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How to Choose Your Perfect Jeans: Instructions for Slim and Fat GirlsJeans are now in every woman’s wardrobe. And they can compete in popularity with skirts. Correctly selected denim trousers will highlight the beauty of your legs. And the variety of styles allows you to create any look.

When choosing jeans, be guided not only by fashion trends. Their style should emphasize the dignity of your figure.

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  1. Jeans silhouette
  2. Fit jeans
  3. Cut leg
  4. Jeans length
  5. How to choose the right jeans
  6. 7 mistakes when choosing jeans

Jeans silhouette

Thanks to the variety of silhouettes, girls can go to work, walk or even date in jeans.

What’s the trend this year?

  1. Boyfriends. No, these are not your boyfriend’s jeans. This is one of the most fashionable trends – women’s jeans with a man’s cut. They are loose and slightly baggy. Jeans boyfriendThey look like you borrowed them from your boyfriend. They fit perfectly into the casual style. Therefore, negligence in the image will be in the subject.
  2. Skinny… Although stylists claim that this silhouette is already bored, its fans are not decreasing. They are characterized by a tapered cut and can be combined with any shoe. Skinny jeansYou can go for a walk or an official reception in them. But to make the image look harmonious, it is complemented with a voluminous top. The choice of skinny is for girls who are confident in the beauty of their legs. Because the narrow bottom will completely emphasize their shape.
  3. Mamsa, or “mom’s” jeans. The style of the 90s is now in vogue, so things from that era will be relevant. Features of this silhouette – straight fit and high waist. Mom jeans, mamsJeans got such an unusual name thanks to housewives. They did not have time to look after themselves, and they wore stretched clothes. American dramas made them popular. “Mom’s” jeans fit perfectly into the casual style.
  4. Pipes… Another “hello” from the 90s. It got its name because of the straight free cut. Jeans-pipesIt is better to wear them for tall ladies. And if you are short, heeled shoes are a must.
  5. Slim – salvation for girls who are complex due to excessive thinness of the legs. Slim jeansThe skinny silhouette does not suit them, because it focuses on thinness. And the slims, albeit with a narrowed cut, look a little looser.
  6. Jeggings Is a combination of jeans and leggings. They are even more tight than skinny ones. The girls celebrate their maximum comfort. JeggingsWhen choosing them, adhere to two recommendations: they should look more like jeans and not be transparent.
  7. Regular silhouette – a classic example Levi`s model These jeans are versatile, because they suit any figure and are combined with different styles. Levi's 501 Classic JeansThey do not lose their relevance, so you can buy them regardless of fashion trends.
  8. Free – practically, no different from the classics. Loose jeansThey usually have a hip fit and wider leg width. This is an option for casual style.
  9. Very loose silhouette are more often chosen by rap singers. Very wide jeans are found in oversize collections. Oversized Loose JeansThe ideal shoes for them are sneakers. This silhouette should not be chosen by petite girls.

These are the most popular jeans styles that every girl has in their wardrobe. But you need to not only choose a fashionable silhouette, but also combine it with the right top and shoes.

Fit jeans

When buying, pay attention to the fit of denim trousers. She also adjusts the features of the figure, as well as the silhouette.

  1. Overpriced – the belt is at the level of the navel or higher. The cut can be tight or loose. High-rise jeans make the legs look longer and slimmer. Loose fit models can mask a small tummy.
  2. At the waist – not much different from an oversized fit.
  3. Normal fit. The belt runs just below the navel. This is a classic option that can be combined with anything.
  4. Low rise jeans look good only on girls who do not have problems in the abdomen. Previously, such trousers in combination with crop tops were at the top of fashion. This combination is now considered a sign of bad taste. If you like this model, make sure that your stomach is slightly open a few centimeters. Better yet, choose a free top for them.
  5. Ultra low rise suitable only for slim girls with perfect abs. Never wear them with very short tops and blouses. They can be supplemented with voluminous things that hide the belt line.

Fit jeans

Retro style is now in vogue, therefore high-rise models are relevant. Blouses are selected for them, which are tucked into the belt. They look good on any shape.

Fit jeans

When buying denim trousers, another important detail is their cut.

