Interview with Natalia Krasnova about the formation and success

“Morning on Radio Romantika” with Timur Sokolov is a fascinating morning show that will charge you with positive emotions for the whole day.

This morning, on Radio Romantika, a blogger, writer, singer and popular stand-up artist meets with Timur Sokolov Natalia Krasnova… She will share with the audience the secrets of her success and talk about her relationships with others.

Natalia Krasnova
Natalia Krasnova
Photo Radio Romantika

Timur: Good morning Natalia!

Natalia: Good morning!

Timur Sokolov: Recently, Stas Piekha said that the institution of marriage should be made a guest, since, in his opinion, this form of marriage strengthens the family. I would like to hear your opinion on guest marriages. Do you support Stas Piekha in this regard or not?

Natalia: Well, like any creative person, I support Stas, because I myself am for these marriages. I myself am at home once a fortnight. And my marriage is essentially a guest marriage. Because half of the time I spend in Chelyabinsk, half in Moscow. That is, we live not only in different territories, but also in different cities.

Timur: But do you have a joint apartment? Where do you live together.

Natalia: Of course I have.

Timur: And here they are deliberately already going into marriage with the thought that they will not live together.

Natalia: On the one hand, this is annoying, because you seem to be moving away from the person, but, on the other hand, at every meeting you seem to miss him. And there are also people who live and work together. This is hell. Psychologists do not recommend doing this at all. That is, you are at home with her, then you drove her to work, and you yourself went to the next office. You are constantly with each other.

Writer and stand-up comedian Natalya Krasnova spoke about her attitude to guest marriage, to men and to herself
Photo Radio Romantika

Timur: I feel that our conversation will be hot today. Our interviews have not yet begun, but there are already such battles. All this suggests that in our studio today, no one is there, but stand-up comedian, blogger, singer, author of books Natalya Krasnova! Of all of the above, what gives you the most pleasure in writing books, singing, blogging, or stand-up?

Natalia: It gives me the greatest pleasure to eat delicious food and write books. Because these two things can be combined. You can write a book and eat.

Timur: They say that an artist must be hungry.

Natalia: They lie. Perhaps he should be malnourished, but not live from hand to mouth. I think that’s what sly producers say who don’t want to pay creative people.

Timur: It seems to me that this saying was born even before the appearance of producers as such.

Natalia: And it seems to me that there have always been producers.

Writer and stand-up comedian Natalya Krasnova spoke about her attitude to guest marriage, to men and to herself
Photo Radio Romantika

Timur: In general, you love writing books.

Natalia: In principle, I love to write, because stand-up, in fact, is also the same activity. And I write songs, I’m not a singer, but I love to write.

Timur: Does all of this have a single storyline? That is, you write, talk and sing about one thing?

Natalia: About women and their interaction with this world.

Timur: How did it all start?

Natalia: At first there was KVN, that is, I gravitated more towards the stand-up.

Timur: And Natasha Krasnova as a singer? You said you weren’t a singer.

Natalia: I don’t do vocal concerts.

Timur: Well, it’s for now. When universal recognition comes …

Natalia: When the last singer dies, they will probably say: “Natasha, well, we must, we must, please.” Then I’ll probably be a singer.

Timur: Is this self-criticism?

Natalia: This is an adequate assessment of yourself.

Timur: Are your songs “banter”?

Natalia: In my songs there is sarcasm, and “banter”, and my serious thoughts, and “self-talk”.

Timur: Many believe that Natasha Krasnova is the girl who does not like men.

Natalia: Yes, they call me a man-hater.

Timur: Let’s refute this and say that in fact Natasha is “white and fluffy” and loves all men?

Natalia: Friends, I hate women and men alike. Believe me. That is, I dislike stupid people, and they are found among both men and women. Therefore, if you are a stupid person, then, most likely, I do not love you. Forgive me for this, please.

Writer and stand-up comedian Natalya Krasnova spoke about her attitude to guest marriage, to men and to herself
Photo Radio Romantika

Timur: You have a new book “Princess for the whole head.” You give questions in it to many of the answers that women care about. Where are they from? From life experience?

Natalia: Whatever I write (a book, stand-up, etc.), I always feel responsible for the people who read it later. Therefore, in all my books there are reservations that if you have depression, for example, then do not self-medicate. Do not blindly follow any advice.

Timur: And now questions from our listeners. Natalia, you have a very attractive energy. Tell me, are you doing something specifically in order to grab the attention of the audience, or is this your innate quality?

Natalia: Thanks a lot. It’s not even a question, but a compliment. Well, that’s probably charisma. She cannot be brought up, she either exists or she is not.

Timur: Are you a leader by nature?

Natalia: I took a test that showed that I am not a leader. I was writing a dissertation on the topic “Economic education of primary schoolchildren” and there was just one chapter on leadership qualities and how to define a leader among children. And I realized that I am not a leader, I am, rather, a performer, such a “workhorse”.

Timur: How do you like to spend your free time, weekend?

Natalia: Eat and sleep.

Timur: Can you name a book or a movie that turned your mind over in one day?

Natalia: As a child, I really liked Bulgakov’s book The Master and Margarita. I was very worried. And then a few years later I re-read it and found out that there, it turns out, is a line with Pontius Pilate. As a child, I did not notice her, as I perceived this work as a fairy tale. And when I read it as an adult, I already perceived it, of course, in a different way.

Timur: And the movie?

Natalia: “Harry Potter”.

Timur: Can you call yourself the life of the party?

Natalia: Now, probably yes.

Timur: Imagine being sent to a desert island. What three things and one person will you take with you?

Natalia: First, I’ll tell my children, I’m sorry, but I won’t take you one at a time. So I’ll take a husband. And there it doesn’t matter what things to take, let him decide what to take. Because in terms of survival, I am such a person – I lay down, cried and died.

Timur: Thank you, Natalia, for coming to us today, for your energy, the positive that you bring.

Natalia: I love you all very much! Thanks a lot!

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