Irena Ponaroshku that no one needs a woman with children

Russian TV presenter Irena Ponaroshku is now raising two children – Seraphim and Theodora. However, her marriage to Alexander Liszt fell apart last year. The couple decided to separate after 10 years of marriage. Now Irena enjoys a free life and admits that she feels absolutely happy.

However, in her latest post on Instagram, the star raised the topic of new relationships, speculating about whether it is possible for a woman with children to arrange her personal life.

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Medieval myth

After the divorce, Irena Ponaroshku not only did not fall into depression, but, contrary to all beliefs, decided to enjoy freedom and the opportunities that appeared. However, subscribers are interested in the personal life of the star and, as it turned out, they are worried about the question: Is it possible for a mom with two children to get married again? Such fears of subscribers prompted Irene to write a post on this topic and debunk the ridiculous myth about single women with children.

“I was recently asked in stories:“ Is it realistic to find a husband with two children? ” Personally, I don’t even have a hint of a phobia about this. I know for sure: as soon as I get tired of my free freedom, neither children, nor age, nor cellulite will prevent me from meeting a person to hug, cuddle and “take a picture normally, well!”. But many girls, as it turned out, have limiting beliefs: “divorced with a trailer”, “who needs you with someone else’s child”, etc. I propose today to dispel this darkness of the Middle Ages.

I already wrote in stories that my yoga teacher met her future husband, having three small children from different men. 15 years have passed, they are still together, only there are already seven children. “

The TV presenter also encouraged women to share their stories in the comments:

“Share in the comments your stories that the trailer is not an obstacle for maneuvers, if the woman behind the wheel does not confuse the pedals and right-left. I think they will greatly help those who are now scared and it seems that princes and horses are afraid of other people’s children. “

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Subscriber reaction

Irena’s publication found a great response on the network: in a day, the post received more than sixty-three thousand likes and one and a half thousand comments. The audience agreed with the words of the TV presenter and considered that children are not only not an obstacle to personal happiness, but they can also serve as an excellent “filter” when choosing a partner.

“Never tell a woman that no one will love her with her children. There are men who love them even with their husbands, ”- oxanakudinova.

“Kids are a great filter, not a trailer.” – mamin_kompas.

“Most of my friends girls with a“ trailer ”were“ disassembled and married ”faster than those without trailers and even trunks”, – mar__ya

In addition, many subscribers of the TV presenter were quick to share their personal stories, telling how they managed to meet their soul mate already having one or more children. Their examples once again confirmed the correctness of Irena’s words.

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Photo @irenaponaroshku

What do you think – is it hard for a mother with children to build their personal life? Do you have examples from life? We invite you to discuss this topic.

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