Is cleaning work profitable and how to become a professional cleaner

Where and how to get a cleaning profession - all the secrets for youNo one in childhood dreams of working as a cleaning lady. But sometimes this kind of work is the only one possible for a woman. However, a modern “cleaning lady” is no longer an aunt in a blue robe and with a mop, but an employee of a cleaning agency who can quite successfully combine this job with her main job, providing herself with a good increase in salary.

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Who is suitable for and what is the job of a professional cleaning lady?

Employees with modern cleaning techniques and skills are needed everywhere. In offices and shops, in medical institutions and shopping centers, in various companies, restaurants, etc. The area of ​​a room that needs regular cleaning can be up to up to 350 sq / m

As a rule, the duties of a cleaning lady are clearly defined already in the vacancy text.

The standard “package” of cleaning employees’ services may include:

  • Wet cleaning.
  • Garbage removal (waste baskets, etc.).
  • Cleaning of common areas.
  • Washing of overalls for employees.
  • “Supportive” cleaning, which is carried out during the day.
  • Fight dust on desks and office equipment.
  • Washing floors.
  • Furniture and floor polishing.
  • Cleaning with mops.
  • Dry cleaning of carpet.


Who is the cleaning lady suitable for?

Usually women are invited to this position.

Although men also work in cleaning today. They are invited if the work involves the movement of weights. For example, large garbage bags or office furniture.

This job will suit you if you …

  • They are not squeamish and have no prejudices (like, “a cleaner – never for anything”).
  • Physically tough.
  • Need a part-time job or, for certain reasons, cannot find another job.
  • Morally stable.
  • Have knowledge of modern cleaning.

Where and how to get a cleaning profession

The necessary qualities for the cleaning profession – what should it be?

What does the employer require?

Key points to focus on:

  1. Pleasant appearance. This is a prerequisite for almost every job like this. And if you get a job in a reputable company, business center or other prestigious place, then the list of requirements for appearance will expand significantly. A slim figure, charm and cuteness, neatness in clothes and taste are the bare minimum.
  2. Health status. Of course, one of the most important criteria. High performance, endurance and good health are a must.
  3. Diligence and responsibility. And also cleanliness and, of course, decency.
  4. No bad habits. This item usually goes in every 2nd vacancy.
  5. Experience. That is, not just wiping floors at home, but the experience of technological modern cleaning.
  6. The average age is 25-40 years. Although 50-year-olds are still willingly taken to this position – about 20% of employers (though not everywhere).
  7. Knowledge. You should be familiar with household appliances, have an excellent understanding of detergents (what, why, how and when), understand exotic plants and even aquarium fish.
  8. As for citizenship and education, as a rule, there are no special claims here. Russian citizenship is required by 20 out of 100 employers, and no one expects higher education from a cleaner.
  9. A dignity / book may be required, if you get a job at a catering company or in a store.

What qualities should a cleaning lady have?

  • First of all, accuracy, decency and responsibility
  • Also, the employee must be easy-going, energetic and disciplined, pedantic and, of course, punctual and attentive
  • At least an average level of culture will not hurt: the cleaning lady should be polite and well-mannered

Contraindications to work:

  • Allergy.
  • Fear of heights.
  • Drug addiction and alcoholism.
  • Diseases of the heart and spine.
  • Problems with joints, pressure, blood vessels.
  • Respiratory diseases.
  • Skin diseases.

Do I need to learn.  to work in cleaning?

What and where should you learn to work in cleaning rooms and apartments in cleaning?

Modern cleaning lady – this is a cleaner… A qualified employee who has undergone special training, is able to handle modern technology, understands the “correct” household chemicals and cleaning equipment, knows about the nuances of surfaces from any materials.

The low attractiveness of the profession contributes to staff turnover, and the issue of personnel selection today (as well as training of this personnel) remains relevant.

Where are they taught for cleaners?

  • As a rule, training is carried out in the process of work or “introductory briefing”.
  • Larger companies have their own training centers for “newcomers”
  • BICS training is also popular (note – British Institute of Cleaning Sciences), in which junior staff study all cleaning technology, and other seminars and trainings organized by large enterprises.

It is worth noting that in most Western countries, a cleaning lady will not even be hired without a special certificate.

  • In Russia, you can only dream of your own professional cleaning school. At the same time, the demand for such employees is growing every year. In this connection, on the basis of a new training program, it began its activities dedicated training center data of personnel with the approval of the government. The unique course includes theory, practice and a range of classes in security, psychology, etc.

Cleaning career and salary

For work as a cleaner, it will be nice to master the secrets of fast cleaning according to the fly lady system.

Cleaning working conditions and salary

The question of career growth, oddly enough, is also relevant for cleaners. It is quite possible to take a higher position – a modern cleaner, under certain conditions, may well become cleaning industry manager

What about the salary? Here it all depends on the place of work… It is hardly worth waiting for a solid profit on traditional social / facilities, but on commercial enterprises you can make very good money.

  • Only 3 of the employees are satisfied with work / book And only 26% of them offer a social package.
  • Free meals – every 8th, and only every 3rd – service delivery.
  • Standard work schedule: “Two in two” for 10-12 hours. Or every day from the morning until the “last client / employee”. Or in the mornings / evenings. There are also sliding charts. For example, for a couple of hours in the morning and for a couple of hours in the evening.
  • The minimum salary is 4-6 thousand rubles. The average salary of a cleaner is 12-15 thousand rubles. From 20 thousand and more – only in prestigious companies or when using a cleaning company.

Where to look for a job as a cleaner?

Where to look for a job and how to convince an employer to hire you?

You can find a job as a cleaner, both by advertisements directly “in the field” (somewhere near the house), and via the Internet.

The second option is much easier.

The main thing is to write your resume correctly. If you find an interesting offer, consider the nuances of filling out the letter to the employer.

How to distinguish your letter from others?

  • Think carefully about the text of your letter taking into account the interests of the employer.
  • Evaluate the list of employer requirements – do you suit him? Can you suggest more?
  • Analyze the place and working conditions. It is possible that you have experience that can be useful to the employer. Do not forget to mention this in your email.
  • Please specify that you are pleased to demonstrate your professionalism at a personal meeting at an interview.

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