Here are the main types:

  • Narrowed – Jeans tapered from knee to bottom. Therefore, it suits the owners of slender legs. This is the most popular cut and many cuts are based on it. Any shoes and top can be combined with skinny trousers, but it is better to choose blouses and jumpers with a free cut;
  • Straight Is a classic conservative option. It suits any body type and can be combined with different wardrobe elements. The peculiarity of this cut is the same width along the entire length;
  • Flare – another piece of retro style wardrobe. Such a model can correct figure flaws. The flare is easily recognizable by its wide bottom. For girls with thin legs and wide shoulders, a flared cut from the hip is suitable. The figure will visually become more proportional. Miniature ladies need to choose a flare from the knee and a moderate width. Shoes with heels are required.

If you want to visually make your legs even longer, choose a model with a high rise. Of course, flared jeans are a godsend for girls with full calvesbecause the width of the trousers allows you to mask this feature of the figure.

All types of cuts are relevant. Pin-up, 90s style and a more sophisticated version of the early 2000s are in vogue now. The main thing is that the cut fits your figure.

How to choose the right jeans cut and length

Jeans length

Choose a length depending on the model of denim trousers.

  • The shortest ones are just below the knee, but this option will not work for girls with full calves.
  • Long models are designed for tall girls. Of course, a small lady can also choose them if she wears shoes with heels. And the jeans should hide it completely.
  • Classic length – trousers reach to the heel, leaving the heel open.

It is better to choose cropped models with a tapered cut.

It is also fashionable to tuck jeans several times – this adds a slight casualness to the image. The short length accentuates the graceful ankles.

How to choose the perfect jeans for your figure

General recommendations for selection

Fashion is constantly changing, so it should not be the main criterion for choosing denim pants. They need to be selected, taking into account the peculiarities of the figure, so that they look perfect.

And with this you will be helped by some useful tips:

  1. Girls with perfect proportions are lucky: almost any model suits them. High-waisted jeans add grace. But it is better to avoid too wide legs and options without an emphasis on the waist.
  2. Miniature ladies need to visually stretch their figure. Therefore, any high-rise models will be relevant. The ideal options are a straight fit and a slim silhouette. The volume on the hips will add the scuffs on the trousers in this area.
  3. For curvy hips, choose loose fit models.
  4. Flared jeans will look spectacular on tall girls.
  5. Ladies with curvaceous shapes should be guided by the rule when buying: the more laconic the design, the better.
  6. Stylists advise thin girls to choose trousers with a low rise and a narrowed silhouette. Heeled shoes will visually make your legs longer.

Regardless of the style, jeans must be of high quality. Therefore, carefully examine their appearance, fittings for possible defects.

Even trousers that fit perfectly to the figure will not look so beautiful if their appearance is sloppy.

Mistakes when choosing jeans

7 mistakes when buying jeans

When going shopping, girls often forget all the stylists’ recommendations.

And, choosing jeans, they make the following mistakes:

  1. Pay no attention to the fit. It is good if you have perfect abs and no problems in the abdominal area. Otherwise, a model with a low rise will emphasize this feature of the figure.
  2. Don’t look at the location of the pockets… If they are too low, the buttocks will appear to be in poor condition. Too big will increase the volume of the hips. Ideally, their bottom edge should be at the level of the end of the gluteus muscle.
  3. Take jeans wide at the waist… This model will look ugly on any figure, so buy jeans in your size.
  4. Do not pay attention to the side seam… And the harmony of your legs depends on its evenness. If the line is crooked, then the legs will visually appear like this.
  5. They do not think over what they will wear. When choosing jeans, try to immediately present several images with them, so that later the purchase does not lie idle in your closet.
  6. Try on jeans right after eating. Then do not be surprised that later they will be great for you. It is better to go for fitting a couple of hours after eating.
  7. Do not read the composition of the fabric. To prevent the jeans from hanging on you, look at the tag in a couple of days. If you have Elastane in your composition, go for a form-fitting cut because they will stretch.

Jeans are a versatile item in a woman’s wardrobe, suitable for all occasions. They can enhance the beauty of your legs, provided the cut is right. Therefore, when buying, pay attention to even the smallest details in order to choose the best model of trousers.

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