Hula hoop to lose weight: Effective exercises & tips for beginners

More variety with the Hula Hoop? If you change direction or vary the speed, you burn even more calories!

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The colorful hula hoop from our childhood has made a comeback during the lockdown and has become the new trend sport. Rotating your hips with the hoop is not only fun, but is also said to burn calories and conjure up a slim waist. The hoop owes its name to the Hawaiian hula dance. The hula hoop then made it from Hawaii to almost every playground – and finally to the feel-good fitness trend on Instagram and TikTok. We’ll tell you how you can lose weight with a hula hoop, which exercises are particularly effective and how you can prevent annoying bruises!

Singer Beyoncé has sworn by the hoop sport for years. No wonder: Anyone who moves regularly with the hula hoop can actually lose weight quickly. Anyone who has ever tried the sports trend knows: After a while, the circling of the tire becomes really exhausting and you start to sweat. Not only the hips move, but the entire body is in action. The metabolism gets going, fat burning is boosted. Above all, those who don’t like sports should give the Instagram trend a chance, because it’s a lot of fun and generally makes you want to do sports and exercise. Whether in the living room or outside in the garden – with the hula workout you are completely flexible.

The calorie consumption of Hula Hoop Fitness is quite impressive: After an hour of Hula Hoop training, you burn an estimated 400 to 600 calories. For comparison: After about 30 minutes of jogging you burn about 300 calories. However, an hour of hula hooping certainly feels shorter than an hour of jogging…

How fast can you lose weight with a hula hoop?

How fast you can lose weight with a hula hoop is – as with any sport – completely individual. If you train for an hour several times a week, you shouldn’t have to wait long for your first successes. The workout is ideal, especially if you want to lose weight in the waist and stomach: The circular movement stimulates blood circulation and body fat is burned in a targeted manner. If you want to monitor your success, you can measure your waist circumference before training and measure it again after 2-3 weeks. Important: In addition to the hula hoop fitness training, make sure you eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water! Here are more tips for a flat stomach:

Hula Hoop beginners will notice that it is not so easy to hold the hoop above the hips. Sore muscles are guaranteed! Many beginners also struggle with bruises at first. These tips make it easier to learn to hula hoop:

Start slow: In order not to overload the hips, it is best to start slowly. 3-4 sessions of 15-20 minutes each per week are sufficient at the beginning. If you notice that your hips or lower back keep hurting after training, it is best to clarify this with your doctor.

Choose the right sportswear: In order to counteract injuries, it is better not to train with a bare stomach or in a sports bra. Long sports tops or a sweater are better – it can also be layered. For the fat burner effect, it doesn’t matter whether the tire lies directly on the bare skin or not.

Prevent bruises: Also to avoid bruises after hula hoop training, hula hoop newbies should take it slow. The connective tissue initially needs some time to get used to the movement in the waist and hip area. The circling of the tire easily injures blood vessels in the connective tissue, which is why bruises can occur as a result. Therefore, make sure to take sufficient breaks between the hula hoop sessions so that the skin can recover. Anyone who is generally prone to hematomas should avoid tires with knobs or the like – and note the next point!

When looking for a hula hoop, you quickly realize that the selection is huge! These tips can help you decide:

  1. Tire weight: The weight of a hula hoop can vary between 500 grams and 1.5 kilograms. A heavy hula hoop is actually more suitable for the start. This makes the movements slower and you can get in easily. The tire shouldn’t be too heavy either, as the muscles aren’t used to the heavy weight yet.

  2. Tire size: The smaller and lighter a hula hoop is, the more strenuous the workout is, as it requires more strength to hold the hoop up. Advanced riders are therefore better off buying a smaller or medium-sized tire.

  3. Massage function: Many models are equipped with nubs on the inside so that the stomach and hips are massaged during the hula hoop training. This provides additional stimulation to the area, which can help with weight loss.

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With this playful sport, it’s hard to believe that you’re also doing something to build muscle at the same time. Several muscle groups are even used at the same time:

  • abs

  • buttocks

  • back muscles

  • thigh muscles

Hula Hoop Fitness is therefore ideal for anyone who wants to lose weight around the middle of the body, because the stomach and waist are tightened. Incidentally, you also strengthen your condition, which has a positive effect on your heart and circulation. The circular movements strengthen the movement in the torso, which is a good balance, especially in times of working from home. In addition, coordination and balance are also promoted.

If you think that you can always do the same monotonous movement with hula hoop fitness, you are wrong. The tire sport can certainly be varied. The simplest exercise is self-explanatory: rotate your hips and try not to let the hoop fall to the ground. To learn hula hoop, this is a good exercise. Anyone who wants to intensify their training can try:

Vary speed: The Hula Hoop can be rotated slowly and quickly. It’s best to keep changing the tempo so it doesn’t get boring!

Change of direction: Usually you turn the hula hoop automatically in one direction. Orbiting in the opposite direction is a whole new challenge!

For extra sweat: Stretch your right arm straight up and bend your head slightly to the left. Switch sides after five minutes. You should feel this exercise especially in the abdominal area. In addition, our sense of balance is trained.

Hula Hoop as weight: To protect the hips in between, you can use the hula hoop ring as a kind of dumbbell. For example, you lift the hoop over your head and slowly lower it down to your shoulders, your arms tensed.

circle arms: Parallel to the hula hoop, you can also bend your arms and make slight circular movements. This requires a certain amount of coordination and is not that easy.

Hula Squats: Get in the hoop and take your hands on both sides. With each squat, raise and lower the hula hoop.

You can find even more hula hoop fitness in this YouTube video:

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