Interview with the popular tattoo artist Marina Krassovka

Marina Krassovka is a talented tattoo artist, blogger with her show “Trainspotting”. In addition, Marina is a bright personality with a rich inner world, who teaches her daughter to feel freedom. We talked with this wonderful girl about tattoos, personal growth, “lazy days” and ways to show love for yourself.

Marina Krassovka
Photo @marina_krassovka

Colady: Marina, let’s start with the main topic in which you are an expert – tattoo. Tell me, at what moment did you come to the idea that this is your calling? Do you consider yourself an artist? What is the value of your work?

Marina: To be honest, I have never evaluated my work from this point of view. After about six months in the profession, I realized that it inspires me and I don’t need a weekend at all, because I don’t get tired. Work is vital for me, it is my air and water.

It is not only the process of tattooing that gives me happiness, but the happy faces of my clients, their reviews. I receive messages with gratitude, warm words, even months after the session. Their delight is my inspiration. This strengthens me in the thought that I am in my place and knowingly work every day for many hours.

“The most important thing is freedom”: tattoo artist and blogger Marina Krassovka on how to love yourself, your body and your life
Marina Krassovka. Photo courtesy of Marina’s PR-agent

It is especially valuable that sometimes I change people’s destinies. As I work, I charge them with positive energy, we communicate, and they sometimes release inner pain. After my tattoos, a person falls in love with his body in a new way, especially looking at himself with my eyes.

Of course, I consider myself an artist. In my profession, art education, vision and perception are very important.

Colady: Why do you think people get tattoos? Is it still a way of self-expression and a trait of individuality today, when one in two has tattoos?

Marina: True, now many have tattoos, but this does not mean “herd” at all. People like to decorate themselves, to make themselves more attractive. Women, and men too, wear jewelry, choose clothes that emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide the flaws. Everyone does fashionable haircuts, go to salons and gyms.

There are people who prefer to decorate the interior of the apartment with painting, figurines. A tattoo is also a decoration that is applied for a lifetime. This is a way of expressing yourself. After all, each drawing makes sense for the wearer. He may hide it, but few people get tattoos just like that. Something in the drawing catches a person.

Colady: What are the current trends and anti-trends in the tattoo world? On which parts of the body is it better not to stuff anything?

Marina: I always repeat and will repeat that the main trend is a high-quality tattoo. For example, LV bags, whatever their design, are always in trend, because it is the quality of workmanship and the brand.

It’s the same story with tattoos. A high-quality tattoo is already a trend in itself. With its help, you can emphasize the dignity or hide the anatomical features of a person, give the body sexuality and individuality.

Also, a good tattoo is an indicator of financial solvency.

Personally, I don’t like tattoos on the face, on the palms, in the pedicure area.

“The most important thing is freedom”: tattoo artist and blogger Marina Krassovka on how to love yourself, your body and your life
Marina Krassovka. Photo courtesy of Marina’s PR-agent

Colady: If a person really wants to get a tattoo that would convey his character, life, uniqueness, what would you advise him? How do I find my sketch?

Marina: The inner world of a person can tell a lot about him, therefore, the masters, before creating a sketch, it is important to pay attention to the client and communicate with him.

You can look at the sketches of tattoos on the Internet: in one project you can understand what color scheme the tattoo should be in, in another, determine the preferred technique for performing the work.

There is no need to search for your tattoo in search engines, it is important to find an idea, and the master’s job will be to make a unique project.

Colady: What recommendations can you give to a person who is just deciding on the first tattoo? How much time is better to take on thinking?

Marina: There is no universal advice here, one day will be enough for one person, and the second will take a whole year to make up his mind. I will say one thing for sure, you need to make a tattoo consciously and weighing all the pros and cons.

One of the main recommendations is not to try to make it “cheaper”, because the tattoo is done for life. Taking a closer look at the masters will also not be superfluous, pay attention not only to the work, but to the appearance, life principles, attitude to work, to the safety of the procedure. It is important that you are disposed towards this person with your heart and soul.

Colady: Marina – you are the embodiment of the personality type that Colady admires. Despite the fact that you are raising a child alone, you were able to achieve recognition in your field of activity, to promote your business. How do you do it, what motivates you?

“The most important thing is freedom”: tattoo artist and blogger Marina Krassovka on how to love yourself, your body and your life
Marina Krassovka. Photo courtesy of Marina’s PR-agent

Marina: If I answer – money, then I will not cheat. As a rule, it is they who motivate people to move forward. But the material component is not the most important. Since childhood, I dreamed of being realized as a woman, as a mother and a specialist. Whoever I work, I have always tried to achieve heights and career growth, and the tattoo industry was no exception.

My goal is to give the joy of tattoos and love to my body to all residents of our city, and if I can still buy myself a Birkin, there will be no limit to happiness!

Colady: Have you taken self-healing classes? Share your experience, was it effective? Has the life around you changed or did the renewal take place within yourself?

Marina: I paid attention to working with a psychologist who to this day helps me to cope with various difficult situations. I learned to love myself, accept myself, my mood swings and go with them, like with the flow, be it sadness or joy. I meditate a lot and am on my own, analyzing myself, my life and possible ways to improve in all aspects.

Colady: What’s your perfect day? Is it planned and productive, or is it a day to stay in bed?

“The most important thing is freedom”: tattoo artist and blogger Marina Krassovka on how to love yourself, your body and your life
Marina Krassovka. Photo courtesy of Marina’s PR-agent

Marina: Ideally, this is when there are four planned working days, and one remaining is devoted to laziness. On a lazy day, I just lie in bed and do nothing. And on weekends there is no schedule, my daughter and I do what we want.

Colady: Today there is a lot of talk about how important it is to love yourself. Tell me what you think about this issue and what are your ways to love and take care of yourself?

Marina: On the plane, they say: put on a mask on yourself, and then on the child. First you need to love yourself, help yourself, and then your relatives and friends. It is not shameful to be a little selfish, the main thing is not toxic. It is really important to love and accept yourself, with all the defects, both physical and psychological, because these are actually our chips and features! As I said, therapy helped me with this. I think that you should not neglect the help of specialists.

Colady: What is your philosophy of life? Do you think the world is beautiful?

Marina: The world is not beautiful – this is a fact. The world is as it is, and it is changing. You need to be able to accept it, adapt to any changes in the external environment, not waste time, because this resource is irreplaceable.

The most important thing in my philosophy is freedom, no restrictions either for me, or for my daughter, or for others. Everyone has the right to choose who to be, what to do, what to eat, where to go and what to wear, to independently bear responsibility for their decisions and actions. And, of course, do not forget about respect for all participants in your life, be it nature or people.

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