How will you be in old age

Who among us was not interested in the question of what we will be when we grow old? And if the external manifestations of wisdom in the form of gray hair on the temples and noble wrinkles can be easily completed in graphic editors and with the help of applications, then our character and attitude are taking shape now, and how we will see this world in fifty years depends on our present relationship to yourself and others.

Take our test and find out what kind of grandmother you will be.

What test will you be in old age

The test consists of 8 questions, to which only one answer can be given. Do not hesitate for a long time on one question, choose the option that seemed most suitable to you.

1. How do you eat?

A) Impulsively – if I’m hungry, I can learn everything that comes to hand.
B) Proper nutrition is the key to health and longevity.
C) Food should be enjoyable, and healthy food is often so unpalatable.
D) I can afford everything, but in small portions.

2. What positive can be learned from old age?

A) Do not bother about your appearance and do not try to please everyone around you.
B) Find new friends and organize a hobby club.
C) Nursing grandchildren, remembering youth.
D) Teach life and give valuable advice to loved ones.

3. Do you think mankind needs a cure for old age?

A) Definitely yes!
B) Old age is just another stage in life, interesting and eventful in its own way.
C) No, everything should go on as usual.
D) Yes, it is necessary, as well as the ability to replace internal organs with mechanical prostheses that do not wear out in order to live forever.

4. Are you afraid of getting old?

A) I am very afraid – anti-aging creams, facelifts and other cosmetic procedures are a real salvation.
B) This is inevitable.
C) It doesn’t matter how old you are, what matters is how old you feel.
D) I’m afraid, but what can I do. I try to remain optimistic and believe in technological progress.

5. Where would you like to spend your senior years?

A) In a luxurious mansion with a bunch of servants somewhere in a hot country.
B) In sanatoriums for medical and recreational procedures.
C) I will go around the world on my own yacht, taking my grandchildren with me.
D) I will travel to keep my mind in good shape.

6. Do you follow fashion?

A) Constantly – new trends appear in my wardrobe every season.
B) I already look great.
C) I follow trends for fun, but I don’t always follow them.
D) I’m not up to it – my life is too busy to think about this nonsense.

7. Which word describes you best:

A) Passion.
B) Calmness.
C) Balance.
D) Freedom.

8. Do you want to drive when you are old?

A) Of course, especially on an expensive car, causing envy and admiration among others.
B) No, by that time I should already have a personal driver and an executive class sedan.
C) Only if occasionally – a very nervous activity.
D) Yes, the car gives me a sense of freedom.


More Answers A

Young grandmother

Young grandmotherYou stubbornly try to delay the approach of old age, invest in your body in every possible way, trying to preserve youth. At the same time, do not forget about the spiritual side of the issue, developing and improving your mind. In old age, you will definitely cause envy in your peers and catch admiring glances on yourself, and on a walk with your grandchildren you will be confused with their mother.

More Answers B

Your majesty

Your majestyAge will add gravity and wisdom to you, and the gray hair in your hair will sparkle with silver. You have tried all your life to achieve career success and now you deservedly reap the fruits of your labors. In the family you are appreciated and respected, people come to you for advice and support, they adore and fear you. A real English queen.

More Answers C

Beloved grandmother

Beloved grandmotherHaving reached a venerable age, you will be surrounded by the love and care of your children and grandchildren, the whole family will come running to you for pies and cheerful conversations at the table, younger family members will seek protection and patronage from you. You will become a real stronghold of family values ​​and a storehouse of wise knowledge that you will share with your children.

More Answers D

Forever young

Forever youngYou are afraid of old age, but you look ten years younger. You were not sold cigarettes and alcohol without a passport for ten years after reaching adulthood, and at an advanced age you look so young that your daughter is called a sister. Neither age, nor anything else will prevent you from taking everything from life and breathing deeply.

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