Is Dallas Roberts Related To John Ritter

The actor Dallas Roberts is not related to John Ritter, the son of Catherine Roberts and Ritter. The two are not even related, although they both have similar facial features. In fact, Dallas Roberts was once mistakenly listed as the son of the former and is now considered a distant relative by some. His net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

Though Roberts shares a similar physical appearance with Ritter, the two are not related. In fact, they are not even related! According to a myLot user, Roberts was listed as Ritter’s son on Wikipedia. However, the information is not accurate. Instead, it says he is the son of Catherine Roberts and Tex Ritter.

The actor has been compared to Ritter throughout his career. In fact, his name was listed incorrectly on Wikipedia. It was his mother, Betty Lean Ritter, who married Ritter when he was just a child. But, Roberts has always maintained his distance from the late actor, as he has remained married to Christine Jones for the past decade.

Aaron Roberts was born in Houston, Texas. He later married actress Nancy Morgan and had four children with her. In addition to his marriage to Yasbeck, Roberts was married to Dallas Yasbeck in 1997. The couple has two sons together, Daniel and Austin. He has also been linked to gay rumors after his appearance in the 1990 comedy “The Cosby Show.”

Dallas Roberts was born in 1970 and divorced from John Ritter in 1984. The two were married in 1982. His wife, Christine Jones, is a scenic designer. He has been married to three women. Their relationship was established during the filming of the movie “Problem Child 2.” The relationship was not long afterward. There is no evidence that they were related at the time of their divorce.

The actor is not related to John Ritter. He shares a close resemblance to the late actor, but it is not a biological relationship. But, Roberts is his brother’s younger sister and is also an aspiring actor. The two are friends and live in Arlington, TX. He is a methodist, and their parents are also Christian ministers.

While Roberts is not related to John Ritter, it is possible that they are of the same family. He was mentioned in John’s biography and his father was his favorite teacher. It was only after meeting Ritter did he become a member of SAG-AFTRA. His parents were not married. They had a son named Brian, and their son is now an actor.

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