How women’s briefs evolved over 200 years

Underwear serves as the basis of a woman’s wardrobe. However, this was not always the case. In ancient Egypt and in the 1st century AD. e. wearing such “luxury” was considered inappropriate. Fashion designers of that time fought for freedom of movement and did everything possible so that clothes did not hinder movement.

Closer to the Middle Ages, the clergy began to assert their power and impose their moral standards. Despite their indecent behavior on the sidelines of cathedrals and monasteries, the priests instilled in the common people shame and embarrassment. As a result, this was reflected in the fashion world of that era.

The evolution of women's panties

The results of global warming over the past 200 years

The melting of the poles is accelerating every year. Antarctica and the Arctic are losing 219 billion tons of ice annually. Because of which, the level of the World Ocean rose to a record high of 30 cm. A similar trend was observed during the evolution of cowards. Since the 18th century, they have become less and more outspoken.

The evolution of women's panties1

Modest pantaloons or the ice is broken, gentlemen of the jury

The trendsetter, great France, has revived women’s love of frankness. In that era, ladies did not hesitate to show their breasts with a deep neckline. Nevertheless, under the lush dresses, the ladies hid negligee, shirts and skirts. By the early 1800s, pantaloons appeared in the wardrobe of fashionistas.

The evolution of women's panties2

Their feature has become:

  • length (from knee to ankles);
  • open seam at the level of the crotch;
  • fastening to the skirt, since there was no elastic;
  • voluminous ruffles.

The evolution of women's panties3

At the end of the 19th century, fashion designers decided to decorate the pantaloons with luxurious decor. The couturiers used lace, ribbons, openwork and embroidery inserts. In parallel with this, men’s underpants were especially popular at that time. In the female version, they were more tight-fitting and came with exquisite jewelry. This fashion lasted for over a century.

The evolution of women's panties4

Loose panties – bonus from Coco Chanel

By the 30s, but already the XX century, women of fashion were bored with voluminous pantaloons. Therefore, the eminent Madame Coco decided to please women and replaced the boring “parachutes” with more elegant models. So, with a light feed from Chanel, classic panties appeared.

The evolution of women's panties5

Fashionistas really liked them:

  • high waist;
  • fitted silhouette;
  • vertical seams or frills;
  • sophisticated design.

The evolution of women's panties6

Important! The designers continued to decorate the panties with lace and satin ribbons. Sometimes couturiers used seductive lacing or ruffles.

The evolution of women's panties7

The sexual revolution, as well as the emergence of nylon and lycra, played an important role in the creation of maxi panties, slips, hipsters and boy shorts. Lingerie styles took on more revealing outlines. The cutouts became deep, which attracted the attention of the male half of the world’s population.
The evolution of women's panties8

Down with chastity, long live bikinis and thongs

The appearance of the miniskirt made a splash in the fashion world. Closed panties have been replaced by revealing and sexy bikinis. Aggressive 80-90s pulled a wave of eroticism and sensuality.

The evolution of women's panties9

Intimacy became larger, which led to the advent of seductive:

  • regular thongs;
  • class thongs “G”, “V” and “T”;
  • tanga;
  • bikini;
  • brazilians.

The evolution of women's panties10

High French cutouts elevated the feminine look. When creating these panties, they began to massively use elastic lace and soft fabrics. However, some models still featured a high seating position. However, the favorites of many were the models of boyshorts and hipsters.

The evolution of women's panties11

Important! Modern panties are decorated with sexy cutouts in the intimate areas. Victoria’s Secret collections include models decorated with lacing or stripes. These elements create a seductive effect.

The evolution of women's panties12

XXI century Evas or C-strings panties

Candid outfits of designers reveal all the spicy areas of the female body.

The evolution of women's panties13

In addition, couturiers often use very delicate and delicate fabrics that treacherously highlight linen seams and scars. For this reason, these styles are simply not designed for underwear.

The evolution of women's panties14

The manufacturers decided to support the fashion meters and came up with a model of seamless C-strings panties. They placed silicone inserts around the perimeter of the product, which fix the panties on the body. Now girls can feel all the charm of innovative technologies on themselves and feel like a real Eve before the Fall.

The evolution of women's panties15

Despite such frankness of modern cowards, women look to the past with nostalgia. For this reason, tightening, which are the “descendants” of pantaloons, as well as maxi and retro models made in the style of Coco Chanel, are gaining popularity today.

What kind of panties do you prefer and why? Write in the comments.

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