How zodiac signs behave during a breakup

If for some people the end of a relationship (even personal, even friendly) can be a painful experience and a real tragedy, for others it is a banal everyday trifle. We all have different attitudes towards such a situation, and our reaction to it is also different. How can your zodiac sign affect this? Some people definitely do it much easier and easier.

Does your zodiac sign have an effective separation method? Are you trying to approach the gap gently, or are you being straightforward and even harsh?

1. Aries


Aries is ruthless, and when the relationship does not work out, he does not pull with their completion, but cuts almost to the living. Even if his partner is upset and surprised by such a harsh decision, Aries will still leave, confident that he is doing everything right.

2. Taurus

This sign thinks over everything carefully and in advance. Before parting with someone, Taurus weighs the pros and cons, wanting to make sure they don’t make a mistake. If he does not see himself with his partner after the conditional 10 years, then what is the point in a relationship?

3. Gemini

Gemini will immediately go underground and start ignoring the other person. They are very indecisive and want to gradually withdraw from his life. This allows Gemini, above all, to gain time. If they change their minds, they will reappear as if nothing had happened, and if not, they will disappear completely.

4. Cancer

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Cancer says goodbye online because it simply cannot bring itself to do it face to face. He will write a long message in which he will express all his emotions. From the outside, this may seem like an act of a coward, but in fact, Cancer is very sensitive and hates disassembly.

5. Leo

This sign is definitely the initiator in parting. He hates being thrown, therefore he acts ahead of the curve and tries to leave first. However, the breakup is not easy for him, Leo suffers, and it is difficult for him to come to his senses and move on.

6. Virgo

The Virgo hesitates and rushes from side to side. She constantly asks friends for advice on how to end the relationship as ethically and diplomatically as possible, since Virgo simply cannot bring herself to hurt and discomfort other people.

7. Libra

The scales immediately fall into the shadows to completely avoid the word “break”. They don’t even want to voice that word! However, Libra knows that they have to do this, because they try to deceive their partner (and themselves), in every possible way delaying this moment.


8. Scorpio

When it comes to breaking up, Scorpio is straightforward and honest. He immediately puts an end to it, clearly explains to the person why he is leaving, and closes the question so as not to return to it anymore. At best, Scorpio will simply remain neutral towards the former partner.

9. Sagittarius

This sign will carry the moment of truth to the last. Sagittarius will even somehow convince the other person that he also wants to leave, so that it will seem like a mutual decision, and Sagittarius will not feel guilty.

10. Capricorn

He does not waste time and ends the relationship when he knows they need to end. Capricorn will try to do this personally, although he may limit himself to a text message. However, his discipline and organization requires order and a short concluding monologue that puts everything in its place.

11. Aquarius


For Aquarius, the end is really the end! He will not beat around the bush and will prefer to finish everything calmly just out of respect for himself and another person! Aquarius maintains composure and composure, and then, having turned the page, quickly moves on.

12. Fish

Sensitive Pisces do not want to upset anyone, therefore they put off explanations and a break for a long time. But when Pisces finally gets to this point, they will offer to stay friends with their ex because they just can’t completely erase him from their lives.

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