How would Nadia from Irony of Fate be dressed today?

Our team decided to conduct a bold experiment and change the clothes of the heroines of old Soviet films. Today we will show you how Nadenka Sheveleva from the film “The Irony of Fate or Enjoy Your Bath” might look like.

New Year’s Eve is a period of joyful expectation of a miracle. Relatives gather at the table and watch New Year’s films at warm gatherings. One of the symbols of the New Year’s celebration has long been the beloved film “The Irony of Fate or Enjoy Your Bath”. Its main character, Nadya Sheveleva, immediately after the release of the film in 1976, became a role model for Soviet fashionistas.

Nadya Sheveleva4

The modest and feminine teacher of the Russian language and literature was an example of honesty and decency. In addition to moral qualities, the main character has a good taste in clothes. She is always dressed with taste, and all the looks, even now, look stylish and emphasize beauty. And if you fantasize and imagine that Nadenka suddenly moved into modern life, what would it be?

One of the most memorable looks was a bow with a mustard-colored dress. The shade emphasized the hair color of the blonde heroine, the length was restrained and covered the knees, and the fitted silhouette emphasized the waist. Shades of yellow have been popular for several seasons, so Nadya could wear a mustard dress even now. The lines would be a little smoother, and models with a belt are not in trend right now. A modern version of this bow might look like this:

Nadya Sheveleva1
photo 1

Another image of Nadya’s teacher would undoubtedly become a business suit. But not boring black, like a calculating business woman. No, the color should be vibrant and moderately bright. One that enhances her beauty. For example, turquoise.

An elongated slightly fitted jacket with cropped sleeves, as well as a midi skirt, would make her look moderately strict, but stylish. According to the film, she is already 34 years old, which means that the time of romantic youth has already passed. What do stylists usually advise women of business age? Wear a light color to the face to freshen up the skin tone. Therefore, a neat white blouse with a short sleeve would be appropriate under the jacket. Everything together in the kit might look like this:

Nadya Sheveleva2
photo 2

Of course, Nadia would spend time not only at work. She would need a look for every day in order to go shopping or take time for tutoring. She, of course, understands that she is beautiful, and like any other beautiful woman, Nadia would like to look good. She would need to choose a stylish image, but one that would not look defiant, since, although she is beautiful, she is modest.

Like any modern woman, she would value practicality, so she could choose trousers. But not tight skinny, but wide, maybe a little flared. Since this style does not tolerate too short lengths, the toes of the shoes would be covered by the very length of the trousers.

Upstairs Nadia could have chosen a blouse, or she could have chosen a stylish tunic. She, of course, writes a lot as a teacher, so long sleeves would just get in her way, so a three-quarter length would become one of her favorites. The length of the tunic would surely cover the hips. The color could be the same mustard or joyful yellow. And to dilute the set, she would take a bright bag. And she doesn’t always have to be blonde!

Nadya Sheveleva3
photo 3


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