Instagram Fashion Bloggers – 7 Useful Profiles

The virtual world is real life, only with even greater possibilities. Mega-popular and beloved Instagram offers to discover fashion in a new role. To do this, you need to subscribe to fashion bloggers who have a clear understanding of their image and impeccable taste. Looking through their profile, women of fashion will find creative inspiration for every day. It is on these that you need to equalize in order to create an individual image.

Instagram Fashion Bloggers

CarolineDaur on a wave of style

The famous German fashion blogger and model Karolina Daur has turned her passion for fashion into a real profession. In addition to photography and fashion shows, she maintains a personal blog.


Over 2 million fans love her for:

  • inspirational content;
  • stylish outfits;
  • good mood.


A stylish blonde account will tell you a lot about the fashion world. Carolina masterfully demonstrates her talent for dressing beautifully and stylishly. The energy of the talented model from Hamburg and the unique style energizes the whole day.

ChiaraFerragni in the hearts of 17 million fans

The enterprising Italian Chiara is considered one of the most successful girls of our time. The success story of a young millionaire is studied by students at Harvard University. However, the talented beauty refuses to call herself a fashion blogger.


Nevertheless, in her profile you can see every day:

  • original mixes of prints;
  • extravagant style;
  • slight negligence in images;
  • total naturalness.


The Instagram account opened in 2009 brought her unprecedented popularity. Over the years, her photos have flaunted on the covers of 55 glossy magazines. In addition, the Italian was included in the list of 30 richest young people in the world according to Forbes 2 times.

DanielleBernstein is always in trend

American Dariel Bernstein conquers her fans not only with well-chosen outfits, but also with her own line of clothes.


On his page, the model and the stylist in one person daily exposes a photo:

  • outfits from famous brands;
  • clothes from inexpensive Brooklyn boutiques;
  • laconic bows with appropriate accessories.


The style of the talented fashion blogger changed from time to time. Nevertheless, calm warm tones always remain in her images. More than 2 million fans note that Dariel successfully combines oversized jackets with different styles of trousers, skirts and T-shirts.

Bolognyru – blog for stylish ladies

The Bolognyru blog, which is gaining popularity, will help the girl always keep abreast of fashionable novelties. The creators of this fashion page know what will become the trend of each new season and what women want. Fashion experts always take care of their followers, helping them find their original style.


In addition to fashion and its unstable trends, fashionistas will find many practical tips in the Bolognyru feed on:

  • beauty;
  • motivation;
  • psychology;
  • business.


Fans of the magazine of successful women love the useful life hacks that are offered here. Such knowledge will help girls stay stylish, keeping their finger on the pulse of changing fashion.

NeginMirsalehi and its 5.4 million subscribers

Along with a luxurious appearance, the fashion blogger has a sophisticated sense of style. Every day, this beauty from Amsterdam shares her original outfits with her fans.


Each of them traces:

  • femininity;
  • elegance;
  • restraint.


The famous fashion blogger Nejin prefers to follow the monochrome style. Excellent combinations of grunge with other fashion trends – Mirsaleha’s calling card. She also skillfully combines expensive branded clothing with items from mass markets. For this reason, it is easy for girls to repeat her bows.

EricaHoida inspires with her style

The San Diego-based fashion blogger runs the mega-popular fashionedchicstyling blog with 1.1 million followers. Every day, stylish American Hoida showcases luxurious combinations. She loves to experiment by combining several styles at the same time.


Erica likes:

  • neutral shades;
  • extravagant blouse design;
  • jeans with a high rise.


With the help of a fashion blogger, the girls will learn the basics of stylistics, as well as fashion image. They will learn how to highlight their figure using the usual items from the basic wardrobe.

Cityfashionblogger – city falls asleep, style wakes up

The popular blog Cityfashionblogger offers its 222 thousand subscribers to comprehend the philosophy of style. The trendy bows presented in the ribbon are distinguished by their original combination of color and style.


In this account, thousands of girls will find many:

  • evening looks;
  • office outfits;
  • everyday bows;
  • cocktail options.

Thanks to the blog, fashionistas will learn how to combine incongruous things. They will see that jeans and a jacket are loyal friends, and a linen-style T-shirt perfectly appeals to an oversized cardigan.

You can change your life in one click. One has only to subscribe to one of the proposed accounts or to all at once, as the girl will instantly feel the powerful influence of fashion on her mind.

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