I don’t have a best friend – a norm or a pathology, and what should I do if there are no friends?

No real girlfriends and friends - reasonsContrary to the misconception that there is no female friendship, most women like this kind of friendship. Cry on the shoulder, grieve about the unfulfilled, mark the future, share a joy or a secret, and just go shopping together or giggle at the latest gossip.

Many people think that the husband should be the best friend. But can you discuss “everything in the world” with him? So it turns out that a woman is nowhere without a friend.

But what if there are no friends at all?

The content of the article:

  1. Why are there no girlfriends?
  2. What if there are no girlfriends?

We understand the reasons why there are no friends – there were none at all, there is no real friend, or they were, but they stopped being friends …

Alas, not every woman can boast of friendship, which is “forever”. As a rule, there are always many good acquaintances, but that very close and only friend is a real treasure.

One loses this treasure by foolishness. The other simply loses an important connection for family or other reasons. And the third simply cannot meet a soul mate on her life path.

Regardless of the circumstances, sooner or later, everyone asks the question – why is there no real girlfriend?

We do not panic – and understand ourselves:

  • You don’t trust women because your best friend hurt you in the past. (betrayed, stole the man, humiliated – “underline the necessary”).
  • All women are envious gossipsunable to keep secrets. What to do if your friend annoys and pisses you off?
  • Your girlfriends are single, and you have a family. Noticing unhealthy interest in your spouse on their part, you yourself prevent rapprochement. Just in case.
  • You are an unmarried woman, and your friends have had families long ago. You don’t have any common topics of conversation, and besides, they don’t have much time to communicate with you.
  • You are “sinful” with excessive talkativeness, arrogance, envy or other qualities due to which no one can communicate with you for a long time and no one wants to let you in closer than the distance from which you are capable of ruining someone’s life. A friend is always jealous – how to save a friend from envy, and how to communicate with an envious friend?
  • Friends reject your interests, lifestyle and manner of communication.
  • In terms of income, your friends lagged behind you at the beginning of the journey. Unfortunately, in life, friendship between people from radically different strata of society is not so common – their life and views on it are too different.
  • You are too intrusive. It’s great when you can call a friend and cry about your plight, but if you do this every day from morning to evening (and even listen only to yourself), no one can stand such a “friendship”.
  • You are too kind, and your many acquaintances take advantage of this.without worrying about what you yourself want.

In fact, there can be many reasons.

But, if you really have not had a girlfriend for a long time, and you do not live in a taiga hut, then the problem is not in people, but in you.

I don't have a best friend - what should I do?

What if there are no girlfriends: how to make friends with others – or with yourself?

The absence of friends in most cases means that either you do not need them, or it is time for you to change something in yourself and your life.

If you’ve thought about it, then it’s time to analyze the situation and draw conclusions:

  • If, after digging into yourself and honestly looking at your sides, you did not find qualities in yourself that could influence the attitude of people towards you, then just calm down and do your favorite things. Most likely, the point is that you just haven’t met that soul mate yet.
  • If you have no one to share with your emotions that require attention, learn how to throw them out correctly – do what you really like… After all, not only shopping with friends inspires us.
  • Find a hobby that involves interacting with people – such an activity that brings pleasure and allows you to meet people “by interests”. Perhaps you will find your soul mate at a scrapbooking workshop, in a karate section or on a fishing trip.
  • Feel free to chat and meet people. Be open to the world, and this world will definitely answer you with meetings with the right people.
  • Lower the bar you set for all potential friends. Perhaps you are too demanding of people. Remember that, as with your spouse, friends may not be exactly what you want them to be. Stop digging into other people’s shortcomings!
  • Become interesting to yourself. If your life is like Groundhog Day, and you do not want to change anything in it, it is unlikely that anyone will be interested in communicating with you.
  • Don’t be a consumer. Remember that you are not alone in wanting attention, sympathy, and support. Friendship implies reciprocity!

I don't have a best friend - what should I do?

And don’t despair!

Every person has a soul mate. And, if you have not yet met your best friend, it means that she is still just on her way to you.

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