girls with not too wide shoulders.

Thanks to the unusual pattern, she looks quite elegant, but not provocative. Therefore, this dress is suitable both for work and for a cocktail party.

Shoes should be neat and graceful. For instance, ankle boots, pumps or sandals… Heels don’t have to be high, but flat soles are best avoided. Try to find a middle ground.

Now tulip dresses are successfully combined with sneakers and rough boots, but not every girl will like this look. If you prefer chunky shoes, complement the bow with a suitable upper – a sweatshirt, bomber jacket or parka.

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