“I have been married for 37 years thanks to my son Jaycee.”

In the life of every person there comes a moment when he has to make a responsible and serious decision. For Jackie Chan, it came when the actor found out that he would become a father.

Jackie Chan:
Jackie Chan with family

The rampant life of a Hollywood star

Chan, 66, who has won success and fame in Hollywood, lived a rather wild life in his youth until he met his wife, Taiwanese actress Joan Lin.

“When I was a young stuntman and a frequenter of nightclubs, I was very popular with girls,” the actor wrote in his autobiography, “I Got Old Before I Grow Up,” “They flew towards me like butterflies on fire. There are a lot of beautiful girls, Chinese and foreign women. “

Acquaintance with the future wife and the birth of a child

Then Jackie Chan met his future wife, who, by the way, was then more famous than him. Soon Joan Lin became pregnant, and Jackie was absolutely not ready for this. In his memoirs, he honestly described the reason for his marriage:

“One day, Lin told me she was pregnant. I told her that I was not against the child, although in fact I did not know what to do. Jaycee was completely unplanned. I, in general, then did not even think and did not intend to marry. “

Jackie Chan:

Sudden marriage

Jackie Chan sent the pregnant Lin to the States, while he himself stayed in Hong Kong and plunged into work until the very moment of birth. Before the appearance of the child, Chan had to fill out some documents and as a result, the question arose that he and Joan Lin urgently needed to marry.

“We invited the priest to a cafe in Los Angeles. It was lunch time, and there was noise and din inside. The priest asked if we would agree to get married. We both nodded, and that was it. And two days later, Jaycee was born, ”the actor recalls.

A short romance and an illegitimate daughter

Since then, Jackie and Joan have always been together. Except once, when Jackie started a short romance, as a result of which he had an illegitimate daughter. “I made an unforgivable mistake, and I don’t know how to explain it, so I will not say anything about this,” he admitted.

Jackie Chan:
Jackie Chan with a little girl

Starfather – what is he like?

In 2016, Jackie Chan received an honorary Oscar for his contribution to the cinema, but the actor is not going to relax and is still at work. Of course, he regrets that he spent and spends little time with his family:

“When Jaycee was a kid, he could only see me at 2 am. I am not the nicest father, but I am a responsible father. I am strict with my son and help him to cope with difficulties, but he must be aware of his misdeeds and be punished for them. “

But Jackie Chan described his relationship with Hollywood as follows: “For me, Hollywood is a strange place. He brought me a lot of pain, but also recognition, fame and many awards. He gave me $ 20 million, but filled me with a sense of fear and insecurity. “

Jackie chan and son
Jackie Chan with his son

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