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For every kid who learns the world around us by trial and error, stains on clothes are normal. Of course, such a daily wash takes a lot of mom’s energy. But the difficulty is not only in ensuring the cleanliness of children’s clothes, but also, mainly, in laundry detergents: it is impossible to deal with difficult stains with “adult” detergents.

How to whiten baby clothes safely and effectively – the best life hacks for moms from the editorial staff of COLADY.

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1. Whitening baby’s belongings with ammonia and hydrogen peroxide

When cooled borax and hydrogen peroxide combine, crystals are formed, which can be easily used for gentle washing of children’s clothes. Such a substance is called hydroperite, and it can be purchased ready-made, at any pharmacy, for a fairly low cost. True, it is better to use dry hydrogen peroxide for washing – the concentration of the substance will be higher. So, what and how can you bleach with hydrogen peroxide?

Whitening baby clothes with a grayish or yellow tint from long wear / old age

  • Dilute ammonia (1 st / l) and 3% hydrogen peroxide (2 st / l) in a bucket of water (aluminum / enamel).
  • Remember that bleaching requires a hot solution – no less than 70 degrees C.
  • Dip the garments in a fresh hot solution and stir with a wooden stick (tongs) until the fabric is completely saturated with liquid.
  • Then leave the clothes in the solution for 20 minutes and rinse twice.

Bleaching baby clothes from cotton fabrics

  • Stir 1/2 cup baking soda with a glass of hot water until the powder dissolves.
  • Pour 3% hydrogen peroxide into the solution (1/2 cup = pharmacy bottle).
  • Dissolve the hydroperite tablet in the same place.
  • After pouring the solution into a spray bottle, direct the jet directly onto the dirtiest stains on your clothing.
  • If, after 15 minutes, there is still contamination, then the laundry can be left in the same solution until morning.

You can also moisten a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide and rub on the freshly stained area of ​​clothing (only white!).

2. Whitening of children’s clothes with ammonia

You can also do without bleach with ammonia… To do this, you can add it to a bucket (1 tbsp / l) for soaking or lightly wipe the stain with a sponge previously soaked in ammonia.

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3. Bleaching things with baking soda is the safest and most gentle way to remove stains from your child’s clothes.

When bleaching with baking soda, ¼ cup of powder per basin (bucket) is sufficient for washing.


Preventive whitening of baby clothes with soda

  1. Dilute baking soda (5-6 tbsp / L) in a bucket of warm water (5 liters).
  2. Add a couple of tablespoons of ammonia.
  3. Leave things in the solution for a few hours.
  4. Wash in the traditional way after rinsing.

If the yellowness is persistent, then boil the linen in the same solution for half an hour – such a composition will not spoil the fabric, even if it is systematically bleached in this way.

4. Bleaching baby clothes with laundry soap

One of the safest products for whitening baby clothes is laundry soap.

  • Grind a bar of laundry soap (for example, grated or otherwise).
  • Pour grated soap and baking soda (1 tsp) into an enamel pot (per liter of water) and bring to a boil.
  • Submerge those areas of laundry that have stains in a boiling solution for 10-15 seconds. The number of “dips” depends on the degree of contamination.

How to remove stains on woolen items

  1. Rub the dirt well with laundry soap.
  2. Dip in boiling water in a saucepan for a few seconds.
  3. Repeat the procedure if stains remain.
  4. Wash in the traditional way.

Removing stains on baby clothes made of natural silk

  1. Rub the dirt with soap, leave for 15-20 minutes without soaking.
  2. Heat denatured alcohol in a water bath (do not bring to a boil).
  3. Soak a sponge in hot alcohol and wipe the same soapy areas of the laundry until the stains disappear.
  4. Wipe these areas with a sponge soaked in hot regular water.

5. How to whiten a child’s things with potassium permanganate – simple but effective advice

To whiten an accidental stain on children’s clothes, you can simply moisten a cotton pad in a solution (a few crystals of potassium permanganate per glass of vinegar – until beetroot color) and rub the stain. To whiten whole clothes, you should dilute potassium permanganate (until slightly pink in color) and a little baby powder in a bucket of hot water, then put the washed white things into a container. Rinse clothes after cooling the water.

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6. Whitening baby clothes with table salt

Common table salt also helps in whitening. To do this, dissolve a handful of salt, hydrogen peroxide (3 tbsp / l) and a spoonful of ammonia in hot water. For perfect whitening, you can add a little washing powder – but only baby, anti-allergenic. This method allows you to restore the original whiteness of cotton and wool linen.

Bleaching baby clothes with boric acid – a proven folk way

With the help of boric acid, you can whiten child’s socks that have lost their whiteness, knee-highs, tights. Add a couple of tablespoons of boric acid to warm water and leave soaked for 2-3 hours. After – wash. You can also add a quarter cup of boric acid instead of regular detergents when washing, or boil with it and the T-shirt / pillowcase powder. Besides whitening, boric acid is a good prevention of fungus.

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