“I was able to capture the valuable moments of life and open the capsule of happiness.”

Katya Ivanchikova, the soloist of the IOWA group, originally from Belarus, who in her songs constantly asks you to smile and calls your mother, very often appears on various shows and interviews. And last week she became a guest of the Bar in the City program.

In the video, the girl, along with Nadezhda Sysoeva, Stas Kruglitsky and the host Irina Chesnokova, told funny and scary stories over shots and alcoholic cocktails.

And having amused herself after a glass of martini, the artist speculated about happiness and its “capsules”. Her reasoning is unique – I have never heard of anything like it before!

On the constant race and self-isolation: “The recital has become the best day in my life!”

The singer began by saying that the pandemic changed her a lot – however, like all of us. Self-isolation made people stop, breathe out and be alone with their thoughts – positive and not so positive. You began to appreciate every event, because something new now happened extremely rarely.

“About three years ago I had some kind of race, all the time something was happening, some kind of filming, and you don’t even have time to fix where you just were, what you did yesterday, who you met. You are constantly as if after a booze! You don’t have time for anything. And then everything slowed down. Fewer events, but you remember every moment, ”says the girl.

Katya IOWA
Photo @ katya_iowa

Finally, the quarantine measures began to ease and, fortunately, the artists and their fans were allowed to perform in public! Katya did not go on stage for six months, and here – a big solo concert! She enjoyed every song, every second, looked into every smile of the fans, and for the first time realized that she was happy.

Katya IOWA 2
Photo @ katya_iowa

“I smoothly came to my solo album on September 27, and it was the most awesome moment of this year! Because, of course, our year is “excellent”. It was the warmest day of this fall. We performed in the open air on the roof, met the sunset … And you understand that these moments are so precious. I managed to fix everything and open the capsule of happiness ”, – actively gesturing, says IOWA.

What is it – a capsule of happiness?

But what capsule is Katya talking about? If you put this phrase on the Internet, an advertisement for vitamins and pictures with a capsule wardrobe will pop up, but not a single article on psychology! “Are these some kind of pills?” – Stas joked, “What do they smoke there in their St. Petersburg?” – Laughing, added Nadia.

Katya IOWA 3
Photo @ katya_iowa

And the inspired Ivanchikova immediately began to explain:

“Do you know what this is? These are pills that we make ourselves. It is a source of energy. And the biggest problem for us now is that we do not know where to draw energy. We are like vampires at the expense of someone scooping it up, or in other ways somehow trying to find it. “

She added that she hadn’t enjoyed anything for the past couple of years. She was constantly running somewhere, in a hurry, achieving goals, and, not rejoicing, immediately set new ones and ran to them. Only now did she realize that there was no point in it. It is not these goals that are important, but inner harmony.

Katya IOWA 4
Photo @ katya_iowa

“And the capsule of happiness is when you get joy in the moment. And you need to get it in order to then “unpack” the moment and get energy, ”the blogger concluded her unusual topic.

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